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Honor 10 Smartphone – Technology Mixed with Color!

Rear AI Dual-Camera Andriod Phone (24MP + 16MP)

Honor 10 Smartphone – Technology Mixed with Color!

Wednesday February 06, 2019,

4 min Read

The latest of new Honor smartphones, Honor 10 dual sim smartphones, have been released in UAE and are available at

affordable and unbeatable prices!

Picture Perfection with Every Click!

Get photoshoot perfection with Honor 10, the best smartphone released in 2018! Honor 10 in Dubai is equipped with a rear AI Dual-Camera (24MP + 16MP) that will change how you take pictures forever! The Al camera functions on artificial intelligence that provides the power to recognize 500+ scenarios in 22 categories like Human figures, animals, food, vehicles and more.

It then pairs subjects with their optimal camera settings according to image context, giving you the best picture possible!

The AI can recognize multiple subjects in the same image and apply localized optimization to each subject individually. Several scenarios will later be upgraded including Cloudy Day, Ancient Architecture, Bicycles and many others. Honor 10, the best Huawei Honor smartphone to buy in the market, includes a Front AI Camera (24MP) which makes it the best smartphone for selfies! The precision of the AI Camera provides authentic selfie charm every time! The AI powered cameras understand facial features more accurately than ever before! This adds to the beauty of your facial features optimally and the result is professional but natural selfies. Even dim-lit places will no longer hold you back from taking that perfect selfie as the AI system in Honor 10 also creates 3D portrait lighting with professional studio effects. These include soft light, butterfly light, sidelight, classic light and theater light and others. The wide aperture of F1.8 adds the perfect touch to all your pictures!

Honor New Smartphones: Power at Its Very Best!

Honor 10 Lite full specifications include the ultra-fast Face Unlock feature! Even with wet hands, the Ultrasonic Fingerprint sensor under the glass of Honor 10 ensures extremely fast phone unlock! You can talk to family and friends and enjoy a smooth audio experience as Honor 10 provides automatically reduced background noise, which means you can hear clearer, and increases the volumes of whispers in quiet ambiences so you can talk easier!

You will also enjoy the Honor Super Charge Effect! It gives you guaranteed safety at lightning speed through the power of the 3400 mAh large battery that provides extra power and is capable of charging up to 50% of its capacity in just 25 minutes!

Keep any “lagging” at bay, as it’s enabled with the latest Kirin chipset and the fast AI processor. You will get a stronger and faster core with this cutting-edge processor that has NPU built in. The NPU allows the device to track user behavior and adapts to your usage pattern providing a seamless user experience that matches your individual needs.

Comfortable Style!

When you Honor 10 buy online, you will own a phone that is designed by the Paris Aesthetics Center and is the essence of French style that defines the meaning of the word “chic”. Honor 10 embodies the new Aurora glass design that reflects a vivid gradient of colors when you look at it from different directions. This design adds an elegant over look to an elegant embrace and makes it one of the most stylish smartphones released in markets over the world till date.

This feature that dazzles you with color from every angle is available in Phantom Blue and Phantom Green colors. It will have you fully immersed in everything you watch when you use the 5.84” FullView Display that has a screen ratio of 19:9. This makes it fit perfectly in the palm of your hand allowing for an easy and comfortable grip. Honor 10 price in UAE is the best you can get your hands on! Buy it online at Honor Arabia Online Store in Dubai, UAE and make it yours today!