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Seven Best Fundraising Platforms for NonProfits in 2020

Here are the seven best fundraising platforms for NonProfits organizations in 2020.

Seven Best Fundraising Platforms for NonProfits in 2020

Thursday July 09, 2020,

5 min Read

If old movies are to be believed, the year 2020 was supposed to be the year that jet-packs became everyone's personal mode of transportation, not the year that the world cancelled all its events and everyone stayed inside to avoid a virus. For nonprofits that typically rely on fundraising events to raise money, 2020 has been especially difficult. If your nonprofit is looking for a way to raise money across the distance, check out this list of the best fundraising platforms for nonprofits in 2020 that can help keep the charitable contributions coming. Starting in reverse order, we present the top 7 options:

1: Sodality.app


And in the number one spot on our list of fundraising apps for nonprofits is the innovative, white label app Sodality. Sodality is a cut above the rest in terms of professionalism and platform, allowing you to engage your donors in an interface that looks and feels like it is your own. There is no long-term commitment required, just an initial setup fee. The functionality is also positive, as Sodality is a robust platform allowing for secure donations from individuals and corporations, as well as customizable membership levels and automatic dues payments. Sodality makes it easy for your nonprofit, religious organization, or other membership organizations to conduct fundraising drives, do volunteer signups and more, all from one simple, user-friendly interface. Sodality's helpful staff will help you customize your very own fundraising platform to help you continue doing well this year and in the years to come.

2: Fundly


Another option for social fundraising platforms is Fundly, which provides a visually compelling experience with social media sharing options, push notifications featuring short, blog-like updates and prominent video and photo content. Fundly is also affordable for even the smallest nonprofit, as it is not a monthly subscription or flat-fee service. Instead, the company takes a 4.9% cut percent of fees donated, along with a 3% credit card processing fee (which donors can choose to cover themselves, should they be so inclined). For a simple, social and visually appealing platform, check out Fundly.

3: Qgiv


Qgiv is another of the brilliant mobile apps for nonprofit fundraising, with a little twist: the company creates ways to gamify the donation experience and encourage donors to give more in order to get ahead of their peers. Their live leaderboards and tracking thermometers update in real time so that donors can watch their contributions make an impact. The company's platform also facilitates sales of merchandise and distributes badges for reaching giving milestones throughout the course of the fundraising campaign. Check out Qgiv if you want to make the giving experience into a fun, interactive game for your donor base.

4: 360MatchPro


Off the beaten path lies 360MatchPro, a unique fundraising platform for nonprofits that allows for matching donations and contributions to be made. With seamless automation, tracking and reporting, 360MatchPro makes it easy for larger nonprofits to manage corporate giving and matching donations. Their simple email templates can be customized and automated for simple donor engagement over time. The platform sends auto-reminders to solicit matching donations from eligible individuals, and it can double the amount of matching revenue taken in by a nonprofit with very little effort.

5: Donately


Donately's all-in-one solution stands out among fundraising platforms because it allows for crowdfunding of nonprofits, including religious organizations and charities. When donors give, they automatically receive an appropriate tax receipt for their donation, reducing a significant amount of the year-end work that smaller nonprofit organizations tend to take on manually. Donately's easy fundraising platform also integrates quickly with other common technology tools, including MailChimp, WordPress, Salesforce and Google Analytics, just to name a few. Donately also provides text messaging services to provide convenient reminders around fundraising campaigns, making it a truly convenient option.

6: Classy


Classy is a beautiful web and online fundraising platform for charities and other nonprofit organizations. The San Diego-based company has created a platform that is fully customizable with fonts, colors, logos and more, and allows you to share testimonials about the impact that donations make in your organization. Payment options are powered by Stripe, so you know that they are always safe and secure. Classy does brisk business on Giving Tuesday and even provides every nonprofit on the platform with a dedicated resource to help provide additional fundraising ideas for nonprofits. Their clean, sleek user interface is beautiful and simple to use, making donations easy and enjoyable for anyone, as they accept donations in over 100 currencies.

7: CoinUp


Coin Up is another of the great mobile apps for nonprofits that can help to keep the dollars coming in during tough times. Coin Up uses a unique method of donation: users download the app, select their charity of choice and then the app automatically rounds up all their purchases to send the change to your nonprofit via Coin Up. Donors can also choose to make a monthly donation through Coin Up, which will automatically be deducted from their purchase method of choice.

Although the options may seem overwhelming when you start looking into mobile apps for fundraising and fundraising ideas for nonprofits, there are a few options that rise to the top. Whether you go with Qgiv's gamification strategy or the sleek, affordable professionalism of Sodality, there is a great platform out there that will help your nonprofit continue making a positive impact on the community through the year 2020 and beyond.