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5 Visitor Management Software That Can Boost Your Business in 2020

There are so many visitor management systems in the market. It would be difficult to choose one and make a choice. For this, you would have to

5 Visitor Management Software That Can Boost Your Business in 2020

Tuesday March 10, 2020,

4 min Read

Newer businesses and older establishments have seen the necessity of having the latest visitor checking systems installed for security, which has become of the major threats to establishments world over. The automation process with great features is some of the advantages of getting this system fitted into your companies.

Where Can These Systems Be Used

With the help of these systems, the business now can

  • Track Visitors
  • Enforce Protocols
  • Secure Sites
  • Grant Compliance With the Facilities

Every Business has now taken up the Visitor Management System seriously and adapted to various industries

  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  •  Education
  •  Finance
  • Many others

There are so many Visitor Management Systems in the market. It Would be Difficult to Choose One and Make a Choice. For this, you would have to 

  • A Little Bit of Research
  • Take on Recommendations
  • Check Out the Reviews and Testimonials
  • The Ratings from Critics and Users Alike
  • The Pricing
  • The Brand
  • Availability
  • The Efficiency of the System for Your Business

All this has gets considered before you venture to shop for visitor management systems. You will find that many of them are customizable. But you will have to see the pricing that can fit into your budget. There are many brands out there who source to the top 500 companies with visitor management systems.

piLOBI: piLOBI is a visitor management software made for our convenience, and it helps the company in saving money, time, and resources. piLOBI is enriched with many features and offers instant notification that helps the host to make quick decisions on whether to grant entry or not. There is constant monitoring of visitors and employees, and you will get a report every second spent in secure areas and otherwise on the premises. This piLOBI software comes with touchscreen technology, which makes make easier and user-friendly as possible for the visitors and employees alike to fill in their details and get permission to get into the premises.

iLobby: iLobby is a visitor management software that is efficient in providing digitally compelling information regarding various aspects of the visitors, which are vital. Using this software, you can integrate with any external system or platform that the manufacturer mentions in the manual or at the time of installing the system. The visitor opens up the screen in a few quick taps and goes about knowing every information which can get presented in several languages of your choice this can be for

  • Capturing Images of the Visitors
  • Sending Visitor Notifications
  • Printing Customized Badges
  • Collecting Signatures

iOffice: iOffice software can cater to the robust requirements of large business houses as well as look into the boutique establishments that are just looking up in the field of competition and threat. However, unique and worth catering to businesses will find that this software work very well for them. And they need not worry as long as they put iOffice visitor management software for their company.

You may install them at 

  • Reception Areas
  • Security Checkpoints

This software is not restricted in one kind of business but caters to every kind of enterprise you can think of, such as schools, banks, stores, offices, airports, etc.

Visitly: Visitly is a software that gets tweaked to accept QR codes. These are assigned to the visitors so that they can reuse the badges that seem issued earlier. It provides a visitor check-in system. The check-in time is fast because of the previously recorded details. These systems get built, keeping in mind to adhere to the local and international privacy protocols.

It not only provides security but 

  • Very Exhaustive in Recording Every Detail
  • Intuitive in Every Aspect
  • Amplifies Efficiency in Multiple Ways
  • Verifies Visitors and Informs the Hosts

Vizitor: It is one of the top five most-used visitor management software that is being used today by business houses all over the world with a great efficiency rate. It a tool that even start-ups to well-founded businesses can use and get the best visitor managing crisis solved in a jiffy. It has a glorious run for all kinds of establishments as it provides end to end solutions. It provides

  • Self Check-in
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Badge Management
  • Visitor Tracking
  •  Pre-Registration at One Place

These software systems can get it manned from front desks without having to be at the actual location. You will have to install them at the security site. These are the fastest evolving software, and you will find that every year the systems are upgraded and are ready to face the new threats that come their way. Businesses of varying sizes have taken these visitor management software into their operations and have found that it has worth every penny. These software also have a meeting management system so that better standards of security can be incorporated into the firm.