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How Should Be A Taxi Booking App Like?

How Should Be A Taxi Booking App Like?

Tuesday September 25, 2018,

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A taxi app would be nothing than just a simply copied entity if it is not having something unique in it. In many ways, uniqueness makes the app stand out in any market. Providing significant services is highly recommended for not to just survive but to grow the business as well. There can be different features, attractive design, ease of use or any other thing which can ultimately please the users and satisfy their needs.

Well, there are some common features which are must for any taxi booking app, at the same time there are certain features which are unique and not commonly available in many apps yet. A taxi booking app can have the number of unique features which are powerful enough to attract and engage the users. One can include such unique and must have features in their taxi app. Some sort of analysis can help with this.

Ride Scheduling

In many cases, people are demanding for ride scheduling facility into the app. The reason for the high demand for ride scheduling is, people are not having the time to request for the taxi at the exact same time when they actually want the taxi service. Or in some other cases, they prefer to pre-book the taxi for the next hour, for the next day or even for any day of the next week. Including a ride scheduling feature would actually don't take many efforts or cost you more. Why shouldn't include such a helpful feature which may help to maximize the business?

Chat Feature

It is possible that the rider and driver need to communicate before the ride has started. The rider might be having any trouble with finding the taxi or he/she is at some crowded location and want to inform the exact location to the driver. The driver might face any problem to find the rider or they may want to inform the rider about any delay or traffic jams or any sudden change for the booked ride. In every such case, the inbuilt chat feature is very useful for both the parties where they can communicate.

Fixed Airport Price

There should be something different in your app for the airport rides. We all know that riding to the airport or getting off from there to the city is not easy. Taxis are hard to find and the charges are high. To facilitate the riders and to improvise the chances of more earnings, fixed airport price feature is a useful one for your taxi dispatch software. Riders who are willing to ride for the airport or from the airport to the city can directly go to this feature and enjoy the convenient riding facility at relatively cheaper rates.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are the advantage for the business. It is a great medium to promote the business by sending notifications of different business activities. There might be any news, updates or any change in the app or even offers and discounts can be announced with the help of push notifications. But make sure to avoid excessive use of push notifications. Because the push notifications are like a two-sided sword for the business, an excessive use of it might be annoying for the app users. It might discourage people to keep using your app.

Multiple Online Payment Options

The tech-savvy riders would prefer to do everything online. As they are booking the cab online, expressing their specific needs online by using different features. Why not allow them to pay online as well? The new edge who prefer not to carry-cash for any reason would definitely demand such feature into your app. It is a good idea to include all the possible and popular payment options in your app. There might be credit or debit cards or there might be the e-wallets which are popular in any specific region and you should include that in your app.


Being an entrepreneur it is most important for you to think twice about every aspect of a taxi app. The taxi app business is still in the beginning stage and there are many regions across the globe which are untouched by such technology where you can operate your business. Budget is one of the most important things for which every business person would worry about. But with some research, it would be a pleasure to have an app.

Budget matters, after all on the first stage managing everything is obviously hard. Getting a pocket-friendly solution is not that tough anymore. Contacting a taxi app development firm is a good idea. Most of the time they are having white label solutions for your desired taxi app business. You can ask for any type of customizations and can add the above-listed features if they are not in the offered white-labeled solution.

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