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How Mobile-First Indexing Will Revolutionize Marketing in 2020

How Mobile-First Indexing Will Revolutionize Marketing in 2020

Wednesday September 04, 2019,

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With Technological revolution enveloping world, the research reveals that the percentage of mobile users have increased since 524.9 million in 2013 to 813.2 in 2019.

How Mobile First Indexing Will Revolutionize Marketing in 2020-2

There are more searches on mobiles in comparison to laptops, which signals towards drastic wave of change in online marketing scenario. The efforts of implementing the mobile first indexing is going on since 2016 as Google is more inclined towards increasing the user experience on mobile.

After the months of contemplation, Google declared Mobile First Indexing as the basis for ranking websites on July 1 2019.

According to this, the Google will now be ranking websites considering the mobile version of the website. From July onwards every new website marking its presence online will be crawled by Google smartphone bot and its mobile friendly content will be the basic criteria for indexing pages, snippets, structured data and the pages of the website.

But what provoked the grand move? Google mobile first indexing can be seen as a result of how individuals view Google these days.

As a result of scaling issues, Google shows un-optimized and irrelevant results. Accelerated Mobile Pages is another cherry on the cake which ensure the users the great mobile experience.

How Mobile First Indexing Will Revolutionize Marketing in 2020-3

Mobile is indeed the part and parcel of the individual life and plays an important part in revolutionizing the future.

If such an opportunity is left to decay in oblivion, then one can expect a swift demise to obscurity. Developers, content specialists and the designers are realizing the potential of mobile optimized website as a major factor for enhanced user experience and a pathway to take online business to fresh heights.

The mind-boggling stats reveals why mobile first indexing is important.

Nearly 49% of the customers use mobile phones for shopping and about 61% of the customer uses mobile to compare the prices in the stores.

Mobile searches results in immediate actions as compared to desktop.

As about 70% of the desktop users take action after completion of the month. Whether the business is B2B or individual shoppers, your targeted audience are likely to enjoy the easy access of mobile searches.

Food and beverages record the maximum 72% of the searches followed by health and sports at 68%.

With the move coming into practice, the website owners must be prepared for the hard track. The new indexing will separate its path and will differ in results for the mobile and the desktop.

Its high time to set loose of the worn out ranking strategy and grab the chord to differentiate yourself in the marketing scenario. The website structure appearing to the customers on mobile will be the first encounter of the online business.

How Mobile First Indexing Will Revolutionize Marketing in 2020-4

On the other hand, the website lacking on mobile version can suffer trouble as once the move gets initiated the Google will rank the website using the mobile Googlebot, irrespective of the mobile or desktop version. SEO Services practices will also become critical to beat the competition for online revenue generations.

No one prefers jumping in the battle with arms unloaded. Its better to be loaded with the best one to seize the victory.

According to recent research, it is concluded that content over mobile or desktop version should be similar in volume. The website loosing on content might not rank well on Google after it switches on mobile first indexing.

Mobile Page Indexing is yet to right history of SEO in the coming years.

The business will flow with the increased user experience and page loading speed.

On an average the customer is set to skip the site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Mobile first indexing is promising regarding page speed as the fast page speed will enable the customer to prefer your website over competitor’s.

Long Title tags and structured data will be the major determiners of ranking high in Google SERP pages. Title tag are the very first thing that user encounter after conducting a search and is a major deciding factor for marking its presence on any website.

How Mobile First Indexing Will Revolutionize Marketing in 2020-5

Optimization of the title tags up to 70 characters addresses towards remaining competitive online on the google searches and will reveal more information to the user.

Links are far from the flame and are free from any twists and turns with this Google update. Ensure the website is optimized with the relevant Alt text for the search engine to grasp the context of the images on the website.

Its quite impressive to witness such user-friendly modifications, from desktop to mobile, the journey of indexing and optimization is heading towards creating history.