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How to get started in travel industry

How to get started in travel industry

Monday August 12, 2019,

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The travel industry is among the fastest growing industries around the globe in recent years. There have been

numerous trends and technologies that have shaped the travel industry in reaching new heights. Also, with the continuous research and development, there are new methods and techniques of promoting and facilitating tourism among countries across the globe. The travel industry today is blooming well as it is responsible for approximately 10 percent of the global economy. And it also plays a major role in the economy of the country. Thus, a number of promotion strategies and industry trends are coming up to boost the growth of the industry.


Travel and tourism courses in India

Travel and tourism courses

Now, if you love travelling and wish to join this industry, there are numerous options which you can go for. But

certainly, you need to qualify yourself first. With the boost in travel and tourism industry,  numerous number of job requirements has emerged. With the increase in job requirements, there is a significant increase in tourism training and courses. You can join in different training programs and courses that are offered in institutes throughout the country. Also, you can opt for the IATA courses to be a certified IATA professional and land a job in air ticketing sector. Beside the significant increase in the number of travel and tourism courses in India, the emergence of tourism associated jobs also has increased.

There are a number of options for career  travel and tourism ranging from jobs at airports to opening your own travel agency. Due to changing industry trends, there are a number of different jobs rising every day in the travel and tourism industry. Getting a tourism-related job has become much easier than before. As mentioned earlier, getting a certificate by pursuing a travel and tourism course is the most definite way of getting into the

industry. Also, there are plenty of certifications and exams which can help you qualify to work in airlines.


Airlines being the major mode of transportation, there are plenty of opportunities in airlines. Jobs ranging from ground staff to actually being an air host/hostess are largely available. Getting into airlines can help you widen your exposure in the industry as well as gain some new experiences along the way while working. Another benefit of working in airlines is you get to travel places while working.


On the other hand, you can also set up your own travel agency. It is definitely not as easy as it sounds, but surely not impossible. You can register for a travel agency after you gather enough resources for starting an agency. Also, you need to have a good number of contacts in and around the country to serve the people. Running a travel agency is hard work, but once you get established in the industry, there is no stopping.


career in the Travel and Tourism industry

Career in the Travel and Tourism

Another great way of breaking into the industry is to attend the international fairs and exhibitions of travel and

tourism boards. You get an opportunity of meeting different people from around the world, which in turn

helps you to exchange good ideas and grab onto some of the opportunities offered by them. Once you know the variety of jobs in this field has to offer, identify the one you are most keen on. Watch out for your wide objective of getting into the travel business. In the meantime remain centred to your specialisation. This is an administration industry, above all else, so you should have persistence, adaptability and incredible relational abilities.


Thus, the travel industry is one of the best industries to break into. With a great passion for travel and

sufficient amount of dedication, you can easily join the travel industry.