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How A/B Testing is important for optimization of the mobile app?

How A/B Testing is important for optimization of the mobile app?

Saturday July 06, 2019,

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A/B Testing

Undoubtedly, the distance between desktops and mobile devices is trimming down these days, whether it is because of advancement of technology or the growing trend of going mobile. Reasons are many, yet it has become important for businesses as well to optimize their web pages on mobile as well or opt for mobile app development. This is where A/B testing plays a crucial role! We can find two leading operating systems in the mobile industry, Android and iOS, which again pose challenges on the developer’s part to develop and deploy mobile apps accordingly.


A/B testing is also referred as spilt testing or bucket testing that enable to compare two options and analyze two results. Earlier, this term was mostly used while creating websites, but now A/B testing has entered the mobile application development process. The role of A/B testing is primarily to optimize conversion rates.

For an example, If you have an ecommerce applications, top mobile app development companies may want detect the location of “Add to cart” navigation key to analyze whether it will increase conversion rate as the outcome, optimization will take place and the application will increase bottom line.

AB testing

When you opt for mobile application development services, developers enable you to understand:

  • Comprehensive study of the behavioral patterns of the users
  • Enhanced app conversion rate up to 26% on an average
  • Boosts organic traffic

How to Prepare Your Business for A/B Testing?

Before plunging into the A/B testing, it is important devise an effective strategy to achieve desired succeed in this process. Here are some essential factors that businesses should take into account while developing A/B strategy:

1.    Perform analysis and research-

If you don’t have a solid hypothesis based on research, then there’s no point in running A/B test. Before running A/B test, it is important for businesses to set goals and put together what kind of experiment you want to perform. Let’s say, you want to check the efficiency of your mobile app in terms of retaining new visitors on your product page, in such scenarios, your hypothesis should include such tutorials that leads to customer retention. Setting a goal before proceeding for this test, can help you boost your conversion rates.

2.    Determine variations-

It is obvious that if you’ve planned to run A/B testing, you are actually aiming solve a problem within your app. Problems could be related to design, copy, images, content, etc., for which you don’t have to work hard as you already have hypothesis in hand. For example, keep in mind, what’s more important for your users- fast shipping of $10 discount? What are the icons or elements you should add that attract your users towards rest of the pages? The games and ads that will be displayed on your app for that what images you should add?

3.    Experiment within your target audience-

You can form a small group of people that include your target audience in order to experiment the app rightly. Firstly, create two pages of your mobile apps and drive users towards it. Thereafter, you have to jot down feedbacks for each page thoroughly. Once you’re done with the survey, go through each page and see what your target audience liked the most about your pages and how you can amalgamate both the feedbacks to create one groundbreaking page.

4.    Evaluate the results and implement the changes-

As we have mentioned in the above point, after analyzing each feedback- both positive and negative, it is up to you to implement the changes. It is obvious that if you’re developing a mobile app it should be according to customer requirements in terms of services as well as design and layout. So implementing the changes is highly advisable.

5.    Keep experimenting follow-ups-

Though you’ve implemented the changes as per the feedback, but play stores are ever changing and keeping a hawk eye on the trend and changing customer choices is crucial to achieve success.

What Are The A/B Testing Platforms?

A/B testing is challenging while experimenting for different mobile apps, but thanks to a few tools available in the market to simplify this process. The leading platform for A/B testing is SplitMetrics, which is a huge player in the market. This platform gives the ability to test each element of the product page for both Apple Store and Google Play Store. It enables you to run pre-launch experiments and deliver the best apps in the market. However, if you’re developing android mobile app, then opting for Google Play Experiment is an ideal solution.

What Is The Significance Of A/B Testing?

Many businesses often underestimate the impact of page elements and keep waiting for results, which are increasing their conversion rate. But the reality is that optimizing the pages of your app, not only maximizes its performance when you invest in paid campaigns, it also enhances your organic traffic with paying much.

In a nutshell, A/B testing is imperative if you want to bombard the market with a bug-free mobile app. With the help of this test, businesses can easily detect the errors in the features and fix them, leading to better conversion rates. Therefore, it is important to discuss your expectations and goals with your mobile app development company so that you could achieve desired success with minimal hassle.

Want to Hire dedicated A/B Testing Team?

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