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How To Do App Store Optimization?

What is App Store Optimization? For Android & iOS Apps

How To Do App Store Optimization?

Monday February 10, 2020,

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Ho to Do App Store Optimization

How to Do App Store Optimization

What is App Store Optimization? 

SEO is mandatory for getting high web page ranking in the result of Google search. Likewise, App Store Optimization is also mandatory for getting your app to the top position in the App Store search result. App developers have to be involved in implementing ASO techniques like internet marketers. In simple words, it's called App Store SEO. 

Woefully, the result might be changed often in both Google Play Store and iOS App Store even applying true algorithms for boosting up rankings. However, we should know certain reasons why App Store rankings have affected. 

To increase the count of seeing your app by targeted audiences, boost ranking results and receive extra download, you have to follow some ASO tips. 

This post will guide you on how you can do App Store Optimization in both Google Play and iOS App stores.    

Let’s get some tips, 



How To Do App Store Optimization

#1. Create Unique App Title 


Name is not only for identifying what is your app. To improve your ASO rankings, you must create a unique app name with the relevant and expressive app title that helps to get a 20% higher ranking. Of course, handling of titles by Google Play Store & iOS App store is different. In terms of marketing to both Android and iOS users, you should create rich and descriptive titles.


#2. Place Keywords Wisely 


Keywords are supporting factors of ASO like SEO. Handling keywords is most important but it differs like app titles in both Google Play Store and iOS App store. You should use keywords wisely; obviously you must consider the keyword density but there is no keyword field specifically. Better to avoid keyword overdo that may affect the rankings; more careful to optimize the description of your app.               


#3. Make Attractive App Description 


One of the important strategies of App Store Optimization is App description that is like the landing page of the website for both Android and iOS app stores. The description should cover the highlighted details of the app. As I mentioned in the previous point, you should pay more attention to place the keywords in app description that in turn helps to boost rankings.             


#4. Upload High Quality Screenshots


In App Store Optimization, screenshots are main tools to be worked as a crucial factor for people who could be decided based on the quality of screenshots. High quality screenshots create the major impact that may be helpful to increase the count of downloads. So, you have to choose the great screenshots of apps that influence in convincing the targeted audiences.            


#5. Include App Preview Video


Most of the internet audiences are watching online videos. Especially, people select the auto-play option a lot with muted audio so you should create valuable content to be displayed on video. Make sure you can only upload the in-app recordings also your app UX must look good. Then only, your prospective audiences will be attracted with your app preview videos.                   


#6. Compress App Size


Large size mobile apps fail to get maximum downloads because people won’t prefer to download it for time consumption. They are always concerned about their device memory also. So, you must compress your mobile app size. If the app comes with small size, your targeted audiences will never have second thoughts while downloading the same.     


#7. Put Impressive App Icon


Make sure your app icon should not be similar to other apps. To attract your targeted audiences, put eye-catchy icons that correlate both rankings and downloads. You have to spend time creating your app with an impressive app icon that will be visually appealing. App design plays a vital role in ASO; should pay extra attention.


#8. Support Positive Reviews


User reviews are reflecting app performance so ratings are based on the user experience. Their reviews will be helpful to determine your app quality which is also influencing app ranking. To support positive reviews, use some pop-up options to users who give feedback about your app that may be useful to maximize your targeted audiences.


#9. Check App Store Analytics


Just like internet marketing in Google analytics, mobile app marketing strategy is important in app store analytics. Of course, there are lots of app store analytics tools (Sensor Tower, Tune, Appnique, AppAnnie and whatnot) that are available in the marketplace. It helps to check where your app stands now among the competitors app.  


#10. Re-evaluate the App Frequently 


If your app has been a few months, you need to do some changes in order to check the following things such as replace current keywords, change description density, verify app category, tune app icons and more. It helps to improve your rankings in the app store. If you find wrong terms one at a time, you must update the app to avoid the impact.      


Summing Up


I really hope that you have got clarity about how to do App Store Optimization through this post. By following tips discussed here, you should pay more attention to both Android and iOS app stores to increase your app visibility and downloads. ASO has potential to generate your income. In order to stand out your app at top position among millions of apps in the app store, you are supposed to implement all the above ASO tips.  


Nowadays, mobile app development companies provide golden opportunities to you regarding App Store Optimization. With their prominent app developers, you can easily get your app rankings ultimately.