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How Can Voice Broadcasting Help You in Planning a Wedding

Voice Broadcasting for planning your wedding? Amazing! Isn't it? Here's how voice broadcasting can be a lifesaver during a wedding planning.

How Can Voice Broadcasting Help You in Planning a Wedding

Tuesday March 05, 2019,

6 min Read

‘Technology has shrunk borders across the globe.’

We have heard this statement more than a few times, but broadcasting has given it a completely new meaning.

From broadcasting radio signals to text messages, every single way of broadcasting information or trying to make communication with the masses has evolved with time and contemporary technologies.


In the simplest terms, voice broadcasting is all about getting your message across a wide audience and that too at the same time. By using this technology, one can send recorded voice messages to a number of recipients at the same time.

There are many utilities of voice broadcasting such as political campaigns or brand promotion and to your surprise, Voice Broadcasting can also be a very helpful tool for "Wedding Planning."

Wondering how?

In this post, we are going to tell you how voice broadcasting can help wedding planners and how it works for fitting the needs during weddings.

Voice Broadcasting Service and Weddings

So, if you are planning your own wedding or one for a loved one, voice broadcasting service can be an enormous help.

A wedding day is called a ‘D-day’ for a reason! It involves meticulous planning as well as execution, and you want every minute detail to turn out perfectly, making your wedding day special, unique and memorable in many ways.

While all this has been happening for years, the process is hectic, exerting and exhausting. With the touch of innovation in the broadcasting business, much of all the wedding preparations and planning becomes a breeze.

Here’s what all you can do with the voice broadcasting service.

There are several advantages of using voice broadcasting during wedding seasons. Let’s look into those benefits.

1. Send Personalized Wedding Invitations

Perhaps the most difficult, monotonous and time-consuming job at a wedding is to send wedding invitations to one and all in the family, friends, and business. You need to spend on postal charges, and if not that, you need to spend money on the fuel to travel the distance to deliver the invitation card.

Now imagine, recording a personalized invitation to the wedding to all your loved ones and reach out to them in a click.

That's the voice broadcasting service for you! And this becomes a blessing in disguise for all the people staying away in different cities or a different country altogether.

2. Schedule Alerts and Reminders for Wedding

Do not just stop at sending personalized wedding invitations; you can also send alerts or reminders in form of an automated voice message to all your guests about the wedding day or about the venue.

You just need to schedule the date and time to send the reminder and the needful is done at the right time.

A recorded message also helps in connecting with your relatives in a better way. In this busy life, do not give your guests a chance to miss out your special occasion.

3. Intimate your Guests of Any Last-Minute Changes

It does not just have to end at a personalized voice-based invitation to the wedding. You can send all the elaborate details of different wedding functions, their venues, timings and additional information such as the dress code, how to reach the venue etc.

If there is some unexpected and immediate change in the plan where you have to change the venue, date or time of any of the functions at the last moment, you can intimate all your guests about the change by sending just a message with a click to all the invitees.

You can further choose to schedule a reminder for that as well.

In some places, the invitation message is often used as an entry pass as well.

4. Send a Personalized Thank You Note

When you start the affair with a personalized invitation to the wedding, you must end it with a personalized thank you note. An after-note has a much more positive effect than we can ever think of.

And that too it comes in the voice of the host or the person who sent the invitation, it strikes a personal note with the invited people.

5. Advantages of Voice Broadcasting to a Wedding Planner

If you are a wedding planner, it means you have to deal with all the above-mentioned issues on a daily basis unlike for the ones who have a family wedding.

Besides using the bulk voice call service for marketing, you can also use it for a number of other purposes. Here is a list of them.

#Marketing that is Personal Yet not Pushy

While most of the marketing methods look and feel intrusive to a prospective customer, voice broadcast method of marketing and promotion is one that has a personal touch and helps to build a strong and lasting connection with the customers.

The customers have a brighter chance of connecting with a personal voice message than a long and uninteresting text message that people usually don’t read or miss out in the trail of other messages.

#Reaching Out to Potential Customers Who are not Tech-Savvy

As a wedding planner, you would like to reach out to individuals who are not too tech-savvy as well since they can be your prospective clients too. Voice broadcasting service is an ideal way of reaching out to them.

#Performing the Role of a Wedding Planner

While you are playing a wedding planner for a client, you have a whole list of things to do. If not all, you can do most of them using the voice broadcast service.

Reach out to the guests; keep them informed about all the details such as the venue where they have to stay, their respective room numbers, and the vehicle numbers allotted to them and what not! It is a large-scale communication at its best.

How does Voice Broadcasting Work?

A voice broadcasting software has a database of contact numbers in addition to digitally recorded messages. Through the various components, the software can successfully broadcast messages to several thousand recipients, simultaneously.

The use of text-to-speech software can also be made to include any personalized information in these messages. This powerful technique in telecommunication is also called call blast.

Voice broadcasting is popularly used for running customizable campaigns.

The government authorities have been known to use the technology as an emergency notification system to reach out to a large group of people, at once and almost immediately.

Voice broadcasting can do wonders to any business since it works on its most important aspects together such as communication and marketing at a large scale, business automation, brand building, and cutting costs.

All of this assures one thing that you eventually get more benefits at a much lesser price and leave a remarkable impression on the people by making a memorable connection.