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Foundation of Personal Growth

Foundation of personal growth is an ambitious plan for everyone who has been entering into their new phase of life.

Foundation of Personal Growth

Saturday August 31, 2019,

5 min Read


Personal growth is an ambitious plan for everyone who has been entering into their new phase of life. There are different definitions of personal growth for many distinguished people in the world. Another synonym for personal growth is personality development which is an essential part of the goals and objectives of a person. For a successful career, personal growth is an important part of the journey to be a success. If a person is not fit mentally, if he/she has no defined goals and objectives in their life then the achievements are not up to their mark. As they don’t even know what has been overall with them.


This segment of growth starts from the moment when all the kids start dreaming about what they want to achieve knowing that is an early stage of life where these things do not matter so much. But the utterly competitive world will not let him sleep until they define their own goals. There are many lessons of goals and objectives related to personality development because these visions will decide a person how they want to be in their life.


The word goals and objectives depend on the field to field, person to person, differences in situations in one's life, but the motive is personal growth whether it is physical, financial, emotional or any other aspect of life may be related to it. Self-confidence is what we thrive from this life-changing process.

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Building Self Confidence:


It is the first and foremost step towards the foundation of personal growth. When going to present a speech or presenting yourself to an important interview, the essential feature in one should be self confidence. Believe in oneself is the essence of this part. There are many personal differences among persons in practical. That should be the point in improving self confidence in oneself.


Listening to motivational videos and self improvement podcasts will a step up for building self esteem. However, practical life says to do things that make one happy. Because if one is happy in their life, they will surely take a step to improve themselves as a person for their successful career. Moreover, they contribute to society better than others who are still fighting with themselves emotionally and for their personal growth. Soft skills training helps people in this.


Effective communication:


Well written speech? check, formal attire? check, But what about if the communication is not effective that much. This skill has so much demand and importance as well in the society where speeches are a form of contributing to one's personal growth. There are courses especially improvise on these skills.


With the uprising corporate trend, there is now a necessity to uphold this skill on every resume offered to the companies. From the beginning, students participate in the speeches, debates, and other plays and skits should be a compulsion to hold perfection in their communication level.


If a person is not able to communicate well their ideas, then it acts as a hindrance to their personal growth. The development process slows down as the language barrier also is one of the main reasons for ineffective communication.


Maintain a Healthy Diet:


Fitness has been in the trend these days and it also stimulates growth as per the self growth aspect.


If being fit helps to stay calm in difficult situations in our lives, then it also helps in the rise in the self-confidence so that they can present themselves to the world more actively. Eating a healthy meal once in a day helps the mind to be strong and creates a happy mood and healthy mindset which enables persons to stay strong in tough situations and face them with a calm and positive attitude. These things may be going out of topic but they are important for self improvement and to be self confident.


To give rise to personal growth, a healthy mindset is equally important and that may come from eating a healthy meal and doing exercise as well.

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Love Thyself:


Imagine achieving everything you want in one's life but still not happy, that is because not loving oneself so much. Not only it improves self-confidence but also gives rise in one's personality development. Also when filled with self-love, a person makes better choices about their life and from their starts the foundation of one's personal growth.


Stay away from people who send negative vibes in one's life. People who have set themselves as more priorities are more competent and always present themselves in a more creative way which would make the best impression in society. The most delicate feature to improvise in one’s personal growth is to set themselves as a top priority and creating a better personality.


The conclusion drawn is to make oneself more compelling in this competitive world by working on their personal growth. By personal growth, the basic meaning states that one has to embrace challenges, start saying no instead of always ready to say yes, always stay positive, stay true to oneself, start listening to podcasts that may help in building one’s self esteem.


Also, social skills should be learned by everyone who aspires their future to be rising and shining. These skills include grooming skills, technical skills, listening and speaking skills.