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14 Emerging Startups (With Unique Ideas) In Mumbai

In this story, I’m sharing 14 new age startups (with unique Ideas) from Mumbai.

14 Emerging Startups (With Unique Ideas) In Mumbai

Friday November 15, 2019,

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In this story, I’m sharing 14 new age startups (with unique Ideas) from Mumbai. 


1. Relations AI

Relations AI: Smartbots with Persona was born- to help businesses craft lifelong relations with customers using AI and with a purpose to bring this technology to all kinds of businesses- big or small.

Their smartbots are Artificially Intelligent, Automated, Targeted and Personalized. They provide the best conversational experience tailor made for every industry- Hotels and Restaurants, Education, Real Estate, Travel, E- Commerce and Digital Marketing Agencies. Through the smartbot, a business can Generate Leads, Sell Products & Services, Accept Reservations & Appointments, Send Deals & New-Launch Alerts, Showcase Facilities and Answer FAQs.

It’s a bootstrapped startup.

Founder: Shreyas Kulkarni

2. JobNukkad

There is a company that is digitally connecting maids with employer families. JobNukkad uses technology to make it very economical for employers to hire domestic help through it’s portal. The unique concept has received great response from the users.

While there are hundreds of maid agencies, they charge very high commission which most people find unaffordable. Secondly, there is a mismatch between customer expectation and the actual value provided by the agencies. 

To solve this, Job Nukkad has built a unique solution in the form of an online portal which enables employers to connect with suitable maids by paying as little as Rs 499. JobNukkad claims to have the highest number of maids, babysitters, cooks and drivers registered with them in Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai region.

It’s a bootstrapped startup.

Founder: Ankur Mehta

3. One Wallet

One Wallet digitalize the physical paper bill and accounting of untapped daily service merchants by providing business customised mobile ERP and bill management mobile app. 

They take Newspaper, Milk Vendors, Local Kirana Store, business online to enable customer management and move towards digital payment. 

Creating a sustainable business model by establishing dependency and customer loyalty in the traditional and modern-day daily household service business.

Founders: Neeraj Tiwari and Jyoti Krishna

4. Arham

Arham (which means most kind, most compassionate in Jainism) creates Indo- Western fusion Kurtis for women for everyday wear. They also create exclusive pieces for larger wholesalers. 

The exclusive pieces are made hand embroidered by men and females from Bandra (East) Slum. This kind of work is called “Job-work” where the payment is made on a day to day basis or weekly basis. These people are called Kakigar. They are blessed with an amazing talent for creating delicate work of art. 

More than 100 such people have worked for them till now. Most of them send money back to their families in the village and some have even built their own homes.

Founders: Pratik and Deepika Kothari

5. Reality Social

Reality Social is a brand new social media platform and a social game based on the most popular reality TV concept that rewards you for being popular. They have got a bunch of players virtually locked in a social media website for 7 days battling to be the most popular influencer on the platform.

Players are encouraged to make new friends, form relationships and build alliances with other players to avoid the risk of getting nominated and evicted. However, paranoia will kick in making players not trust each other resulting in betrayals, backstabs, conflicts and lots of drama. 

The public conversation of the players is streamed live 24/7. The viewers and the evicted players decide who wins.

It’s Bootstrapped/Self-funded startup. They plan to acquire 100K users within 3 months then they will raise funds.

Founders: Rohan Chaubey and Amit Kumar

6. Get-A-Whey

Get-A-Whey is India’s first guilt-free ice cream which is high in protein, low in calories and does not contain any added sugar.

Get-A-Whey is sold in 125mL and 520mL packaged tubs through 100+ Category A stores in Mumbai which include some chains like Godrej Natures Basket, Noble Plus, FLAX Foods, Society stores etc. They also sell on Swiggy and Zomato across Mumbai in 5 locations.

They have also introduced a keto range which is made with full cream to reduce the carbohydrate content to just under 5.5g per 100g serving and is high in protein.

They have recently been featured in magazines like Vogue, Mansworld and Mid Day as a brand who is consciously trying to make a difference in the health foods space specifically dessert.

Founders: Pashmi Shah, Jash Shah, Jimmy Shah

7. Quantastic

Quantastic believes in the principle that "in the business of communication number is the only universal language". 

They provide full-service advertising solutions to clients but they ensure that the solutions impact significantly in their sales figures. Their clients have been vocal about this in past where they said they found them very honest and hence they get a sense of partnership and not the typical client-agency relationship. 

Quantastic’s biggest achievement is designing the BRICS 2016 summit logo and getting felicitated by late Sushma Swaraj, ex-Union Minister.

Founder: Anand Ingle and Tejas Chaudhari


PAJASA is working as service Apartment aggregator, they provide serviced apartments for corporates for pay per use, hence move corporates from their old guest house model to new new pay per use serviced apartment accommodation. Thus they reduce companies fix cost to variable cost. 

Currently they have providing services to 150+ clients all over India. This is the only company in India working exclusively with corporates for serviced apartments accommodation which include stay at an apartment with working kitchen and homely prepared food. 

It’s a three year old startup.

Founders: Arpit Awasthi and Paras Sangwan

9. Readsnet

Founded in 2019 by Harshala Chavan, Readsnet is a community to connect like minded readers to share books, recommendations and fan fictions. 

It's a gamified community wherein you can share your thoughts in the form of highlights while reading the book, and share it by exchanging or donating to partnered NGOs post reading it. 

Harshala aims to thrive the readers cult and create an exciting space for them to express their reader self and explore those of others. Her startup also impacts NGOs or causes that are working to create libraries in underprivileged areas, wherein they can accept book donations instantly. 

The startup is currently being bootstrapped.

10. Kleinetics

Kleinetics Kids FitPLAY is a unique gamified ecosystem for children, to return to the roots of physicality with fundamental movement skills.

Mission is to bring about a quantifiable difference in children’s fitness and stamina, by packaging a scientific system as group-play and athletics making fitness accessible and engaging to all kids, breaking the monotony of PT period.

Kleinetics has partnered with 22 schools and 60 plus residential complexes offering high energy super engaging gamified sessions in a structured and unstructured environment They place children’s fitness alongside reading, writing, and arithmetic as an equivalent form of literacy.

Founder: Dr.Tejal Kanwar

11. LearnAur

LearnAur is a modern-day Panchtantra. It creates videos which in a fun and engaging way give you a life-changing message which helps people not just to learn but to also enjoy the process of learning. 

They are making online learning fun by combining education & entertainment. LearnAur have been selected as 'Top 50 Social Impact Startups' by Bombay Stock Exchange and are incubated at CIBA incubator, Mumbai.

Founders: Rupak Shah, Yash Atishay, and Ashish Dhakare

12. Aurum

Aurum is an app to improve your emotional and mental wellness. Leveraging proprietary content and access to expert therapists at affordable rates, It’s democratizing emotional and mental wellness. 

India has the highest rates in terms of people suffering from stress and mental health issues. With a very dismal number of professionals to support them, tech has to come in and help solve this huge problem. That’s what this startup does.

The startup is bootstrapped.

Founders: Dhwanil Shah and Meet Patel 

13. Techstorm

Techstorm is a technology company who uses cutting-edge technology to help you take your business to next level. Technological research is driving innovation in almost all spears of life. 

The startup works in a way that they can provide faster results and faster growth and thereby faster progress. They have a team of young, talented, and dynamic tech enthusiasts who like to create innovative products thereby bringing out utmost efficiency and creating an impact.

Source of Funding: Bootstrapped

Founder: Mehul Harsora

14. Frotels

Frotels.com aims to bridge the gap between (a)the need of the traveler for flexibility in the hotel accommodation and (b) the Hotel industry to address the problem of unsold inventory. By doing so this startup is disrupting the industry by offering pay per use concept and leveraging the surplus infra. 

A platform that has a pool of 1600+ Hotels across 150 + cities across the Nation let you book the Hotel as low as for 2 hours. Ideal for Corporate Business travelers, Pilgrimagers , Backpackers and so on so forth. So next time you want to book a Hotel, think flexibility think Frotels.

Founder: Priyanka Kothmire