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Got Stuck: Follow These Six Ways to Find Topic for Your Next Blog Post

Got Stuck: Follow These Six Ways to Find Topic for Your Next Blog Post

Wednesday October 17, 2018,

6 min Read

Do you want to engage your audience with your blog posts, get maximum visibility and drive traffic? Then it is important to write content on trending topics. But if you realize that all the topics in your niche have already been covered elsewhere, how will you find the fresh ideas? Well, though it may seem difficult, it is not impossible. We all face the same struggle at one time or another. So, is there any solution to beat this writer’s block? Of course, there is.

In today’s post, I am going to share 6 proven tactics that will help you find trending topic for your next blog post.

After reading this post, you will get to know the best ways to hunt trending topics that readers would love to consume blog posts about.

So, without further ado, let's dive into the discussion.

1. Explore Quora

Quora is a popular Q&A community site. Here you can easily find trending topics for your blog posts. Just register for your account at Quora and choose the topics that concern you. There you can get all kinds of trending and interesting questions and answers around your search.

Let me give you an example to make you understand how Quora can help you find great content ideas. Suppose, you are running a blog on Search Engine Optimization. And you want to find new topic ideas for your next blog posts.

Let’s search the topic “Search Engine Optimization” on Quora.

You can see here that it has 1 million followers. This defines that this topic has a great engagement. If you start exploring questions here, you will see there are quite a few questions that have more than 100 answers.

If you check answers of such a popular question, you will feel surprised to see the huge engagement.

Let’s see the top answer of this question.

The answer of Tom Buckland has received 53.4k views, 300 upvotes and been shared by one as of now. This proves that this answer has been liked by many.

Well, my friend, you just have got enough meat for your next blog post. Just start writing a post.

The best thing about Quora is you can have diverse perspectives on the same topic. And if you go through all the answers of a question, you can create a guide on that topic easily.

2. Go Through Google Trends

There are millions of searches performed in Google. Harnessing this information properly, you can have a better idea about the interest and behavior of your target audience. And this can help drive your content creation efforts. Google Trends can guide you in knowing this.

Here is how Google Trends can help you find trending topics for your next blog posts.

Suppose, you own a blog on SEO. And you want to find new topics for writing the next blog post.

Search for the keyword “link building” in Google Trends.

You can also customize your search and find a result based on location, period, category and search type. From Google Trends, you get not only a detailed information on how many people show interest in a particular topic but also the data on the related queries and topics.

Here’s the related information you can get when you search for “link building”.

From the related queries section, you can choose topics to write about.

The term breakout mentioned beside each query seen here means that searches for these queries have grown by more than 5000%.

3. Look Into Leading Social Platforms (Twitter, Instagram)

Twitter has a section named “Trends for you”. Here you can check what is trending on Twitter.  Depending on where you live and who you follow, your Twitter trends can be tailored.

If you want to find a suitable topic for your next blog post from Twitter trends, follow businesses or people relevant to your niche. Otherwise, it will not be possible for you to get the maximum benefits of Twitter Trends.

Instagram Trends are also customized by an algorithm which signifies that if you do not follow the relevant people to your niche you may miss an important trend. Also, hashtags play an important role in finding trending topics on Instagram. Visit the Explore page on Instagram. There you can meet a wide audience and know about trending hashtags. You can use some social media monitoring tools and check hashtags based on your keywords.

4. Perform Keyword Analysis

To perform keyword analysis, opt for Google Keyword Planner tool. This is a great tool to find new topics for writing a blog post. Just create an account in Google Adwords or login with your current Gmail ID. After that, choose the Keyword Planner option. There you will find two options as below:

For example, you want to create a post on social media marketing tips. To get new ideas, choose “Find New Keywords” section and search for the keyword “social media marketing tips”. The following window will open.

If you want to make your search more specific, you can change location, language, and the time duration. Here you can have multiple ideas related to social media marketing. You can write on social media tips for business, social media campaign ideas, social media promotion ideas, social media management tools, social media marketing courses and more. And the best thing about this tool is you get to know about average monthly searches of a certain keyword.

5. Stay Connected With Yahoo Answers Community

In the Yahoo Answers community, you can search anything and get answers and suggestions from real people. The more specific and transparent your question is the better answers you will receive.

This is the homepage of this community:

Here on the left side, there is a category section from where you can select a topic relevant to your niche.

The process of finding trending topics in Yahoo Answers is quite hassle-free. You just need to choose the right category and select the question that has a lot of answers.

6. Check Comments On Popular Blogs

If you stay aware of what people are inquiring or talking about, trust me, you will never run out of trending topics for your blog posts. Just be actively present across online places where people often express themselves. And popular blogs are such kinds of places.

Let me give you an example. This post from Copyblogger has 2K shares. And if you go through the post, you will find out that it has 30 comments of readers as of now.

This shows that people are interested to know how to make a blog post popular.

Sometimes, when you have writer’s block, visit popular blogs online. But make sure those blogs are relevant to your niche. There you can have various ideas. Just go through those posts’ comments and check whether people want to know any additional information. If they do, congratulations, you have got a topic for your next post.


Getting stuck while finding a new topic for a blog post is quite natural. It happens to almost every writer at one point of time. But after going through today’s post, you will never run out of trending topics for your next blog post.

Which one is your favorite? Do you want to add any other secret way to find topics for a blog post? Do share your experience. I would love to know.