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GigKYC: The Next Gen Way To Make Workplaces Safer

Safety is the priority for GigKyc

GigKYC: The Next Gen Way To Make Workplaces Safer

Tuesday February 11, 2020,

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GigKYC: The Next Gen Way To Make Workplaces Safer

Things go from bad to worse when fake recruiters and con men use job portals or other resources to play out their fraudulence. Or, otherwise, when they exploit their hirees. However tight we secure the hiring process, they still slip through a lot. While it is easier to prove it legally that we are not involved, it is much more important for hirees to understand what is fake and what is not. And, it is bound to happen the other way round too. A lot of people build resumes with fake credentials as well or ensure that their past criminal records are successfully kept under wraps. So, how do we overcome such issues or whom should we approach to ensure our work safety?

In the same direction, there exists a technology-based startup - GigKYC - a database of work appraisals that are intended to verify background checks. Not only does it promote work safety but also prevents resource damage and frauds anchored by both employees and employers. Well, yes! Employees or hirees for that matter can be equally held responsible for fraudulent activities towards their existing or future place of work.

Kartika Sharma speaks to Mr Devanshu Bose, Founder of GigKYC, in order to gain valuable insights on how this unique idea is shaping up the employer and employee relationships in the industry. Here is what he has to share:

Mr. Devanshu Bose

Give a brief info about what GigKYC is primarily focused at?

When we talk about GigKYC, what really strikes one is its unusual name. I would like to take the opportunity to explain here what it exactly means. ‘Gig’ means ‘jobs that last for a tenure of a day-long to lifelong’ while ‘KYC’ stands for ‘Know Your Collaborator.’

Our core focus lies in building a highly productive environment for collaborations between people; be it sharing assets, education, recruiting and freelancing. Today, working hours are no longer limited to 9 AM -5 PM. And, hence, our approach of looking at work is not limited either.

We truly believe in building credibility between employees and employers. Moreover, we try our best in creating safer work environments and discouraging women harassment alongside our regular mission of better collaborations between people.

What inspired you to begin your startup? How do you think it can be a game-changer?

I have been an integral part of several ventures in the last 10 years or even more. Although I have always felt blessed to be associated with ambitious and powerful entrepreneurial structures, I have strongly felt there were major gaps in measuring credibility at work. To elaborate, hirees who have gone to work with good intentions, have faced bad bosses, not being paid on time, not paid anything at all while in a few extreme cases, even being bullied. On the other hand, bosses offering work in good faith and creating opportunities for the said people have ended up with breached trust. Stealing resources, harassing women at workplaces, vandalism in factories, tampering with services and products have accounted to major such risks. Moreover, there is no effective way to even determine the existence of any criminal records of people one wishes to work with, making it easy to hide their criminal past.

The lack of institutions who can resolve such conflicts quickly and efficaciously has created a void with no deterrent to minor cases. This has only negatively resulted in people being cheated, making them suspicious and careful to mitigate their risks by collaborating with only their known. However, in this digital era, it is impossible to work with a very limited group of people.


This is where GigKYC comes in with a bang. While we cannot be an institution that can resolve conflicts, we can provide some reference points to work-related past performances that can both help employees and employers.

What are the initial hurdles that you faced with GigKYC? How did you overcome these?

There are several challenges that we faced as a startup. For instance, the accuracy of information being collected, ensuring data protection to prevent any compromise, building technological infrastructures to defend against bot attacks and manipulations, to name a few.

There was no better way than demonstrating solutions. We used and are currently using machine learning to automate the tasks and gain better insights to continuously improve the solution.

This article has been curated by Mr Devanshu Bose, Founder of GigKYC.