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How to Reduce the Cost of Your Mobile App Development?

Planning to get an app for your business but stuck with an ambiguous situation because of development cost. Follow these 5 ways to decrease the app development cost.

How to Reduce the Cost of Your Mobile App Development?

Friday December 20, 2019,

7 min Read

There has been a sudden rise in the acceptance of mobile applications. Plenty of users are preferring mobile applications over web applications. This technical tool has completely changed the mindset of people and their way of performing routine tasks from traveling to shopping. With the significant rise in mobile application usage, businesses are now seeking for a suited application solution according to their business requirements. Mobile applications are creating a better way for businesses to market their products, improve brand awareness and expand their reach. 

But the question is high development cost.

‘Are you afraid of the development cost of the project?’ if yes then read on.

The cost of these high-performing applications usually deters the company’s authority to invest in it. Application development cost usually fluctuates according to the requirements and features. Opting for an experienced developer and development over a preferred platform can also add thousands to your development cost. The cost is decided not only based on the coding & programming but there are many other factors like UI/UX design, QA testing, Project management, synchronized interface, etc. Every detail adds value to your application, cutting down on any of them may lead to poor user experience.

Before planning for a mobile application development set your business goals and requirements precisely. Define the application development based on factors like:

  • Type of the mobile application you need
  • Preferred platform
  • Your customer base & targeted audience
  • Accepted payment modes
  • Product or service type
  • And more

In reality, the development cost of mobile applications is not exorbitant but it becomes one with a tedious approach. With proper planning and specific measures, the development cost can be reduced to a limit. After analyzing all the above pointers, move on to the developer. Be clear with your application requirements so that you can be sure of the development cost and marketing strategies.

So, to develop a high-performing mobile application to fulfill the ever-changing unique requirements of your business, you need to consider a few specific measures. We are one of the top Flutter development companies in India and are familiar with the ways to reduce the development cost. Here, we have listed the significant ways that can be adopted to reduce the cost of mobile application development.

Leverage the Latest Technology Trends

Development technologies are evolving with time and being more advanced. It is an obvious fact that the latest and advanced technologies are more agile and superior when compared to the technologies used a few years back. The latest technologies cost-effectively offer more functionalities.

Outsource your Project

Outsourcing your project to a third party may save up to 50% of your development cost. We know that in-house development offers you more control over the project but at the same time, it costs you more money as well. Because for the in-house app development, you must pay the developers a fixed salary amount. While any third party can develop your project on the basis of hourly payouts. There are many app developers or agencies which are working as third party developers and accepting the development projects at lower costs. This can reduce the huge amount from your development cost.

In India, many IT companies are working as third party agents and serving with low-cost application development. There a few platforms where a huge community of developers is available, you can hire any developer that matches your criteria. Outsourcing the project also deals with many advantages like:

  • Build a network with likewise developers community
  • You can choose the developer based on his skills, experience, rating, etc
  • You can either hire the best mobile app development company or a freelancer, it depends on you

Draft Complete Strategic Plan

The motive behind the application development is to improve customer interaction with the brand. There are many ways that can be implemented to create an effective user-experience but your business requirements are the main consideration. Before starting with the development process, you must brainstorm the ideas, requirements and process cycle with your team. A prior discussion with experience holders can help you figure out the merits and demerits of every development strategy. This will also help you in drafting a mini version of your application so that you can easily understand the required features of your application to provide a better user experience with a limited budget.

As the complexity of the mobile application increases, it faces several updatings and iterations. The continuous modifications are performed to improve the user experience and attain perfection with the application but every alteration in the app contributes to the development cost. This can be reduced by brainstorming the ideas precisely to know which idea is best for your business and will deliver the best user experience.

Planning about the app development will help in thrash out the unnecessary ideas so that you do not have to consider some of the expensive functionalities in your app that are not required. Besides, this will help you in collecting more ideas, understanding the perspective of other team members, and making an optimal decision based on many factors.

Cross-Platform Development

Many businesses require an application for both iOS and Android platforms. Developing different versions of an application for different platforms is the biggest mistake committed by the business owners. As the development of both the versions will add to the development cost separately. We know that app development is an expensive advancement for your business, therefore try to choose the right platform for development. 

If you have a huge base of the targeted audience then go for cross-platform app development. This kind of application will reduce the development cost and also, they perform similar to native apps. Opting for cross-platform development may cut down the cost up to 40% and will work smoothly over different platforms.

There are many cross-platform app development companies are appearing in the market. The new trend in cross-platform app development is the Flutter framework that has been introduced in the market by Google. With the rise in the trend of cross-platform app development, many leading Flutter app development companies in India are delivering unique app solutions for businesses. Apart from its compatibility with both iOS and Android platforms, Flutter also offers plenty of other features like speedy development, interactive interface, etc. 

Adequate QA Testing

Deploying or launching the application without performing an appropriate testing procedure may lead to a big blunder. After the development cycle completes, it is important to encounter the loopholes of your application. An improperly tested application will only disappoint your customers and harm your brand reputation. Hence, quality assurance methods must never be neglected in the application development cycle.

The successive testing procedure will easily point out the bugs and errors of the application and can be resolved easily. But after the complete development bug fixing can be a big problem. QA testing cut off the charges of redesigning & development as the problems can be fixed during ongoing development. Incorporate proper testing methods and know about the defects of your applications.

Perform adequate testing techniques after the completion of each development step to attain maximum efficiency. After resolving all the defects of the first step move to another, this way the development cost can be reduced to a certain limit. Testing after the release of application delays the development process and adds unnecessary cost. Hire experienced mobile app developers for an effective QA testing of the application.