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Comprehensive Guide to Calling Card Solution for VoIP Service Providers

Calling Card Solution

Comprehensive Guide to Calling Card Solution for VoIP Service Providers

Thursday July 30, 2020,

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The calling card is the prepaid method that allows end-users to make long-distance calls at nominal rates. Initially, the calling options were few as well as calling cards were not as advanced as it is now. With the improvements in VoIP technology, the Calling card solution is more than just a simplified calling solution. Various calling options are giving calling card providers a choice to opt for the best one that increases profit marginality.

Why Choose Calling Card Solution

Calling card solutions are one of the best ways through which users can make cheap international calls or long distance calls from their mobile devices. There is no need to have an internet connection to use calling cards. So, even any primary phone user can make calls using the calling card solution. It is why calling cards continue to be of high importance to users across the globe. The primary reasons behind using calling card solution are:

● It tracks all calls

● It helps to boost sales

● It enhances enterprise scalability

● It helps in generating more leads

● It offers effective call management process

Working of calling card:

Calling cards provide a way of making international and long-distance calls. A calling card is the best way to save money on calls. Calling card users can connect to their prepaid accounts with VoIP service providers. They can use that network to make low-cost calls over the internet. VoIP helps to cut down the costs over the use of PSTN and regular cellular networks.

The working of a calling card is simple. Every card has a local access number and a PIN or account number. While major calling cards work from any phone, some cards are suitable for a particular operating system. It is why it is necessary to choose a calling card that is compatible with various platforms such as iOS and Android.

Here are the first three steps to begin calls using calling cards.

● Download a dialer

● Registration

● Start calling

Types of calling card:

Calling cards have various names. Some of the common names are VoIP calling cards, phone cards, and phone calling cards. In the market, different types of VoIP service provider cards are available. Everyone needs to understand the benefits of each calling card before choosing the best one.

Here are a few types of calling cards:

Prepaid calling card:

Similar to other prepaid services, users need to pay a fixed credit amount on the prepaid calling card. Users can use the card until the credit amount is over. If the balance is over, one needs to recharge it or have to discard it.

Post-paid calling card:

Post-paid calling cards and prepaid calling cards have similar features and benefits. In Post-paid calling cards, users receive monthly bills as per call basis.

Rechargeable calling card:

Users can recharge these cards after the use of complete minutes or the credit amount available on the card. Service providers provide the option to recharge the rechargeable calling cards. Users can recharge the card over the computer or by paying cash or card over the counter.

Virtual calling card:

A virtual calling card has no physical presence and is available virtually. The consumer receives PIN through Email for these cards. He gets complete information regarding the use of the card and the process of checking the balance on mail while purchasing the card. The service providers also offer support to the buyer for further help.

Features of Calling Card Solution:

Here are the key features of calling card solution

● Extensive IVR menu and international language support

● Access code for activation

● PIN authentication

● Auto registration via a web portal

● Integrated payment options

● Hassle-free transactions

● Data management

● Track/monitor/analyze calls

● Flexibility to change call rates

● Several gateway management

Benefits of Calling Card Solution:

The significant benefits of calling card solutions are to make users do long distance and international calls with minimum charges. Some other significant advantages of calling card solution include:-

1. Minimal call rates:

The use of calling cards for calling purposes lowers the call cost and saves a huge amount of time spent on calling.

2. Device compatibility:

The compatibility of calling cards is excellent. It helps the user to continue using the device and perishes unnecessary trouble of changing the method.

3. Ideal for travel and vacations:

A calling card is a handy solution when the user travels to an international location or is on vacation away from home. It helps the user to stay connected irrespective of the place, along with saving call charges. It also allows VoIP service providers to reduce their operational costs and offer better services to customers.


Calling cards prove that they are the agents of cost-saving while making international calls. They are not just a consumer-end product; one can start a business with calling cards too. Research says that calling cards business is a profitable and growing niche. VoIP service providers should initiate providing a calling card solution to enhance their productivity and profitability.