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Why I call freelancers as gigapreneurs - My Opinion

A beginner's guide for all the aspiring freelancers who are looking forward to entering into the freelancing career after graduation This guide will help you understand the risks and rewards of the gig-economy and aspiring to be a gigapreneur, (as I call)

Why I call freelancers as gigapreneurs - My Opinion

Sunday March 29, 2020,

5 min Read


Freelancing at workspace

Soon after completing my twelfth in the stream of medicine, I started exploring more on the internet about the growing technologies and after a few months of research I have got introduced with the word called gig-economy/ freelancing, which is the new working model that I have got glanced about, which was inspiring and I started affirming about myself working at a cafe, this all happened during while I was pursuing my degree


Over the research, I have found many articles on how to get started as a freelancer or why should graduates try freelancing or 5 reasons why freelancing is better than a job, etc.. and also one of the statistics report that speaks about freelancing is that almost 55% of freelancers in India are none other than millennials aged between 20-29. Thus,  I personally believe that freelancing is a bridge between business and job, why!? Because it sets you out of your comfort zone while can you earn based on your own worth which can help you be progressive and grow equally while helping you do what you are good at


Freelancers work with businesses in the form of projects which is AKA gigs, here, they are helping businesses solve their needs and giving them the best results negotiating at a marginal price. Which happens to be a win-win situation for both the businesses maintaining the respective relationships. The reason I call freelancers as mini-preneurs or gigapreneurs is because they have a perfect match of skill and its need which makes them an entrepreneur while working in the form of gigs is what makes them a gig-apreneur. Now its important weather one is solving a bigger need or a smaller need, it is important that one is solving a NEED


Risk happens to be the most phobic word among the Millenials, they often tend to take less risking decisions is mainly either due to fear of missing out(FOMO) or they don’t know how to and rest of them are trapped in comforting paychecks which may not grow them personally but is able to satisfy their respective needs indeed. Ps: I am neither discriminating anyone nor am I persuading about taking a risk, cause I totally get it and I also say that it’s ok even if you are not taking the risk or if you arent ready to take one, until & unless it’s your own decision and if you are personally ok with it


For those people who don’t understand how to plan the risk is what I can help you with, but before I begin, as a disclaimer I would like you to ask yourselves some questions like : Is your family financially independent? or Do you have any sorts of financial pressure? If you do not have any sort of peer pressure or financial pressure and if you are grateful to get all the basic privileges, is when can you be ready to take the risk. If you think you are under pressure of getting a job immediately, then I would not recommend you take the risk cause freelancing is game to play with patience and discoveries take time. Now risk comes with some terms and conditions, not as in insurance’s one but it has a certain time, age and patience to take one risk, as in if you are a millennial under the age group between 18 to 25 with basic needs and no financial pressures or responsibilities to take of the respective family and if you are intentionally willing to take the risk and a whole lot of patience to play the game is when are you ready


For example: suppose, say you are a graduate and want to take some break and try something new instead of taking up the traditional job or doing further studies, without even knowing why. I have to tell you this that there are many many opportunities than that of a job and a pg in this world only if you have the patience to look up to. I also recommend the blog “10 career decisions that make more sense than MBA”. thus, in this scenario, you can consider taking a break and try working on your personal projects, and gigs to work upon which can help you discover your skillset in the process of working. If in the worst case it’s not working for you, do not worry, cause now you have experience and still an option of a pg or a job, where you can show as a project in the corporate world or in your college if you are pursuing your further studies. Ps: Do not forget to document your projects be it personal or professional in the form of pieces of evidence