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Future of SEO – Voice, Video & Vernacular – Best Tips & Strategies for 2019

Future of SEO – Voice, Video & Vernacular – Best Tips & Strategies for 2019

Tuesday September 03, 2019,

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"Hey Siri", "OK Google", "Alexa"- these phrases are quite common nowadays. However, most of us don't even notice our growing dependency on voice search and the decreasing habit of typing something on any search engine page.

Acceptance of voice search/ commands over the old typing methods have enhanced productivity and increased simplicity. This is the reason, today we are seeing a lot of manufacturers are offering devices dedicated to voice command only.

Today’s search practice is already changing the way SEO professional makes their strategies for tomorrow. And with the implementation of Google's Rankbrain algorithm update, today, it is imperative to look into Voice, Video & Vernacular for the best search result.

SEO is as unpredictable than a hurricane. Nobody knows where it's heading. Luckily for you, you don’t have to navigate that path by yourself to the unknown. We are offering a few tips that will help you to navigate into the future of SEO with ease.

Search Engine Optimization

Voice search: The list begins with the entry everybody saw coming. It’s hard not to because we have talked about it earlier! The larger the mobile Internet grows, the further we get detached from good old conventional typing. Teaching AI to recognize our speech – that’s what the future is about. And the path to this future is bright and lies through voice search SEO.

It is expected that by 2020, half of all traffic will be appearing from voice search queries. We can only guess what kind of futuristic technology will ultimately come to replace voice search. Can you?

Social Media and Influencer Marketing: Social media platforms are frequently used as search engines. You must plan now to optimize your content for social media platforms, so you can stay ahead of the competitors. Influencer marketing has become more common and more powerful. Social media influences with huge followers can get the services and products out to their fan base instantly and efficiently and help clients’ links rank higher.

AI & Chatbot will take more important part: AI Technology has been gradually becoming much reliable day by day, backed by AI assistants and chatbots businesses can connect with prospects even after office hours. Companies like Google have been improving AI technology that can communicate with people and do tasks without the user's help.

When it comes to digital marketing and SEO, having AI provides more automation to a website, help users navigate on your website easily, even leading them to the Buyer’s journey that leads to conversions.

Video Search:

Voice and social media search isn’t the only trend dominating over the Internet; videos are, too. They are an ever growing popular information medium, which makes them a valuable source of consumer traffic when you apply them cleverly.

While your videos must be unique and great in order to rank on best video channels like YouTube, you must optimize the content and you have to carefully pick the keywords.

The study shows that videos will become a magnet for 75% of all Internet traffic in 2019 and the year after. Get with the times or get annihilated by the competition!

Be mobile ready: At this moment, it is barely a prediction. If your 2019 plan is to ultimately figure out mobile, you're way too late. Nearly all Google features are designed with mobile-first in mind, and the mobile-first index has expanded rapidly. If your website still not mobile ready, don’t wait anymore.

This list’s still a prediction, we’ll definitely have zillions of things to discuss. What are your opinions on an SEO landscape for the next year? What trends are you capitalizing on and planning for? Let us know in the comments below.  

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