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How - Beehive Monitoring helps farmers increase their Productivity.

How - Beehive Monitoring helps farmers increase their Productivity.

Monday March 04, 2019,

5 min Read

Gobuzzr is an agritech IoT based beehive monitoring system with a social cause of keeping in mind our poor farmers to improve their productivity and increase their income. This comes with a dedicated Web portal and mobile apps to monitor the daily activity of the beehives.

Kapildev and Suresh are chennai based young entrepreneurs are behind this IoT based beehive monitoring system after identifying the difficulties faced by the farmers from setting up the Hive to getting the processed honey in hand which includes more labour cost, transportation cost, problems in identifying dead hives was more difficult when comes to large scale horticulture, periodical checking of hives to measure the weight of the honey etc..


There is no wonder that the IoT technology will provide as much ease as a person wants. The world has been industrialized previously and it’s a computerized one, as now it mostly runs through the internet. At present, the technology has made a way through in monitoring the beehives along with its robustness and simplicity.

Traditionally bees build their nests, which are located in a higher altitude, mostly in trees, walls of the buildings etc. Generally, people used to hunt the honey by directly searching it in the forests.

People are harvesting honey by setting beehives. Then, they have to monitor and extract the honey which seems like a hectic method. A manual check should be done by wearing a special suite which covers most of the body in order to protect from the bee stings.

Why We’re Special

Beekeepers cannot monitor the hives frequently due to some critical issues. Rapid inspections on the hives will interrupt the bees’ everyday activities and it also results in the recession of honey production. Most of the beekeepers have to drive longer distances to examine their bee yards.

casperon beehive monitor

Have you ever thought of not reaching the beehives location but still knowing the quantity of honey that the bees have accumulated? No not by sending Genie, but with the help of the device called ‘Beehive Monitor’, which is fixed to the bottom of each beehive.

casperon beehivemonitorcase

Beehive Monitor device will monitor the weight of the beehive round the clock with the help of sensors in the device. With some periodic time intervals, the device will automatically message the weight of the beehive to the respective person.

Alert Beehive Monitor Process

Our Beehive Monitor is a unique appliance to study the condition of a beehive and communicate through a mobile application. Our device regularly measures and broadcasts statistics regarding the weight, temperature, and humidity of the hive to improve the living conditions of the bees.


Features for Beehive Monitor Device

  • Our device aggregates the statistical information such as weight, temperature, humidity and allowing beekeepers to quickly approach the beehives for the collection

  • Our device helps to measure hive productivity, enhancement of competences and crops for beekeepers.

  • By tracking features such as humidity and temperature, it also allows beekeepers to analyze sudden hive deaths.

  • By using our device, the transportation cost will be less, as the beekeepers need is to visit the place only whenever necessary.

  • The device regularly monitors the weight of the beehive and sends the data to the respective web portal and mobile application as a notification or message.

  • Beehive Monitor is embedded with Geo Positioning System (GPS), and it helps to locate the beehive when needed.


Challenges behind the beehive

As every product has their own challenges, we do had our own set of problems we faced towards the whole process. As this beehive monitor not only involves the technology expertise of developing the IoT and mobile application, but also we had to make a field study of understanding the real scenarios behind this traditional beehive process and how the farmers struggle for a period of six to ten months to get this healthier and sweet product on plate. Even on some crucial days, we even got nice bee sting also. We also spent a week timeframe in harare, zimbabwe to analyse the traditional beehive process and the method they follow. We built this product with the help of information shared by various beehive farmers from different locations which help us to create this product which supports globally.

The Pricing Model

As a social cause, we initially started this campaign for free for our farmers followed by a SaaS model which depends upon the number of beehives they have and maintain.

We have a wide range of clients starting from 100+ home based small beehive horticulture to 50,000+ large scale companies which is doing as traditional beehive monitoring business.


Kapildev.G, CEO of with his smart beehive monitoring system

Gobuzzr - Smart Beehive monitoring system for Apis Mellifera Box

Real time monitoring inside our office premises - Apis Mellifera Beebox Type [ European Bees ]

Gobuzzr - Smart Beehive Monitoring System - Apis Cerana Indica

Real time monitoring inside our office premises - Apis Cerana Indica [ For Indian Bees ]


With Real bees - Apis cerana indica - Indian bees.

Kapildev Ganesan setting up the hives with our gobuzzr device


Real time data collected from all the beehives.

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