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How the Interim Budget 2019 has impacted my company's productivity

While many pursue creative activities to be happy, creative professionals pursue happiness to be creative

How the Interim Budget 2019 has impacted my company's productivity

Wednesday February 20, 2019,

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For an outsider, work at creative and design firms seem to be fun work - dealing with out of box ideas, colour patterns, creating soul striking content and more. Who doesn't like to listen to their creative urge and flow with? In fact, there are many research studies performed across the globe proving how people who engage in creative activities are much happier, satisfied at the job and have well-balanced relationships. Hence, creativity has a direct link with happiness and therefore a job of creative professional and companies are perceived to be an enjoyable endeavour. While many may pursue creative activities to be happy, creative professionals pursue happiness or motivation to be creative.

"If I had more time, I would have...."

Does that sound familiar to you? Do you often say this or do your colleagues say this? We as professionals or even as a firm leader of creative pursuits frequently find ourselves in a messy situation due to deadlines and constant pressure to be creative. As per many neurological experts, when we are under stress amygdala section of human brains starts to work in lightning fast speed to detect any kind of threat and induces fear response such as fight-or-flight. The activated stress hormones limit us to think and react in the safest and conventional way. The author of Emotional Intelligence, Mr. Daniel Goleman refers to this situation as 'Amygdala Hijack'. In order to react within time, we end up compromising on creative and critical thinking abilities. Even a slight hint of a threat of failure or embarrassment triggers a stress response and hijack our creative brilliance.

Happy employees promote healthy competition and improved productivity

Irrespective of nature of a company, its work and its targets, a happy employee is always the most loyal and most productive asset of the company. In facts a research study revealed that happy employees are 20% more productive and when it comes to creative pursuits the number goes significantly up. Happiness improves productivity because it enables the employees to have higher level of engagement in ongoing activities and pay undiluted attention to focus on solutions.

The happiness of my employees is my strength

As a committed business person my aim is to ensure the completion of the work with uncompromised creativity in order to do justice to my clients. At the same time, it is also my responsibility to do justice with my employees by giving them an encouraging work environment for them to be able to be creative. For same reason, it is critical for a leader to undertake multiple activities in order to keep the spirits of employees high. Creative workshops, motivational workshops, FunFriday events, quarterly recognition awards, and many more activities are pursued by both large as well as young brands. Many companies spend a significant amount of money to promote motivation and a positive outlook among employees. These activities work well in order to create short term motivation for employees. Whereas important events such as salary hikes, promotions, and value-added bonus are also able to create long term motivation and sense of happiness among employees.

Interim Budget 2019: A brahamastra

As a team leader, I am on a constant lookout to find reasons to uplift the happiness quotient of my employees. Now with experience and pure observation, it is easy to guess which activity will have what level and span of motivation; And what do I need to do next to continue to momentum. However, the day of Interim Budget 2019 was a special one and by the end of the day at work, I knew this force has created long term happiness among my employees. As per the announcement by respectable Piyush Goyal, Minister, Indian Railways a person with gross income of up to Rs 6.5 lakh will not have to pay tax if appropriate investments are in place. India's workforce has a significant number of professionals who will be impacted directly by this.

Irrespective of many debates on hits and misses, this year's interim budget has gone beyond in providing a benefit for young firms and professionals that can't be expressed in numbers (as yet) - a motivated workforce with new energy levels that can be leveraged to improve creativity and productivity at work.

For a design firm or creative company, a happy and motivated workforce is the most valuable asset to have.