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Patna (Bihar) Based Startup breaking the Stereotype in the city!

In recent years, things have been changed in Patna, one of the major changes have seen in the city is moving youths towards Job Providers from Job Seekers!

Patna (Bihar) Based Startup breaking the Stereotype in the city!

Monday July 15, 2019,

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In the recent years, things have been changed in Patna, One of the major changes have seen in the city is moving youths towards Job Providers from Job Seekers. Bihar has given numerous job creators to the country such as Shradha Sharma, Founder of Your Story; Sairee Chahal, Founder of Sheroes; Arunabh Kumar, Founder of The Viral Fever;Anil Agarwal, Founder of Vedanta and many more. But, One things is common in them that they are from Bihar, but they didn't start their business in Bihar nor they have started it from Bihar even they don't have a single office in Bihar due to circumstances and brain drain challenge. In late 2010, Bihar has around 100+ Digital Marketing and Website Development Companies exist, and coaching business grows ,while In 2019 there are around 2,000+ Digital Marketing and Website Development Companies exist in Patna alone.

Now, Patna(Bihar) has grown with launched of Bihar Startup Policy in 2016 by Government of Bihar, with a fund of Rs 500 Crores.Youths of Patna coming with new ventures and startups which are based out of Patna rather than switching to other cities, they have put their offices in Patna. Bihar has suffered due to brain drain in the search of jobs and good quality of educations earlier, but now due to Patna Based startup Brain Drain has declined little bit and these startups is opening a new hope for the youths of Bihar.

Here the list of few Patna (Bihar) Based Startup which are changing the face!

  1. DeHaat : DeHaat,Patna Based Startup, was founded by IIT Delhi alumnus Shashank Kumar and IIT Kharagpur alumnus Manish Kumar in 2012.Based in Patna, helps small farmers connect with a network of micro-entrepreneurs – suppliers of various farm input and equipment – who procure various inputs such as seeds, fertilisers, and even equipment, as well as offer crop advisory and market linkages.
  2. Husk Power System: Husk Powers systems, Patna Based Startup, is founded by Manoj Sinha, which helps by providing power to thousands of rural people. Cost-effectively generates electricity using a biomass gasifier that creates fuel from rice husks, a waste product of the rice hullers that separate the husks as chaff from the rice, a staple food in the region. They are helping rural areas of India and Africa by Providing them Electricity ,water, healthcare, education and income-generating opportunities in affordable Rate. 
  3. Campus Varta : Campus Varta,Patna Based Startup, India's first edtech media, was founded by Ranjan Mistry, college dropout and youngest social entrepreneur from Bihar, which connects rural schools,colleges and universities on a digital platform across the India. Campus Varta was the first startup from Bihar which were nominated by Forbes Asia for Forbes 30 Under 30 as a Semifinalist.Currently, they are working on 2 out 9 dimensions of education and more focus on penetrating Rural India.
  4. Rail Restro : Railrestro, Patna Based Startup, was founded by Manish Chandra, which is an e-catering company targeted at train travellers. The company works on a marketplace-like business model, with a wide network of vendor tie-ups with restaurants across India. People travelling by train across India can order food via the RailRestro website, the app, or on call. Travellers need to enter their PNR details or train number information on the website/app.
  5. PatnaBeats : PatnaBeats, Patna Based Startup, was founded by Bashshar Habibullah, is an online media company from Patna. The company aims to revive the lost glory of Bihar. Its tag line is: "Redefining the word 'Bihar', together!".
  6. Work Studio Co-working : Work Studio Co-Working,Patna Based Startup was founded by Rahul Samrat,Prakhyat Kashyap and his Colleague, is one of largest Co-Working in Bihar. They Provide Co-working Space for Freelancer, Start-ups, Mid level Companies at very affordable and cheap Prices.
  7. Medi360 : Medi360, Patna Based Startup was founded by Kumar Amar Jamdhiar, which Provides different tools and technology based Programs by connecting Doctors, Healthcare experts, trainer etc to the patients especially in remote rural areas as well as Urban areas.
  8. Bihar Bytes: Bihar Bytes,Patna Based Startup was founded Yashi Malviya and Sukirti Roy, Bihar Bytes is a platform that showcases and promotes the rich culture and heritage of Bihar. 
  9. Revival Shoe Laundary : Revival Shoe Laundary, Patna Based Startup was founded by Shazia Qaiser (35) started in 2014 as a one-stop solution for all shoes and leather goods issues.The bootstrapped platform provides repairs, cleaning, and refurbishing of not just shoes, but other leather items such as jackets and bags. It also claims to provide customised shoes on demand.
  10. Sattuz : Sattuz,Patna Based Startup was founded by Sachin Kumar, a “travel-pack” (which contains cups and spoon along with sachet) is made just for your trips when you can’t find everything neat and clean and don’t want to consume anything which is bad for health.The different flavours of sattuz like a sweet flavour, jal jeera flavour and chocolate flavour make it more exciting. It is very good for the digestive system and it contains nutrients equal to as good as a meal. Sattuz future plans are to launch SattuzCafe too.
  11. TechproLabz : TechproLabz - School of Robotics, Patna Based Startup, was founded by Vivekanand Prasad, with a vision to make kids more tech-savvy. A place where school kids work on the industry oriented projects. The biggest ever robotics club in India for school goers and first kind of the lab that has kids as R&D Engineers. A series of maker-spaces across the country, where junior makers can convert there ideas into reality provide
  12. Medishala : Medishala, Patna Based Startup, was founded by BIT Patna alumnus Suman Sourav , Ritu RajMohd. AmanullahPrince Kumar, and Gaurav Kumar in 2017,is an online platform which provides the best medical assistance which offer efficient, convenient,and affordable way to book an appointment & consult doctors online and are committed to provide safe, reliable, convenient and affordable medical assistance as well as customer service philosophy that is mouth of their valued customer loyalty with a superior online interface and transactional security.
  13. Robobionics : Robobionics, Patna Based Startup, was founded by Alumini of IIT Patna has developed Prosthetic Hand that aim is to develop effective active upper limb prosthesis keeping in mind cost reduction. Unlike our competitors in the market we wish to achieve the rehabilitation of all the amputees as we believe self-independence serves as a better morale for recovery. Out of all amputees, majority of them are socially or economically backward. Our vision is to serve and rehabilitate the needy, as no one deserves to feel disabled by restoring your mobility in day to day functions. Robobionics is incubated at Incubation Center IIT Patna.
  14. AtlaMedico : Atlamedico, Patna Based Startup, will provide eCCU services that are being adopted by different countries because of limited number of ICU beds and intesivists. AtlaMedico’s portfolio focuses on Remote medicare services for critical patients (ICU patients) and outpatients seeking personal health monitoring. It aims to facilitate the technological solution for people living in Remote areas and small cities where Critical care services are not available. Initially, it targets coronary critical care (CCU/ICU) unit services where 24×7 hrs monitoring of patients are needed. But in future, it will target most of the ICU services.
  15. Busy Mechanics : Busy Mechanics,Patna Based Startup, was founded by Shravan Kumar and Summy Singh, which provide best automobiles at your doorstep.Busy Mechanic is a group of talented mobile mechanics who will offer you reliable vehicle care and service at the best price at your house or office as per your time schedule and convenience.
  16. BookMyMeal : BookMyMeal, Patna Based Startup, was founded by Aditya Chandra, is the first home food delivery startup from Bihar. BookMyMeal has shown a rapid growth since its establishment. Starting with revenue of 80 lakhs in first year, Book My Meal revenue grown to 5 crore in the second year or the current year.Having the potential to scale the total revenue of INR 30 crore per year in the next 3 years. This seems to be really a scalable startup.
  17. Swayambhu Innovative Solution : Swayambhu Innovative Solutions, Patna Based Startup, was founded by Akansha Singh and Ashutosh Kumar, which build Biogas plants in Villages and Provides electricity to poor farmers.They have won several business plan competitions and has been invited at several National and International platforms for talks and conferences.
  18. HandWorld : HandWorld, Patna Based Startup, was founded by Rambha Jha, which is a connecting platform which connect buyers and sellers from entire world and give them opportunity to sell and buy and explore their talent globally.Hand world representing the culture and traditions. The Product are made is a substantial medium to preserve traditional art, culture, traditional skills and talents which are associated with people’s lifestyle and history.
  19. SnFour : SnFour, Patna Based Startup, was founded by Amanullah and Ranjan Mistry, which is a startup ecosystem bringing together entrepreneurs, investors and partners throughout India and across the globe to help nurture, nourish and empower new and growing startups.
  20. Brand Radiator : Brand Radiator,Patna Based Startup, was founded by Himani, along with Shashidhar Rajan, a brand solutions company and a digital marketing platform, that's aims to revolutionise digital marketing in Bihar and beyond, by making people aware of digital marketing and providing support to realise the dream of Digital India.
  21. Flying Scizzers : Flying Scizzers, Patna Based Startup, was founded by Tausif Mohi, is the Bihar's first on demand Salon giving stylish haircut at only Rs 99. They provide facility of visiting your place and giving a new look to you.
  22. Recycling Bazar : Recycling Bazar, Patna Based Startup, was founded by Vivek Kumar and Prashant Kumar, is working in the field of waste management. They collect waste material from the public on demand basis through their application and website then they can recycles the wastes.