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Hiring Java Developers? Consider these 12 things before hiring one.

Hiring Java Developers? Consider these 12 things before hiring one.

Monday January 21, 2019,

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We are witnessing a huge demand of Java developers due to plenty of reasons. However, hiring java developers is not so easy and if you really wish to find an asset to your organisation in the form of a java developer, you need to be well-versed with the factors to consider while hiring one.

If your company is looking forward to work with the latest software applications and project, a Java developer is an asset must have.

Everybody knows that while you hire any software developer, you should ask for their academic qualification, their years of experience, their previous portfolio and so on. However, there are times when you can overlook the academic qualification if the developer has immense experience and has proved his mettle in the software arena. In a nutshell, a Java developer should know how to develop a strong and sturdy software application for your business that has the potential to sustain in the market.

By looking at the right skills and the understanding of the Java developer for the software development life cycle, hiring java developer would become very easy for you. We are here with the following tips that will help you hire the best Java developer for your business:

1.Expertise over major Java technologies:

it goes without saying that a Java developer should be well-versed with the major and trending java technologies. You have to check whether the Java developer you are hiring has the knowledge of the latest and robust java technologies. By interviewing them, try to check if he or she is able to perform well in Java development, language fundamentals, design patterns, scalability, and other specific functionalities. The Java developer should have a thorough knowledge of the Java architecture and the coding concepts.

2.Java certifications:

the java developer should possess the required certificates such as Oracle Certified Associate Java SE Programmer (formerly the Sun Certified Java Programmer), Oracle Certified Master Java SE 6 Developer (OCMJD) (formerly Sun Certified Java Developer), Oracle Certified Professional Java SE Programmer (also formerly the Sun Certified Java Programmer), Oracle Certified Professional Java EE Business Component Developer (formerly Sun Certified Business Component Developer), Oracle Certified Professional Java EE Web Component Developer (formerly Sun Certified Web Component Developer), Oracle Certified Expert Java Platform EE Web Services Developer (formerly Sun Certified Developer for Java Web Services), Oracle Certified Master Java EE 5/6 Enterprise Architect (formerly Sun Certified Enterprise Architect) and Oracle Certified Professional Java ME Mobile Application Developer (formerly Sun Certified Mobile Application Developer).

  1. Varied Portfolio of the projects: once you are satisfied by the developer’s knowledge and professional accomplishments. You should ask for his previous portfolio and ask what did he do to the previous organization worth remembering. If he is a good one, he will have a list of project accomplishments in his cap and he will be proud to share the same with you.
  2. A sufficient team size: the java developer you are hiring for your business should have enough team size to handle your projects. You can ask a team member of your IT department to sit in the interview and help you in screening a candidate.
  3. You can ask the candidate about how many projects has he done till date. This will provide you a fair idea about the kind of work experience he has.
  4. The Java developer should have knowledge of the cloud computing skills such as Rackspace, Google App Engine, Windows Azure and so on.
  5. Check the processes of the developer and observe how well-organized they are and ask if they have certifications from the well-known entities like International Organization for Standardization (ISO).
  6. The Java developer should have multiple happy clients. You can cross check this by calling in the previous companies he or she has worked.
  7. Your java developer should be able to provide you with all the java related services under one roof.
  8. The developer should be trustworthy and he or she should not leak any private information of your organization outside.
  9. You need to find a developer who is able to scale his team as per the requirement of the project.
  10. The Java developer should know how to work as a leader and thus, he or she can ensure that the team is working to achieve the goals of your business.

Hiring Java developers is not having a piece of cake. It takes immense knowledge and patience to hire one such talent for your organization. We hope the above points will help you while you hire a good talent for your business.