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5 apps that will help you manage your corporate travelling

5 apps that will help you manage your corporate travelling

Tuesday March 05, 2019,

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In our global business world, corporate travelling becomes more and more widespread. Global business travel spending hit $1,33 trillion in 2017, which is 5.8% more than in 2016. Moreover, it is estimated to reach $1.7 trillion by 2022. 

As business travelling increases, corporate travel software gets more attention. Corporate travel management software is made for managing travel activities and expenses of the company’s staff. Such applications aim to save money and time for the companies managing business trips. They automate corporate travelling processes such as accommodation booking and transport reservations, arranging travelling schedules for the employees, keeping track of the trips, reporting, and even risk management.

These days, we can notice the increasing number of business travel applications getting into the market. We prepared the list of top 5 apps with powerful functionality for managing your corporate travelling.

Travelport Locomote

Based in Australia, Travelport Locomote offers solutions to reduce business travel costs and simplify corporate travel management. It uses module powered tools and allows creating workflows for your travel program. The workflows can be both online and offline, simple and complex, domestic and international. Within this application, you can book whatever you need - your flight, hotel or ground transport. The platform also provides the functionality for regular communication among team members. Its automatic audit trail saves the whole trip history, including all the actions and messages. Additionally, Travelport Locomore takes into account travel risk management. It notifies about high-risk destinations, provides safety guidelines for such locations, and informs about passport and visa expiration dates.

Travelport Locomote’s API can connect you with the providers and systems you are used to working with. The solution offers various smart integrations such as Expensify and CIBT Visas. The company partners with travel agency providers including ATPI Voyager, 1000 Mile Travel, Jestream, and Travel Beyond. Also, Travelport Locomote cooperates with the engineering team at N-iX, one of the leading software development providers in Eastern Europe. N-iX developers work on software development, testing, and enhancing the corporate travel management solution.


Egencia is a business travel management platform from Expedia Group. This tool aims to simplify managing corporate travelling and make it less costly. The tool provides corporate travel compliance that incorporates the company’s policies and agreements. Also, it offers real-time reporting with powerful data visualisation and integrates all the online and offline data in one place. Egencia allows automating expense management. Its Open Sync feature enables users to create an expense report and import all the credit card transactions into it. When an expense report is created, it can be downloaded and sent to an accounting department.

As a part of the Expedia group, this tool gives access to the huge network of travel suppliers in 30,000+ cities across 200+ countries. The tool offers 24/7 business travel support and travel management consulting. What is more, this business travel management platform helps to manage the meetings events. It also covers travel risk management providing risk prevention and incident management solutions.


NexTravel is another business travel management platform that simplifies business travelling. This corporate travel tool helps monitor business travel costs and streamline travel booking. NexTravel offers a centralised tool for storing corporate trips and reports in one place. With its customizable policy tool, you can set up your own travel policy and make changes whenever you need.

For effective travel expense management, the app offers native integrations with popular expense management tools on the market and expense reports creation. Its advanced reporting tool allows scheduling and tracking real-time reports filtered by various categories, such as a department, an employee, and others. In addition, the application enables travellers to cancel their bookings with just one click, customise the search, and access different upgrades and perks.


Headquartered in Boston, Lola.com offers simple solutions for managing corporate travels. It was initiated by Paul English, co-founder of KAYAK and is run by Mike Volpe, former CMO at HubSpot. Lola.com focuses on the traveller, the company, and the service experience. This application enables its users to set up the travel policy and have all your travel docs in one place. Any changes made into the travel policy immediately go into the effect for the travellers. With the help of Lola AI, you can save your time on travel booking.

This business travelling management solution provides high-level visibility into the travel spendings via real-time reporting. Also, it generates travel itineraries and receipts. This functionality makes it easier to control corporate travel budget for the managers. What is more, this tool features employee friendly guidelines, employee loyalty points, flexible schedules, easy flight and hotel bookings, and 24/7 support. Additionally, the platform has a fast and clean user interface and provides a smooth user experience. 


Based in Barcelona, Spain, TravelPerk provides automated business travel management for multiple companies. The platform offers an extensive travel inventory next to compelling management and reporting features. It has integrations to many powerful travel tools including Skyscanner, Booking.com, Expedia, Travelport, Amadeus, and others. Moreover, TravelPerk business model is completely free for the users.

The application enables users to track and manage the company’s travel data in real time. With this tool, you can set up your travel policy and customise travel spending limits and workflows. Also, the platform generates real-time reports categorised by team, time, location, and other indicators. Besides, the app offers integrations with Expensify and Google Calendar. TravelPerk provides personal travel support around the clock via phone, email, and live chat.


For sure, corporate travel management applications solve many problems for businesses. You don’t need to manually track every single booking, struggle to create and implement travel policies, and spend much time on reporting. You can just choose one of these business travel tools with the rich feature set that would suit your business and help you save money and time on your corporate trips.