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Guidelines That Google Ad Design Services Must Follow

With the use of extensive tools and after considering the adequate banner sizes, hierarchy, animation, and buttons, the Google Ad Design Services create the most effective ads for a company.

Guidelines That Google Ad Design Services Must Follow

Monday January 14, 2019,

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The online audience doesn't appreciate ads much as they directly want to see the content of the websites. They either skip the ads or start searching for other websites. Due to their instinctive skipping of ads, it has become even more important to focus on the Google ads and design them effectively to get the most out of them.

For making the best ads which are both engaging and informative, you should use web banner ad design which focuses on systematic creation through the application of basic design guidelines. Owing to their affordability and effectiveness in increasing brand awareness, most of the companies have already started to invest in google banner design services for boosting their advertising campaign.

Given below is a list of guidelines that successful ad design services follow to create engaging ads:

1.Banner Sizes

Google AdSense states that the most successful banner ad sizes are Leaderboard(728X90px), Half Page(300X600px), Medium Rectangle(300X250px), and Large Rectangle(336X280px).

2.Banner Ads placement

You should purchase space on a website where your ad gets the most visibility. Mostly, this place has to be above the fold and close to the main content of the page.


The banner ad design has to be perfectly balanced, for which companies include three basic components in a specific order. These include:

# Company Logo- Mostly included to increase brand awareness, the company logo should be visually dominant, secondary only to the value proposition.

# The Value Proposition- The value proposition showcases the service/product provided by you. The content should be attractive and should include highlights such as "high quality", "50% off", etc. The value proposition should be the first thing viewed by the audience. Thus, you should ensure attractive fonts, affordable prices, and a short description of the product.

# Call-to-Action- The CTA is the text or button which invites the users to click for proceeding with the procedure. ‘Try For Free’, ‘Click Here’, and ‘Get Started’ are all examples of a CTA.

4. Buttons

Buttons, if used appropriately, can often increase the CTR (Click-through Rate) of your ad. For the best use, place them on the lower right side right after your copy. You should also use contrasting and attractive colors for these buttons.

5.Making Your Text Instantly Readable

As the audience will only see your ad for one or two seconds, you need to take all the necessary precautions to make it worth reading. Make your headline and body copy of different sizes and don't use cursive fonts, extremely thin font weight, all uppercase copy, or small font sizes.


As the animated web banners usually outperform static banner ads, you can use them for effective website banner design. Use uncomplicated animations lasting not more than fifteen seconds and make sure they don't distract users from the message of your ad.

7.Creating Urgency and Consistency

By using contrasting and bold colors, you can instill a sense of urgency in your ads so that the users instinctively click on your ads. You should also make sure the ad matches your branding and landing page for better consistency which induces the clients' trust in your company.

By using extensive tools and considering all the mentioned guidelines, the google ad design services make the most engaging and attractive ads.

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