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How to Build Business Website with WordPress

How to Build Business Website with WordPress

Wednesday September 04, 2019,

5 min Read

In today’s fast-paced world, the website is imperative for every business whether small or big. Why? It enables business owners to tell more about their business to the customers! 

Nowadays, the modern generation likes to spend more of their time online and by creating a website you can increase traffic to your website and can attract users towards your website. Thanks to technology! Creating an attractive website is quite easy and it’s not tough like as it was in the past.

WordPress is quite simple to use as well as it enables one to create simple as well as complex websites. The best thing about it is that it has beautiful themes by which one can easily create an attractive site. Also, it has a huge collection of plugins.

If you want to make a simple and appealing website with an incredible structure then WordPress, no doubt, is an ideal option to go for. You can discover all the necessary resources to build a professional and attractive business website likes Themes, Plugins etc on WPBesto.com which is developed by Deepak Rai who is a Digital Marketer, SEO Expert and Consultant. 

In this guide, we will talk about how to build a website of the business with WordPress. Let’s get started!


Image Credit: WPBesto.com

  • Domain name and hosting


You have to think about a good domain name and after that buy web hosting. Choosing a domain name, no doubt, is quite difficult but not impossible. You can easily check the availability of it through domain registrar that you will use.

On the off chance, if the domain name that you are thinking has already registered then you have to show your creativity in thinking about some other name. After that, you have to purchase the web hosting for the business website. 


  • SEO and keyword research 


The second step is to discover what your clients actually look for. Make use of tool Google Adwords Keyword Planner. By utilizing this tool, you can create a big list of some common keywords as well as their month to month search volume. 

You need to target those keywords that match well with the products and services you give. 


  • Website content


After knowing what keywords the audience that you are targeting are searching for, you can easily decide what type of content you actually want. Try to create sufficient content in order to target all keywords that you feel are pertinent to your business. 

Don’t include only text in the content its vital to make use of different kinds of media to attract the attention of visitors. Your business website can incorporate video, images, podcasts, articles, infographics, testimonials and so on. 

In case, if you feel that you won't have that much ability to compose an attractive and informative content for the website, at that point you can hire a good copywriter. 


  • Designing with wire-frames


Now you have to determine the look of your website. The wireframe is that stage where as a business owner you have to decide the way you want the content to spread on the site pages.


There are numerous tools that you can utilize for this. Or you can also use pen as well as paper to outline how you need your complete site to look.


If you are out of ideas then you can check competitor’s website too. In this stage, you have to decide where you want to place contents on different pages. 


  • Branding and style guidelines


After making wireframes, you have to characterize how the components can be styled that are inside those wireframes. There are numerous areas that you can incorporate inside the style guidelines; typograph, colour palette, imagery, iconography and spacing. 

  • Installing WordPress plugins

There are numerous plugins that you wish to utilize on the website. These all plugins help optimize the website for search, enhance performance as well as help with boosting security. The plugins that you must install are WPMU DEV dashboard, SmartCrawl for the SEO, Defender for security, snapshot for simply backing up the website, WP Smush Pro for optimizing images and much more. 

  • Building your website 

One of the simplest ways by which you can build a website is with Beaver builder, Divi Elementor and so on. You will be able to create enough layouts by using these. If you really wish to save your much time in building a business website try these without giving a single thought. 

  • Tracking users with analytics

Before launching the site, you must follow where the users are actually coming from as well as the way they are drawing in with the website. This will enable you to adjust the website by recognizing the pages that are not performing well, advertising channels in which you must invest and much more. 

The analytics platform is simply free, gives extensive information and installing it is also quite simple. 

  • Launching and promoting the website

The website is prepared to launch now. In case, if you prefer developing the website locally then you have to transfer the final theme documents as well as a database to the online web hosting. One can easily do this either utilizing plugins or simply manually. 

Also, it's important to promote your business website. But how you can do that? Have a look at some ways!

Business cards: Add your site’s address on the visiting card so as to promote the website. 

Local advertisement channels: You can make use of local advertisement channels to promote your business website. For example, in case of restaurant advertise it on TV channels. 

Social media promotions: Create a page of your website on Facebook. This is a perfect way to attract many customers. 

Wrap Up

Hope this article has helped you in knowing more about the ways to build a business website using WordPress. Building a website is not difficult, you just have to consider some parts. It's better to hire professionals as they are skilled enough in doing their task and they can help you in a better way.