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5 Things Makes an International Conference Great in 2020

5 Things Makes an International Conference Great in 2020

Monday December 16, 2019,

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For those in the know, such as regular conference attendees and conference organizers, there seems to be an unwritten law in the world of international conferencing that the success of every conference is heavily dependent on the people responsible for organizing and planning the entire event. For South Africa people, this might seem more like a variable because a successful conference (according to them) could have nothing to do with the proper arranging schedules, planning of lectures, inviting of prominent speakers/personalities, setting up the venue, etc. Listed below are the various factors that result in a great and memorable international conference.

5 Things Makes an International Conference Great in 2020

Content Is Gold

The content covered within a conference is vital. Content that is current, topical, and even futuristic is oftentimes considered as the sole ingredient in the recipe for a great international conference. Lecturers and speakers who are selected for their confidence and ability to seamlessly pass on information to delegates in an easy-to-understand and fun manner are likely to amplify the quality of a conference. This is because it is important that participants and conference attendees are able to absorb and retain (for a long-time) the knowledge that they have been privy to. Some conference organizers go even further in this regard, by ending their events with suitable workshops. This allows participants and conference attendees to put into practice the knowledge, skills, and techniques that they might have learned at the event.

The Conference Venue Is Key

Although most international conferences these days are held in large halls and auditoriums, it is not just the venue itself but also the amenities available at this venue that result in a great conference. Conferences that are held in luxurious settings with picturesque landscaped gardens and a pool are all great but mean little if there are no proper restroom facilities, eating establishments in close proximity, dining area for delegates to eat their food/snacks, access to decent wifi facilities, etc. A venue that is successful in making attendees feel as comfortable and as “at home” as possible, is already halfway there to becoming a successful event overall.

Appropriate Communication Of Conference Details

Most conference attendees are busy individuals such as researchers, scholars, scientists, business executives and academicians who have very little time to waste. Such participants try their best to wasting time figuring out where to go. All good international conferences these days make life easier for such busy people by offering them maps/directions to the venue of the conference, list of lecturers, topics of discussion, etc, well in advance. Conference organizers that offer delegates identification badges identifying the company and the post of every delegate also add to the success of their event by helping facilitate networking opportunities.

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Offering Remote Access To The Conference For Attendees Who Can’t Make It

With the advent of Facebook Live as well as a number of other popular live streaming websites, it is quite easy for conference organizers to facilitate remote access for those who cannot attend the conference in person. All great international conferences these days are transmitted via these popular live-streaming platforms and can be accessed

from anywhere in the world.

Opportunities To Network And Establish Critical Industry Contacts

As entertaining and educational as international conferences are meant to be, for many, attending conferences is all about gaining business opportunities. Irrespective of whether you are a sponsor, a media partner or delegate, a great conference always offers numerous networking opportunities. For many entrepreneurs and businessmen, this is a good way to grow their customer base, and for individuals (such as researchers, scholars, and academicians) such conferences pose great opportunities to climb up the ladder (in terms of their career).