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COVID-19 - A Rare Chance to Become an Inspiring Homepreneur

Healing Within as a DIY Artist Amidst COVID -19 Annihilation Outside!!

COVID-19 - A Rare Chance to Become an Inspiring Homepreneur

Wednesday April 01, 2020,

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Don’t waste time on making crafts” - The world had told me a few years ago. And yet I didn’t allow their opinion to become my reality. And today, when the world literally is on a standstill owing to the COVID -19 outbreak, I see my business moving and growing – day by day.

Becoming a Homepreneur during a Global Economic Meltdown

As somebody who has been working from home since the last decade or so, the current lock down or trend of remote working didn't really come as a shock. On the contrary, my age old wish to start a business online from the secure walls of my house became a reality.

It took me more than a decade to call myself a Homepreneur and not just a homemaker anymore. It has taken years and years of hard work, dedication, ongoing depression cycles, fatal accidents (yes I survived them as well) and constant pinning down.

Despite being a Masters in Computer Science and having a background in Tech, it wasn’t my degree that came to my rescue amidst the ongoing Corona Virus outbreak. It was my skill as a DIY Crafts Blogger that most certainly came to the rescue.

At a time in history when I see more and more businesses being shut down every single day, the DIY Content Crafts segment is actually booming. Reason being, people are sitting at home pursuing their inner peace and investing time in being more productive.

And the one industry that hasn't taken the hit at all is the Content Industry.

Remote working helps me connect with millions online

COVID -19 Disruption isn't Impacting the Content Industry - Sign of Powerful Times

Despite the global economy being hit badly and well known businesses being affected adversely, the content industry is booming. More people are sitting at home and constantly on the internet trying to find things of value.

This is the age where online platforms and portals providing authentic information and value based skills will dominate. And the years of my hard work is actually reaping benefits.

As a Homepreneur and a DIY Crafts Blogger, it makes me feel useful to be interacting with people online and spanning out a positive message. If my blog is becoming into a positive place where people are not just picking up a skill but also feeling productive, it makes me positive as well.

I see a daily spike in my blog's Alexa rank and visits despite being really recent. And I ensure that I work even more harder now because the world might be annihilating but I have just arrived.

DIY Crafts to the Rescue of Millions

As most parts of the world witness a lock-down with more and more people working from home or others being restricted indoors, I see even the most uninterested individuals take up DIY crafts.

By actually utilising the brain into doing artistic things, millions across the globe are finding their peace and balance. In fact crafts are even reducing the chances of stress, anxiety and depression significantly.

And I am not making a wild claim here. A study conducted by Harvard actually backs my claim. As per the study, “Creative activities can relieve stress, aid communication, and help arrest cognitive decline.”

Therefore, I personally feel really happy and proud of the fact that I have been investing the last few years in mastering the skill of DIY crafts.

Creative activities release stress and depression

Launching Crafts Xpress – My Online Venture & Business

After slogging for years, listening to age old gender stereotypes, fighting patriarchy, raising two wonderful children and mustering the courage to find my long lost identity, I finally launched by online business – Crafts Xpress recently.

I will be blogging about DIY crafts extensively and also provide Zoom sessions for conducting online tutorials in countries around the globe.

Who would have thought that the beautiful but taken for granted skill of DIY Crafts will help me achieve so much ? Well, I didn’t ever give up on this skill and the skill is now paying me back.

To all the wonderful people reading this piece, I have a humble suggestion, “Never allow people’s opinion of you become your reality.”

Fight hard for your passion and no crisis in the world can stop you from making it big. The current COVID -19 catastrophe WILL come to end and the world economy will rise.

And with it, will emerge thousands of inspiring stories. All you have to do is decide whether to be a part of that inspiration or be part of the fear. I choose the former.