How Dynamic QR Codes Helped Generate 100,000 INR In Revenue In 48 Hours?

How Dynamic QR Codes Helped Generate 100,000 INR In Revenue In 48 Hours?

Wednesday December 26, 2018,

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Online marketing is gaining a boost up in today’s time. A lot of social media sites are assisting to promote various kinds of products. However, there are still many businesses that do not own smart gadgets and do not apply smart techniques. One of the latest buzzes in market revolves around QR codes, and every business nowadays should have known about them. These codes have become a critical marketing tool, and you can find them everywhere around you.

QR or Quick Response codes are the two-dimensional codes that store a lot of information about the business and its products/services. In order to read the content, there is a need of smart phone that comes with pre-installed QR code scanner. However, it is also possible to install and download the scanning applications from the internet. And that’s why it is so important to have smart phone devices these days.

So, how do these codes help you?

  1. These QR codes connect businesses with customers.
  2. If you are the owner of a business, they your customers can access your business’s online store quickly by scanning the code.
  3. It is very easy and efficient.
  4. Some of the information that is stored in the QR code includes product/service description, contact number, email id, advertisement, calendar entry, business card information, user manual, hyperlink, and lots more.

How good is QR code?

QR code is about 10 times speed in terms of readability than other bars. In the last few years, Paytm has escalated the use of QR codes and made a great impact in the market. These codes have supported even the small business owners in India such as vegetable carts and kirana stores. After demonetization, an increasing number of businesses and consumers has shifted their mode of payments to Paytm wallets.

India has more than 300 million smart phone users, and the number is increasing with 20 million customers every month. With such a massive count, including QR code structure for payments becomes an effective way to expand the footprint through digitalisation. In addition, the adoption of this new system will increase in the coming years. Very soon the system of QR code will become a common payment mode after the card and wallet systems. If you own a business and have not yet initialised your QR code system, then this is the time when you have to do it and reap its benefits.

QR codes in print media

It is important to be transparent with your audiences. Giving them online access to your information about your printed items and other stuff makes everything clear to them. With the help of QR codes, you can connect printing messages easily with the web content. You can drive more traffic to your content such as landing pages, social media profiles, contact forms, and also demo videos. You can turn any window display, business card, brochure, leaflet, or magazine advertisement to a quick view through QR codes. Your customers need to have just a smartphone, that’s it.

Some of the tasks that your print media company can perform include:
  • Sending a poster that will directly take the consumers to registration of tickets
  • You can download the business card via the code
  • Greeting card with a musical list
  • It takes you to the flyer which in turn takes you to product landing page
  • Display of any product will give you the complete story about its discount and offers.

So many benefits with just one black and white code! That’s terrific, isn’t it? Whether you own print business or any other business, you can avail such benefits for any business. All these benefits have helped our PrintStop to generate 100,000 INR revenue in just 2 days!

Can QR codes by dynamic?

Of course, yes. It is easy to change the QR codes, and therefore they are named as dynamic. If you wish to re-direct the codes, you can do so easily through a particular URL. All you have to do is change the link address and then confirm. The same link will take you to a new place. And there is no need of reprinting for it. All the dynamic codes can be saved directly to your account. You can easily access them from anywhere and at any time.

Let us check out how we can use these QR codes for our own businesses. 

You can :

  • Connect the online business with offline functions using simplistic barcodes
  • Link the social media videos and messages with the code
  • Select any activities and design for them
  • Track the performance of the campaign
  • Respond quickly to any last minute changes
  • Link the codes with your social media pages, websites, contact cards, and videos without investing any effort or money in speaking or typing.

How to use QR codes correctly?

In order to reap the benefits of dynamic QR codes, it is important that they are used correctly. It is also essential that you don’t take any risks, otherwise, the damages caused can lead to major long-term issues. For instance, nowadays social media spreads the news so fast that even wrong messages are delivered to the audiences, hence one has to be careful regarding all these aspects. Let us check out certain elements that you need to look out for when using the QR codes:

1. Size of QR code

It is important that the size of your QR code is right. This will be easy to scan by the consumers. Make sure it is neither too big nor too small.

2. The website should be mobile friendly:

QR codes are scanned through mobiles, and they automatically direct the users to the website on the phone itself. Therefore, make sure your website is mobile friendly and will give all the necessary information to your consumers through their small screens. Videos, posters, and any data that you wish to show to your consumers make sure all of them are mobile friendly.

3. Test before the launch

See that all the links and codes linked to the codes are tested and they work right before you launch the QR code and print it for further connection.

4. Provide all the instructions

Although QR codes are widely being used, the technology is still new for many people. Therefore, it is important to give information about how to use the code. This will offer great help to the people who are new to technology.

5. Provide additional content

Make sure to offer as much information as you can with the QR code. This will attract more and more customers to your businesses. It will also give a positive experience to all your customers and clients. So, try to add more and more creative content with your code so that everybody it is attractive and they reap benefits. More customers will check out your business and will spread the word around. That’s why they say more the merrier. And that is how we gained a lot of profit as soon as we started using QR codes for the business.

Still, if you haven’t used the coding system, try right away.

What you can get from QR code campaigns?

  • Do you wish to create QR codes in bulk? That is possible with a particular service that will help you generate as much as codes, thereby maximizing your efficiency and minimizing the workload.
  • Did you know that you can make colorful QR codes? It’s right! Now you can create customized codes by having a special logo, special shape, and your favorite color.
  • If you want to do number crunching, then it is also possible with dynamic QR codes. All the reports can be exported to the excel sheets in order to analyze the information after you deal with campaigns.
  • It is also easy to track the performance information with the QR codes. You can measure how effective your campaign is through the communication channels.
  • One code and its connection with plenty of URLs, this is now simply using the QR campaigns.

We have used all the above-mentioned features of QR coding and have been benefited a lot from them. Our company has generated a huge amount using such a dynamic system, and now it’s your turn to use all the important data and gain most from then. Good luck.