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How can Social CRM Boost Your Social Media Marketing Strategy?

CRM or Customer Relationship Management has become an indispensable part of Social Media Management. As the article delves into the nitty-gritty of CRM, let us first know what CRM means.

How can Social CRM Boost Your Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Tuesday April 09, 2019,

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In the last few decades, technology has reached a new zenith. The improvement made in the arena of Information Technology is commendable. With technology connecting with others has also been changed.

In the realm of business, the core principles of managing a great customer relationship had always been successful. That remained unchanged or better said it has developed hugely due to technology.

CRM or Customer Relationship Management has become an indispensable part of Social Media Management. As the article delves into the nitty-gritty of CRM, let us first know what CRM means.

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What CRM Is?

If we talk about social CRM, it is a CRM system like many others. The only add-on is the social media features integrated within. Social Integration is an important term in managing it.

One thing to be mentioned here is that CRM had always been a preferred set of customer interaction system. But the invention and proliferation of social media make it mandatory to develop new channels of customer interaction.

The whole process revolves around collecting a huge amount of data about the customer or better said, prospective customer. It includes names, transaction history, demographic information, etc. Most of the time this information is extracted from mobile and E-mail interaction.

This data becomes of use in converting the person into a loyal customer. At the same time, the ones already become a customer will stay around if a good social CRM is employed.

 Here in lies the importance of social CRM.

Features Of Social CRM:

Now coming to the common features of social CRM. There are a few things common to the CRM system because the aim of every CRM system is the same. Let us check the common features of social CRM.

1. Listening to the Social Chaos

The social chaos that we often get tired of talks a lot of important things. As we check on the comments, hashtags, posts we become exposed to a huge amount of information regarding choice of brands or any other customer trends.

This subtle information becomes important in understanding customer inclination and choices.

2. Emotional Analysis

This one is important as an exposure to the emotion of your prospective customer will help you understand the sentiment of them.

Just think about when a customer is praising a service, he is giving you access to his emotion. This also happens when the customer is ranting about a service.

3. Social Selling

Although you cannot directly pitch for selling your product on social media, you can understand which prospective customer is the closest to purchasing.

There are tools for social selling that can help you understand the sentiment of the viewers. These tools will make specific suggestions based on browser history or demographics.

4. Social Marketing

Content management and social marketing are the two aspects that garner huge benefits from social CRM. You get new leads.

Thus, it can be seen these are the common features of social CRM. With these features, social CRM helps your social media management to a great extent.

Techniques Used in CRM

What are the uses or the advantages of social CRM are different from the techniques applied in social CRM?

The main aim of social CRM lies in the efforts to understand the mindset of prospective customers because social media is such a platform where people let their formal guards down to express their minds.

So, what are the techniques that are used in social CRM to understand the mindset of customer precisely? Let us check.


National Language Processing is a scientific way of analyzing social media language that does not follow any particular format and often misspelled or shortened.

Analyzing the linguistic parts like the Nouns, Adjectives, NLP comes to a specific report about the current customer trend going on.

Such a technique will definitely help you in successful social media management.

2. Text Mining

Another technique social CRM comes armed with. The process includes structuring text data and observes the existing pattern.

The relevance of the text data parsed is analyzed and no small things go unnoticed. The type, tone, and lexicon are also analyzed through text analytics.

It becomes a thing of importance as CRM increases the success of your social media management.

3. Machine Learning

Machine learning analyzes the algorithm in deciding the cognitive ability of human beings.

It tries to check on how human beings process and explain data and based on the facts machine learning predicts the forthcoming data.

While the predictions may not be cent percent correct but it makes a difference in social media management.

4. Sentiment Analysis

Often as the result of NLP and text mining, sentiment analysis is performed to understand the tone of the comment or post so that the emotions hidden inside can be traced.

By understanding the emotional polarity, you can deliver the perfect product to the perfect customer who is ready to purchase your product.

What CRM Aims to Achieve?

CRM has many benefits but apart from the benefits there are some targets and aims that CRM tries to achieve.

Let us check what does social CRM aims to achieve for your business.

1. Sound Knowledge about Customer Mindset

Having knowledge about your target audience is very important for your business.The data collected through applying the above-mentioned techniques talks minutely about individual choices as well as collective expectations and complaints.

Your marketing team may use this data to bring changes in strategies and tweaking the product descriptions.

2. Value-added Customer Involvement

Your social media management is not about getting a great number of followers. Instead, it can be mutually beneficial for your business and the target audience.

It is important to retain the loyalty of pledged customers. So if they are coming with complaints, why not solve them?

Why not give the new followers mind-blowing offers?

3. Maintain Rapport

Building a good relationship with your customers is actually the main aim of CRM. When we talk about social media, it can be said, it has given us ample opportunity to connect with our customers in no time.

On festivals, you can greet them with new offers. Thus, it is easier to build a rapport with them.

4. Increase Brand Visibility

The more active you are on social media the more you will come across your prospective customers. Nowadays, everyone is on social media and they are checking on everything out there. So, you have to maintain the visibility of your brand.

Successful brand management is what social CRM aims to achieve.

How You Can Employ CRM in Social Media?

Social Media is where your audience stays. You have to do all the marketing here to get greater visibility. Some ways your brand management can be improved are

1. Better Task Management

Managing small details and providing instant information to the customers is the need of the hour.

No one wants to wait for you to reply after hours. They want an instant reply from your side. The management must have all the answers ready so that every task is completed in isolation.

2. Track Your Customer

You must know your customer and analyze her behavior. Like any long-term relationship, you must maintain this relationship. And for that, every small information like conversations, likes, comments have to be tracked.

It is more about retaining old customers than getting new ones. So, keep tracking your customer.

3. Handle Complaints

This one is the tricky part. Handling the complaints is the most important skill your social management team will have. Avoiding complaints is not possible. But handling them is possible. So, do that carefully and always try to give greater priority to the relationship between you and the customer.

4. Maintain Conformity of Your Brand

Try to make your brand voice uniform on every social media platform because that makes it easier to locate the brand. Use hashtags so that your loyal customers can find you easily. You can also use keywords for easy recognition.

At the same time try to remove all the mistakes in your contents. Mistakes like misspelling, grammatical errors produce a poor impression on new customers.

How the Best CRM Strategy Integral in Social Media Management?

So, these are the steps your CRM strategy can draw a great boost. CRM is an integral part of the business. Since business, nowadays takes place online or better said on social media platforms, why not achieve an extra edge there? It is the requirement of the time that every business becomes aware of social CRM apart from the traditional channels and keeps on improving the knowledge. If used wisely, social CRM has the capacity to boost your business manifold.

As a basis to your social media management, CRM is the integral part where you make the effort to maintain a good rapport with your customer. The above-mentioned strategies and techniques combined together make a great social CRM software for your brand.

And you have to achieve the best because everyone else is doing the same.

In this journey to becoming the best, social CRM will be of great help to your social media management.