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How Much Does It Cost for Matrimony Mobile App Development?

The development cost for matrimony mobile app development for both iOS & Android platforms will cost somewhere $20,000-$35000. If you choose to add more features into your mobile app, the cost may go up to $40,000 would ensure a quality, robust and feature-rich app.

How Much Does It Cost for Matrimony Mobile App Development?

Thursday January 31, 2019,

4 min Read

Earlier parents used to hire agents or brokers to find a suitable partner for their son or daughter but now they don’t have to give their money and waste their valuable time on this stuff as there are several matrimony sites and mobile application which help you out on this manner. Matrimony websites and matrimony mobile apps have all the required information about the bride or groom so that the parents get every little detail what they are looking for. There is a pool of a large number of profiles to look into.

Registering for these matrimony websites and matrimony mobile apps is way too simple. You can find websites and matrimony mobile application that provide free membership while some other sites provide free and paid both kinds of memberships with gold and premium packages. You can also register on the behalf of bride or groom or else parents can register on behalf of their daughter and son and search for perfect match for their son or daughter.

Prominent matrimonial apps are

Bharat Matrimony

Way to Nikah

Jeevan Sathi

What are the Basic Features of Matrimony App

Matrimonial Mobile App

Matrimonial mobile app provide a safe and convenient experience of connecting people.It is helping thousands of people from several Indian communities to find their perfect life partner. Matrimony apps has an intuitive interface that guides you smoothly. Matrimonial app has many interesting features. To utilize these features the user has to register themselves and create a profile through the app and you can search for your perfect match. You can save your search as your favorites. Matrimony app has chat option you can also chat with the your match and apps has in built GPS system, this feature will help you refining your search in your location. Matrimony apps are 100% secure and user friendly interface.


For using the apps the user has to register themselves and after registration create a profile. These apps offer a superior matchmaking experience to the registered users. They offer a unique space of interaction for those who are looking for perfect partners and offers you an easy-to-use interface that seamlessly functions to help you search and find your perfect life partner. You can chat with the people you are interested or can also respond to the messages from your interested ones. Matrimony apps provide best services to our registered users and help them find a suitable partner.

My Profile

In the my profile section of app you will get an option of my match in this section you can save your favorites. You can also upload your own picture on your profile. Update your profile. Search profiles as per your interest. You can apply filters for searching. You can search by country, city, state, job, caste, community, religion etc. Get instant notifications of partners as per your interest. You can block any messages from sending messages. These apps also provides the facility of notification of who viewed your profile.

How much does it cost to develop a matrimony mobile app

There are various factors that affect the cost of the making of a matrimony mobile app and here we have discussed them all in detail, so you get a clear understanding of the budget you will required for matrimony app development of your choice.

  • App Platform (iOS, Android or both)
  • App Design
  • Size of the App
  • App Developers
  • Payment Integration etc

Meanwhile, the development cost to create apps for both iOS & Android platforms will cost somewhere $20,000-$35000. If you choose to add more features into your mobile app, the cost may go up to $40,000. However, spending this sum of money would ensure a quality, robust and feature-rich app for your business.

There are lot number of leading mobile app development companies in India, delivering quality-driven mobility services across the world.