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How to Build a Solid Brand Presence Like an Artist

7 ways to build a solid brand presence

How to Build a Solid Brand Presence Like an Artist

Tuesday September 17, 2019,

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When you see a performing artist, you know how they have to grow their brand presence. We couldn’t agree more when you want to take a leap of faith and make your dreams come true just like them. All they require is the planning of the next move. 

However, you need to think differently and uniquely when it comes to building a solid brand presence.

But when you need to build a brand presence, as a chief strategist, you have to take up some steps to be successful. 

What can those steps be? In this article, you’ll find 7 ways to build a solid brand presence.


1. Develop Your Whole Idea of the Brand

Think of it this way. When you become a brand, which aspect of yours should the people know? How would you define yourself? 

That is the first step you are going to take. You have to really branch out each possibility and then decide as to how you are going to take the brand forward. You can relate yourself with them. 

Beyonce’s net worth as of 2018 is around $355 million. Do you know how she rakes in so much money? It is due to the brand she created for herself.

2. Brand Audit

This should define where you are standing in the marketplace. Know your value in the market and always aim higher. You need to understand who your customer is. To do this, you must analyze your product and in-depth competitor analysis.  

Make a review of your competitors and how you are going to promote your product. Increase your social media follower base and bring in a larger number of audience. 

Apart from that, there’s a necessity to differentiate and what are the strategies you are going to employ.

There is a certain company called Clearpath that provides digital pathology software for dermatologists. It wanted to brand itself as a revolutionary leader in the dermatology community.

3. Learning What Value Proposition Is and Establishing It

When you are work in progress, you need to identify what your core philosophies are. That way you can define your mission statement and also the values you are going to hold. 

It’s quite important for the fact you need to determine the value proposition of our brand to the consumer. You can do it in many ways such as working closely with the client’s management and the customers. In addition to this, it can also involve the stakeholders of the brand company. 

64% of consumers trust a brand more if they share values with it.

Look for a unique voice that can represent the brand. Develop a stealthy tagline or advertise your core values in a healthy way.  The brand you are building should tell you that you are the right person for the customer to satisfy their needs. Hence, create a unique experience for them that they will not forget.

4. Have a Virtual Office

Having a virtual office is a great advantage for you if you start one. There are a lot of advantages but its most useful benefit is that it helps the brand. 

Wondering what’s virtual office?

“It’s a combination of people, a place, technologies, and processes that help businesses and individuals work more efficiently, in a remote way.”

When you have a virtual office that is solely dedicated to the clients and the customers, then just imagine the number of queries you can solve for them. 

Apart from that, virtual offices are flexible, resource-saving and more productivity. Hence, establish a virtual office right in the city center.

According to a report, 29% of people will no longer work from a traditional office by 2020.

5.      Build Email List, Build Your Brand! 

If you think email marketing is a sham then please reconsider that thought. An email list is a collection of the email addresses you can have of the potential target audience. When they subscribe to your website or app, they can get the newsletters and all the offers you are holding for them.

But never BUY an email list, build your list organically from scratch. How can you build one?

One of the best ways to get subscribers is: Provide them some incentives. 

And always remember one thing: Keep you email list healthy. Keep deleting inactive emails from your email list, once a year. Why?

Because 30% of people change their email addresses every year.

It’s one of the best ways to generate leads and as well builds a brand. Branding always needs publicity and email marketing is one such way where everyone can get to know about your brand.

6. Be Creative

How creative can you get with things? People love creativity when they come across a brand. Your creativity should be how you reflect your brand logo, the tagline, and the advertisements. 

For example, when it was demonetization time, Paytm started the #Paytmkaro. It found the solution to a problem that was existing at that time. Thus, it is now a huge company with employees working with it. Whatever you do, never fray away from the company values. 

Work closely with some creative designers who can help to put it on paper as you visualize. Toil hard, visualize harder.

90% of purchases are influenced by visual factors like color. It can increase brand recognition by up to 80%. (Source)

7. Analyze the Brand Identity

Who are you when the company started? How will you be relevant in this cut-throat competitive world? What are you presently doing to ensure that the brand you are creating is working on its promises too? 

These things come in the brand identity. Therefore analyze it and refine the brand identity.

Make it your mission because one day due to your perseverance you can get there. Your brand should be a reflection of what you think, do and value.


Follow these 7 steps to successfully create a brand just like an artist would do. If you observe, any new actor or singer after their debut, sign up with huge brands for commercials so that they can increase their brand value. They start to hire PR agencies to paint a positive picture in the minds of the people. Just like that, you need to paint a positive picture in the minds of the people.

Do you have any other suggestions? Please drop your views in the comment section.