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How to Stay Updated As a Shopify Developer?

How to Stay Updated As a Shopify Developer?

Monday November 25, 2019,

5 min Read

Everyone is aware of the fact that Shopify is a continually evolving platform with ever-changing trends. The platform developers update it with some exciting new features from time to time. As things keep on changing within a short time, a Shopify developer needs to stay updated on all the changes. Shopify always tries to provide better customer-friendly updates, and knowing them will keep the users on the hook all the time.

Shopify Development

Shopify always tries to prevent the disruption of services when they are updating the platform with new features. However, some times, these disruptions may occur, and there is no way to address them if you are not ready before. This scenario is the reason why all the Shopify experts out there should be eager to know about these updates. And they can ensure that their site would not fall prey to any disruptions in the middle.

Advising you to stay updated about all the latest happenings is a common thing, but how are you planning on staying updated? Well, most of the developers will have an issue with this. You need to be aware of the ways you can stay updated, too, and this article deals with that. Shopify offers you a timeline to get all the things sorted before providing updates. So, if you are informed about the items beforehand, it is going to help you in so many ways.

Check-Out New Developer Changelog From Shopify

This functionality is the first thing that you have to check-out. There are a lot of websites that publish fake news about updates for traffic generation. Do not get confused with them. You now have a source directly from Shopify - New Developer Changelog. It is the authentic source from Shopify itself, which gives information about all the critical API Changes and other developer products.

Not everyone is indeed searching for the same thing online, and navigating to the post that you need from a lot of jobs is also tough. This scenario is the reason why Shopify provided the tags feature, and all the posts are segregated depending upon these tags. You can search for the related tags and get your hands on the required post. 

This Changelog comes with some exciting features too. It highlights the updates that need your attention and also notifies you about the scheduled updates too. This way, even if you miss any update, you will be able to track its schedule. You can follow Changelog RSS's feed to get daily updates about the platform. You can sign up for a daily newsletter too.

Provide Technical Contact Information

Although Shopify runs perfectly and informs about any disruptions beforehand, you need to fill out the emergency contact information. If your app is facing any issues suddenly, then the Shopify team will try to address the problem as soon as possible. And to do that, they may disrupt providing some services. If the users are not informed about these disruptions beforehand, they may face some issues. 

This condition is the reason why you need to fill out the contact information correctly. Give the emergency contact number for the Shopify team so that they can reach out to you immediately whenever required. This way, you will know about the update and stay prepared for it.

Go Through Shopify's Latest Web Design & Development Blogs

If you are someone who loves reading blogs or articles and want to know more about important technology stuff, then Shopify's web design and development blog post is a boon for you.  Regularly going through Shopify's blog will help you in staying updated. You can know about the major releases and launches in the market, along with the latest practices in the developer ecosystem.

Shopify offers a "Developer digest series," which keeps you updated with all the latest happenings in Shopify world. From small changes in the APIs to the events held, Shopify gives up-to-date details of everything, and this will be helpful for you in various ways. You can subscribe to the emails so that you cannot miss the post at any time.

Connect Through Developer Forums

Almost all the developers out there have an idea about these forums, right! The developer forums are the best way to share your ideas and thoughts with fellow developers. The Developer Changelog and blog will keep you updated with the changes happening on the platform, but you cannot interact with fellow developers out there. 

The best way to connect and talk with the developers and Shopify engineers is with the help of these developer forums only. So many people hire a Shopify developer after checking out that developer's knowledge on forums. So, do not hesitate to voice your opinions and ask your doubts on the forum. It is like a place for every developer out there to hang out. Networking with your peers is always a great idea.

Follow @ShopifyDevs On Twitter

If you are already active on useful social media platforms like Twitter, then start following @ShopifyDevs there. This thing is the best way to know about the official announcements of all the developer changes. If you turn on the notifications, you will get all the Shopify developer product updates directly to your phone. 

Moving Forward

Shopify platform is evolving at a fast pace, and if you are unable to keep up with it all the time, it may turn out as a negative aspect for you. It is always important to know about the latest updates and be informed about things. 

Everyone would love to hire Shopify experts who have up-to-date knowledge of the happenings in the developer world. These five ways are simple, and one can easily follow them to know about every little thing happening out there. You can actively remain in touch with your peers via forums and discuss all the issues that you are facing. You will get the required solutions on the forums too. So, start checking out the developer changelog, blogs, and discussion forums from time to time.