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5 UX Design principles your startup should never ignore

UX Design has found a dominant role in determining the credibility of a website and an app. Let's take a look at the 5 UX Design principles that your startup should be taking seriously.

5 UX Design principles your startup should never ignore

Wednesday March 18, 2020,

5 min Read

Important UX Design principles

Important UX Design principles

What we should be knowing about UX Design Principles?

We are living in a more interconnected world where we get a glimpse of a new product or service of every size. In digital terms, there are a number of applications dealing with a number of human functions which we perform on a regular basis. We should know that all of them did not find a commonplace in society over a decade back. When you demand that your product should appeal to your audience and remain space-friendly, you should not be wading away the importance of UX Design

The most important factor determining the success of any software product would be the metric where you have to repeat ‘stickiness’ or product usage. You can term a ‘sticky’ product as the one with the best user experience design. It would work wonders with the majority of the users. The user experience is going to be more seamless and scalable when you involve the right UX Design strategies as per the current trends.

Statistics state that 13% of customers are going to spill the beans about their terrible product experience to more than 15 people. Being a startup, when you have just begun your journey, you need to ensure that you take into account the vital principles for improving your UX Design. Take a look at what they are:

1. Predict how your users would behave

User behaviour

Know how your user would behave

The foremost task of any product designer would be to understand the behaviour of their user. It should happen in a way that you are able to predict what their next activities would be. You should spend time to understand your user’s workflow in a more in-depth manner. This would assist you in the execution and ideation of UI/UX design. The functionality should be flowing in a logical manner with the design aiming to reduce any gaps between the user and the app. The strategy of the site navigation should be in a way that the user would themselves go and fetch what they need without any hassle. With a number of UX Research approaches, you can choose which fits you well and which helps you predict the user behaviour more accurately.

2. Know where you are currently in the design process

Logo design process

Know where you stand

Where do you stand in the design process? This can be a tough question to answer especially if you are just a beginner who has started out their UX Design journey. You need to put a lot of effort to carry out your design process. Hence it is of utmost importance that you understand where you stand when you go about designing. It is essential that you understand how to use various tools during each phase. Then you should ask your researchers about the right questions to carry out the user research. This can give more clarity on the process.

3. Have simplification as the utmost goal


Simplification is the ultimate sophistication

Let’s say you are using your e-wallet. Would you be happy if the transaction is going to take more than 3 clicks? No, right? Then why depend on complicated user design processes? There is a difference between a great user experience and an average one. The greatest designers are those who get it done without much fuss. The average designers let us touch our nose by bending our hands backward. Simplification is indeed the most vital factor when you want to design.

4. Remain consistent

Remain consistent with your quality

Remain consistent with your quality

Every user would expect their product to be more consistent in terms of quality. They do not want a product that gets cranky with the update. Even though designers must be bustling to try new stuff, it is always better to stick on to standard patterns to get the major things done. This is what the principle of consistency is all about- To deliver what is best to the customer with an eye towards maintaining the quality.

5. Make it accessible

Make it accessible to all

Make it accessible to all

Nobody would want to use a product which does not seem accessible to the normal hands of the people. Nobody needs a product that gets activated only when Captain America or Thor touches it. It is important to make your product more accessible to the people without creating any fuss. Your UX Design should be imprinted in a way that even a newbie can access your app without any tutorials or technical documents. They should not keep depending on the UX team for more support.

To sum it up

Dealing with the UX Design of a website is important. You need a carefully structured plan to handle it like a pro. Hence make sure that you implement all these principles to get the maximum out of the UX Design process. It might be tiresome but at the same time, it is essential to sustain in this competitive era. Ensure that you join hands with the best UX Designers to unwind the magic soon.