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How to Appear in Google's Answer Boxes

How to Appear in Google's Answer Boxes

Tuesday August 13, 2019,

5 min Read

Google's Answer Boxes

While searching for something on Google, often, a box appears at the top of the search engine page precisely answering your concern. For instance, if you search for the benefits of Yoga, the search engine page will show an answer box enlisting the benefits of Yoga, and you’ll get your answer without necessarily having to click on it. This box in the web world is known as the Google answer box.

As a Google answer box is the very first result, it is quite obvious for every user to use it as a reference. However, appearing in Google boxes is a result of persistent efforts, the best keywords, and above all an extremely informative and precise content that answers the user’s concerns. So, what is it that takes to appear in Google’s answer box? Here’s the answer.

About Google Answer Boxes

Also known as a featured snippet, Google box was introduced to ensure a quick answer to the user’s concern. Usually, Google picks up an answer from a highly ranked website. Around 69% of the content contained in the Google box is usually an excerpt taken out of a highly-ranked website. Answers in Google Boxes mostly appear in the form of lists (very helpful while searching for a point-wise overview), paragraphs, and tables. Let us take a look at some of the benefits of Google answer boxes.

1. Increased Web Traffic: If your content is showcased in a Google answer box, it will help you increase the rankings of your website, and also the conversion rate. This is because answers displayed in a Google box are deemed more reliable, and instant, which, in turn, create a sense of trust with the website to which the content belongs, thereby resulting in higher conversions.

2. Competitive Advantage: The higher you rank, and the better your content is, the more your chances are of appearing in Google answer box. You don’t have to be necessarily on the first result of the SERPs. You may be second, third, or even the fifth one on the page. But, if your content is in the Google box, you’ll be valued and visited more than the website ranking first. This automatically gives you a competitive advantage over your competitors in the form of increased web traffic and conversions.

3. Reduced PPC Costs: PPC advertising is one way of trying to rank higher within SERPs. However, if you target appearing in Google boxes, you’ll save some money on PPC in the long run.

How to Appear in Google Boxes?

Also known as Position Zero, there’s no fixed way, or formula to appear in Google boxes. It is all about the direction, degree, and consistency of your efforts that make the difference. And yes, the competition is fierce, so it may take some time! Here are some techniques that will help you appear in Google box.

1. Include Relevant Keywords

Including relevant keywords, precisely the long tail ones will help you increase the virtual visibility of your content, thus increasing its chances of appearing in the Google box. For instance, a user trying his hand at making coffee for the first time is more likely to search it as how to make coffee, instead of coffee-making process, or coffee making guide or searches alike. Besides, including keywords that already have answer boxes in the results is another way of getting in the box, and targeting related searches displayed at the bottom of the SERP is another.

2. Use Graphs, Lists, and Tables in your Content

Answers in the form of lists are the most popular ones. As an internet user, I feel happy when I see something I’ve been searching for, answered in the form of a list. But besides lists, graphs and tables too are popular forms of answers that help users get an instant answer to their search. Google prefers content offering instant and relevant answers, over something that beats around the bush for a very long time. Lists, graphs, and tables are the best way to fulfill the user’s desire for quick answers.

3. Use a Question and Answer Format

When there’s a question and then an answer for it, it makes it easier for the user to refer to the answer. A Q&A format helps serve the purpose of the Google box of facilitating instant answers, and which is why it constitutes another way of appearing in Google boxes. But ensure that the answer is precise and straightforward, and it doesn’t delay the point.

4.  Best SEO Practices

In the wake of appearing in the Google box, ensure that you keep working and tracking your regular SEO objectives. After all, it’s the Google algorithm that’s going to work everything out for you. So, also remember that your Google box content is written from the SEO perspective, including the relevant keywords, titles, description, etc. Plugins such as The SEO Framework, etc. can help you optimize your WordPress site for Google.

I hope these insights were useful enough on helping you appear in the Google box.

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