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How to Build an Online Clothing Store and Sell Clothes Online

How to Build an Online Clothing Store and Sell Clothes Online

Monday July 01, 2019,

3 min Read


Starting your own online clothing store has been easier than ever. This is a digital age and anyone with an idea, knowledge of internet and entrepreneurial spirit can start online fashion store in no time.


The sales of fashion eCommerce are expected to reach $713 Billion by 2020 and hence it’s the right time to step in to this multi-billion-dollar business.


However, eCommerce industry is flooded with entrepreneurs who want to make their mark online. Among the toughest competition only the smart work will pay off.


Following are a few things you need to consider before starting an online clothing store in India:


Store’s Online Personality:

As we judge a book by its cover, the first thing to look at is an alluring online store. Your eCommerce website forms the first point of contact hence it should convince the customers throughout the buying process. Your online store should resonate your brand identity.

Customer Experience of your Store:

It is the stranger who lands on your eCommerce website drives your business. Keep a simple, easy to remember name that also matches your offering. Your online store must have an appealing UI and UX with customer centric approach that should lead to higher conversions and lesser cart abandonment rates.

Business Model of your Clothing Store:


Firstly, you have to know your niche, what products you are going to sell and then you have to plan your business model. Your online clothing store can have various models like:


  • Private Label (bulk selling of blank label-less clothing)
  • Dropshipping (selling clothes from wholesalers)
  • Custom cut-and-sew (own clothing brand)
  • Print-on-demand (custom t-shirt printing)

All the above business models has its own advantages and disadvantages and choosing the best will be based on your skills, budget and goals.


Setup your Fashion Online Store:


You can make plenty of decisions when it comes to setting up and launching your clothing eCommerce store. Build your store with eCommerce software that will save you a lot of time. To make your business even easier, there are many readymade eCommerce software available in the market like that of ZielCart - Readymade eCommerce software from BigZiel. They offer customer centric features that can enhance the conversions of your online store. Some of the exclusive features are:


  • Simple registration and checkout
  • Multiple payment gateway
  • Multiple languages
  • Reduced shopping cart abandonment
  • Unlimited product uploads
  • Easy product management
  • Customer reviews and ratings


Apart from these they also offer mobile commerce solution that lets you create eCommerce mobile app in both Android and iOS platforms.


Marketing your Online Clothing Store:


Though setting up your online clothing store is a major step in the entire process, you will need to market your website in order to make sure you are reaching your target audience. Let your potential customers know you are selling clothes online via social media, press releases, blogs, search advertisements, email marketing and more. Promote and grow your brand with marketing techniques that helps to increase your customer engagement and ROI.


Final Thoughts


Hope this article gives you some insights and make you aware of how to launch your online clothing line. Owning an online clothing website allows you to expand your service across more regions which actually has limitations in your brick-and-mortar location when it comes to offline store.