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How to Create Gift Card Products in Magento 2?

How to Create Gift Card Products in Magento 2?

Monday June 17, 2019,

3 min Read

Gift Card Extension

Magento 2 Gift Card Extension gives an opportunity to the Store Owners to help their customers to purchase exciting gift vouchers and easily send them to their relatives friends and family. Users are allowed to create multiple numbers of Gift Card for various occasions such as Birthdays, Weddings, etc.

Powerful Key Features of The Extensions

1.      Dedicated Page for Listing Gift Card

2.      Create Multiple Types of Gift Cards

3.      3 Pricing Models (Fixed, Drop-down or Range)

4.      Customers Can Send Gift Card in Email, Print, or PM)

5.      Create a Gift Card Image Gallery to Let Customers Choose from

6.      Allow Customers to Upload a Personalized Gift Card Image

7.      Automatically Create Coupon Code to Attach with Gift Card

8.      Configure Gift Card Coupon Validity

9.      Offer Discounts on Gift Cards Value

Create Multiple Gift Card

With Magento Gift Card extension you can create multiple gift cards for different occasions. Customers can send to their family and loved ones.

Send Gift Cards Via Email, Post or Messaging

The extension allows different sending options. Below are the 3 sending options.

·        Print your Gift and send it via post

·        Select Gift Card and Send it Via Email

·        Send generated Link via Social Media, Text Message etc.

The extension allows you to attach a personal message with the Gift Card.

Gift Card Pricing Structure

Allow customers to purchase them in 3 different modes.

·        Fixed price: Set a Fix amount for Gift Card

·        Drop Down: From the Dropdown Menu customers can select different Prices.

·        Range Price: Customers can set a range price e.g. $50-200.

Customers Can Upload or Choose from Available of Card Images

You can upload multiple images so customers can select the most ideal image for their gift certificate.

Offer Discounts to Encourage Users to Buy Cards

Offering discount is a good way to increase your sales. You can enable discounts by lowering the price in 3 different ways.

·        Same as gift Card Value

·        Fixed Amount

·        Percentage of Gift Card Value

Limit Gift Cards to Specific Customer Groups

You can sale the Gift Card to your specific customers only by restricting the sales. For example, you can allow retailers while restricting wholesalers from buying cards.

Include & Exclude Voucher Tax

You can include a voucher tax into the price of Gift Card to manage the taxes and tariffs levied by the government on products.

Set Validity of Gift Certificate

You can increase your sales by setting a Start and End Date. Customers will purchase before finish the Stock or a Peak Season End.

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