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4 Surefire Ways to Quadruple Your Content Marketing ROI

4 Surefire Ways to Quadruple Your Content Marketing ROI

Thursday October 10, 2019,

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4 Surefire Ways to Quadruple Your Content Marketing ROI

Want to know the simple and most reliable way to reach clients globally for your business? The answer is content marketing. Your lion’s share of audience is finding information online every second. In fact, according to Statista, as of the month of July 2019, above 4 billion global digital population exist out of which approx. 3.7 billion are mobile internet users. So why isn’t your business reaping more value through content? Maybe it’s because you don’t know how to create content that resonates with your audience. Above all, you can’t just create content and expect readers to transform into potential buyers.

The bottom line is, even if you’re an amateur, there are quite easy and practicable tactics you can harness. Check out these five surefire ways to quadruple your content marketing ROI through benefit-driven content.

1. Optimize your content.

First, don’t create random content for your business. Opt for a customer-driven content strategy to seize audience interest that will help your business gain trust.  For instance, with a business blog, you have the ability to deliver value to your audience by creating content that provides answers to all their questions pertaining to how your product/service benefits them.

Another crucial tip is to research the search intent of your audience and optimize your content accordingly to get increased visibility in SERPs. Utilize Answer The Public and Google Autocomplete search predictions to create content that matches exactly to your audience search queries. Hence, resulting in improved lead quality and brand’s exposure.

2. Write topic-focused content.

Topic-focused content is exactly what it sounds like; it’s content that revolves around a particular topic and not just individual keywords. To establish your brand as an authority, content must be relevant to your industry and cover exclusively all areas in-depth. So if you create content on your business blog, first draft a topic outline which includes all the sub-topics and count it as one topic to be covered. Second, optimize your content around medium-tail keywords and LSI keywords. Third, give detailed answers to “People Also Ask” queries that appear in Google search results box. So that your content naturally ranks higher on Google SERPs.

3. Make use of credible resources.

Include evidence in your content from verifiable outbound sources via external links is another foolproof way to ensure your content ranks better in Google search results as stated by Moz. People will give importance to your content as data from high authoritative sites makes your content more trustworthy and reliable enough to consider making a long-term relationship with your business.

Blogging expert Jon Morrow uses hand-picked benefit-driven resources in all his blogs to ensure that his audience would find fruitful, and he gets ample amount of shares whenever he writes on a particular subject. You can write content that delivers value to the audience with some authentic resources that persuade people to believe what you are saying. Another viable practice to make your content interesting is to add a bunch of bucket brigades that will make your blog irresistible.

4. Promote Your Content

When you write high-quality content on a particular topic, you have to ensure your content is available to your target audience so that people will know more about your business. Thus, it will open doors for you to get access to new leads. Don’t limit your content to company maintained blog only instead share your content across relevant social media platforms and forums to encourage two-way feedback with your audience and thereby build a connection with them. Make the conclusion of your content an insightful one so that readers will get instigate to think about trying your business product or service. Your content should be powerful enough to drive visitors to respond towards your brand-specific CTA.

Over to you…

Content marketing isn’t just a fancy word to produce content for search engines. It’s a medium through which you can make visitors turn into loyal followers of your business by providing value-driven information that benefits them at the core. With these surefire strategies, you’re heading towards making good profits that will ultimately boost your content marketing ROI.