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Foreign Exchange Solution for Students Seeking Admission in Foreign Universities

Remitout is the one-stop solution which can fetch you the best forex rates in the market. Whether you want to buy or sell foreign currency in the form of cash or do a quick online money transfer, Remitout does it all.

Foreign Exchange Solution for Students Seeking Admission in Foreign Universities

Wednesday April 03, 2019,

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Foreign Exchange Solution for Students Seeking Admission to Foreign Universities

Remitout has proved time and again to be the simplest, fastest and easiest foreign exchange solution for students seeking admission in foreign universities. It doesn’t believe in creating a bubble, instead, the committed team makes sure that they are able to deliver more than they claim.

                                                                         Nafees Dadi & Kritika Saini


Here are a few select testimonials of happy customers which we came across while browsing through remiout.com!


"Excellent service by these guys!! Remarkable telephonic support!!! Just loved it!! Go for it guys... Very cheap as compared to others in the market!!” - Rutwij Munnoli.

"Definitely one of the best money transfer service available out there...I used Remitout's service to transfer my blocked account to Germany. Remitout has got an incredibly helpful and dedicated team. They assist you with every detail related with your remittance and follows up till the confirmation. Many thanks to Remitout's amazingly fast and reliable service!” - Kumar Ashutosh Anand.

"I used Remitout's services to facilitate a transfer to a college of higher education that I have enrolled in, in Germany. The process was simple and fast, and they ensured that the rate of exchange at which the transfer was made was affordable. I highly recommend availing of their services"- Abhilasha Mantri.

These testimonials prove that Remitout has successfully won the hearts and trust of their clients.

It is also very interesting to know how and why Remitout came into existence.

Here we present you the words of the extremely talented and qualified founders just the way they said it!

Nafees, why remitout.com?

I pursued my Post Graduation from Humber College, Canada in year 2002. It was then just the beginning of technological evolution in international banking. Obviously, the processes and procedures relating to foreign remittances or wire transfers for such purposes bogged down the end users. The interesting part is that while technology has evolved, it has still not eased up the solutions for customers even now in forex transfers from India!

Kritika, is it only Technology or were there regulatory issues too?

We both have spent quite a long time in the banking industry and understood the processes as well as the logic for regulations behind those. The regulations have remained more or less same, perhaps a bit tougher. However, we thought why not use the speed of current technology within the regulatory framework and yet offer a solution that makes it a happy experience for a customer to send money abroad.

Nafees, can you elaborate a bit more on this?

The regulations make it essential to complete KYC, rightfully so. All that we had to do was ensure that documentation could be uploaded from your armchair, create a backend to verify the genuineness of the transaction, and we were already halfway through

So Kritika, you mean to say that just by easing up documentation procedure, it became attractive for the user?

No, that was the first stage However, whereas we are making it less time consuming, it is also essential - while catering it to the huge middle class of the country - that it should also be cost competitive, and which it is as the customers are not bound by the exchange rates and charges given by their banks as per their cost structures.

Fine, but what makes your customers sound so happy, as I saw on the testimonials?

Obviously, for the students going overseas & their parents, this is uncharted territory. They need someone to handhold them, guide them and be with them at every step until the process is completed.

This is what our dedicated team ensures for each of the transactions which come to Remitout. Our team has constant engagement with the customer till such time the money receipt confirmation is received from the university/colleges overseas, we are available online through the chat mechanism. Add to that, we have built up relationships with our service/channel partners that are founded on trust and mutual benefits said both.

After hearing from the founders and verifying the client testimonials, we can certainly say that if you are thinking of foreign currency transactions, Think Remitout!

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