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How Artificial Intelligence Plays An Important Role On Mobile Apps?

How Artificial Intelligence Plays An Important Role On Mobile Apps?

Thursday May 09, 2019,

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So what is going on in the world right now?  Science and technology are in the path of great development. Over the decades' technology has been developing, especially computer technology. The power of the computer system is implemented in all the spheres like production,  manufacturing, finance, education through different applications. All these are on the basis of implementation of artificial intelligence as a methodology in the computer system. Machine learning is the subset of Artificial intelligence and these two terms are the sides of a coin for any computer program that does anything smart.  So machine learning is AI. These two terms artificial intelligence and machine learning is a part of computer science.

Today we can see that machine learning and artificial superintelligence are incorporated in almost all mobile applications. This makes more important to know how to integrate machine learning and artificial intelligence into mobile applications. AI and machine learning were once considered as the top complicated technologies to work on. These technologies for the businessmen helps them to make maximum profit. Major companies that are using artificial intelligence machine learning are Google, Gmail, Facebook, Amazon, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. For example, apps like food delivery apps and fashion apps show materials according to our preference.

The information obtained from machine learning is so helpful for us to predict the results and to make models. We use artificial intelligence and machine learning to make these easy and to and to solve problems. By using artificial intelligence mobile apps provide a large amount of data to their users. The implementation of these techniques has become important for companies. Some of the big brands which have used these technologies and has become success are Uber, Netflix, Amazon, and Facebook.


Uber is one of the best examples for the implementation of ML in its app. Information is provided quickly to the customers. The real information about the place, price, waiting time, etc makes customers to get attracted easily. Expected cost information details are provided in the app. All these are supported by the ML security model based on facial recognition and it includes credit card security. The time given in the app is very accurate even after recognizing the traffic signals and blocks. All these are wrapped and recognized under ML and its deep learning modules.


Amazon has been using these technologies over 20 years. Amazon is a leading brand in using artificial technology and machine learning. Amazon has established its clear stand on this platform and it is working successfully. Amazon could give a clear vision of the interest in customer vision and always try to maintain the best customer experience.


Facebook builds its platform by learning about their users and collecting their details. It enables communication and conversation between persons and allows to access different features which are really valuable for the public. Deep learning is going on for future development.


Netflix also is a Machine Learning based application. This concentrates more on the behavior of the customer and Netflix basically works under the preference and choices of the customer. According to the customer choices and by analyzing the history of the previous view the suggestions are made. Here also ML works to identify the preferences made by the users.


Artificial intelligence in India is moving toward the great path of success. Future of ai will innovate the digital india. In 2016 India ranked third among G20 countries. We can clearly say that India is best chatbox agency. Different researches prove that over 300  startups use AI in different core products. Businesses can easily access customer satisfaction by using AI and MI. Advantages of artificial intelligence and machine learning are numerous.

In education one of the exact examples is app topper. Students can easily use this app and they can engage with the app for various information regarding their syllabus and portions. The results are amazing with topper. This is a crucial enhancement in the field of education. Different tests are provided by the app for the development of self-confidence of the students. EduGorilla is another major example in the field of education and this company gives a huge amount of data. This company analyses 600000 schools and 70000 coaching centers for the best results for the users.

One of the Indian food app Swiggy which was started in 2014 is a vast expert and has placed its platform in food delivery. They are having 15000 to 120000 delivery staffs in different places. Mind-Blowing growth has made by the company Swiggy. For each company, AI is a basic and crucial factor to sustain. Zomato, uber eats, food panda are just behind in the competition. Hardly, swiggy is a TechStars in India. The companies like Google, paytm, Oyo, Flipkart and many other companies are invested in this field to boost their presence in AI. No doubt Artificial Intelligence will be an important factor for many trending app ideas On ground the companies placed its foundation are started to see some traction. For India, the best is yet to come.