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How to enchant your audience?

How to enchant your audience?

Sunday February 23, 2020,

4 min Read

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Have you ever seen people literally delighted by a brand or person that they really wanted to pay them for their work?

I don’t know about you but yes, I have done this in the past not once but thrice. I just fell in love with their product or speaking skills in a short matter of time because they were so good at what they do.

Similarly, is the case with Apple users. Apple is not merely a computer brand but it’s a religious place for creative people who want to see something magical powered by technology. And that’s the reason we often notice long-queues of people waiting outside Apple stores to purchase their new innovation.

The point is, whatever business you’re in, whatever you work is, if your audience is not delighted by your offering, if you’ve failed to win their hearts then you might not create the impact you want to change people’s lives.

Now the question is, how to enchant your audience with your service, product or idea?

The answer lies within the three pillars of the bestselling author and American marketing specialist...Guy Kawasaki.

So, Without further ado, let’s dive in to understand those three pillars briefly!

#1: Likeability- If the people whom you’re developing the idea for are not interested in listening to you then how you gonna move this forward? Just remember, people prefer to do business with people they like.

No matter online or offline, this concept is true everywhere. For making people like you and your idea, instead of just reaching with the mindset of “another client or prospect”, connect with them as if you wanted to make a new friend.

This simple yet effective thing will definitely help you to develop a deeper relationship with the other party in order to understand them better.

#2: Trustworthiness- Without trust, you can’t imagine world peace. It’s a glue that binds us all together. People may like your ideas but that doesn’t mean they had trust in you enough to support it. You have to develop trust over time.

One of the keys to establish trust is to accept others first. No matter which background they belong to, when you start showing interest in them, being transparent of your passions and hobbies, genuinely...will make them start trusting you.

#3: Quality- This is super important. Especially in the era of the information age, everyone is trying to raise their voice only to be noticed by someone. That leads to a major compromise in quality.

If your product is just OK then maybe you won’t find anyone to pay attention to it or trust you easily. By product I mean to say, anything from your youtube video, your article, your presentation...that is made for the audience to engage with.

Everything you produce must be worth reading, watching, buying or sharing.

To make the best quality products, you need to focus on DICEE.

Deep- People don’t like shallow products. They want to see multiple levels of features and benefits deeply ingrained within the product.

Intelligent- Your product must sever a need, or solve a problem or fulfil a desire. Otherwise, it’s of no use.

Complete- People don’t want you to leave them once they’ve purchased your product. They want you to give them extraordinary customer experience and service so they can justify their decision of buying from you. Porsche and Zappos are great examples of that!

Empowering- Does your product make your people's lives better? Does it help them feel smarter, intelligent and powerful? Your people not just purchased a commodity. They have bought a feeling of empowerment from you.

Elegant- You product must work with or for your user well. Your user wants you to care about a great user interface with remarkable style, and of course user-friendly. As Steve Jobs says: “Simplicity can be harder than complex”.

By following these three pillars of enchantment you can be able to connect and delight with your audience well and make them feel a crucial volunteer of your idea.

It’s not about manipulating your audience to make them press the “buy now” button and to make more money from them.

Rather, we have to shift our mindset. We must focus on winning their hearts and mind giving them “Awe-stupendous” products, service or idea and filling them up with delight, joy and passion by adding value to their lives.

Over to you!