How SMS Texting Integration Makes Your CRM profitable?

12th Jun 2019
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Most organizations are unaware of the fact that they can integrate SMS texting into their CRM with an ease using pre-built SMS integration option. This low cost option combines the power of CRM software with MS dynamics SMS integrated solution, Salesforce SMS, to enhance efficiency and boost ROI of the business. You may think how is that possible? In this article, we will share how SMS texting integration makes your CRM profitable for your business and how it increases the return over investment.

SMS Texting CRM Integration

SMS texting CRM integration automates workflow

Any hardware and software integration is done with two main purposes –

  1. To reduce work load
  2. To enhance operational ROI

When you select SMS texting add on to the present CRM, you choose to stop several repetitive tasks and simplify the remaining ones.

SMS texting CRM integration offers better customer service

You have to agree on the fact that faster responses to the customer queries increase overall conversion rates. Businesses with faster response rate (i.e. answer in an hour) generate seven times more leads than those who don’t.

CRM integration service providers bring SMS texting CRM solution that enables agents, help desk teams, and employees to carry out multi-user, threaded, team-based interactions at scale. The dialogue box allows both short code and long code messages to show in the same text thread. This feature empowers enterprises to seamlessly integrate SMS marketing massages and content notices with redid 1-to-1 texting dialog for special client experience.

SMS texting CRM integration facilitates automatic CRM updates

Earlier, sending text messages while updating CRM records were the two separate things. With the introduction of enterprise SMS texting solution, conversations are being translated into CRM leads and customer accounts are automatically updated.

Texting is extremely efficient way to engage your customers. There are evidences that tell over 90% of mobile users read text messages within 3 minutes and respond in 90 seconds.

SMS texting CRM integration initiates reminders and notifications

The SMS integration offers benefit of staying up-to-date with the latest account details to both clients and employees of the enterprise. Agents can use SMS texts to remind customers about upcoming events automatically or push instant notifications to the team members regarding assignments, updated tasks, or meetings.

SMS Texting CRM integration enhances operational efficiency

CRM SMS integration offers one of the key benefits, i.e. efficiency to the employees. When the team merges the CRM and text messaging platform together, it enables the employees to be more responsive and productive during working hours. They can easily access message history and customize message data flow within the CRM. It is an ideal combo to make best use of limited resources, such as time, technology assets, etc.

SMS Texting CRM integration offers unified communication

One of the major benefits of integration is bringing the client data and communication together at a place. An enterprise messaging solution offers “native” integration between the existing CRM and top-notch SMS capabilities.

You can take an instance of texting a customer account from directly inside Salesforce. You don’t need to jump between screens or have to copy your work in multiple systems. Sent texts and replies are automatically logged as CRM events without making any extra efforts.

With such system, agents can respond to their customers and handle internal communication with single interface. Agents have instant access to the records of clients and can easily go through old text, email, and call history in just one consolidated CRM record.

SMS texting CRM integration enhances marketing campaigns

Companies using SMS messaging for marketing and mass texting are getting extra benefits. They enhance the ROI with instant responding solution which is incredibly affordable. It offers blended marketing options to the agents and allows brands to connect their email and text marketing into single enterprise-level solution.

When it is about SMS texting CRM integration, nothing can beat the solution. CRM service vendors provide SMS texting solutions for enterprises with more features than the competition. Major benefits that can be availed from the solutions are-

  • Uninterrupted workflows
  • Customizable configurations
  • Maximum efficiency
  • Persistent conversations
  • Unified analytics

You can add integrated SMS capabilities to your present enterprise infrastructure by simply contacting CRM integration service provider in your town.

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