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How To Grow Your Instagram Organically?

How To Grow Your Instagram Organically?

Friday June 21, 2019,

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How To Grow Your Instagram Organically

Do you often wonder why your Instagram is not followed by as many people as it should be, considering the quality of the content you post? Chances are that somehow, you are not doing enough. People these days tend to follow those accounts which are most fascinating in terms of uniqueness and the efforts those accounts adhere to. Efforts are always attractive, and if you make considerable practices, then you don’t have to rely upon the websites or apps that provide you followers for free or in exchange for money. Grow your Instagram account organically and  attain followers and influence people in natural way, rather than depending on third party app websites is the good idea.

There are certain factors that you have to keep in mind if you want to attain followers naturally.

Post Daily:

Many successful influencers have claimed that a robust idea in getting acquainted with your followers is to post more often, and their key is to post almost every day, if possible maybe even twice a day, page. once in the morning and then later in the day. This helps us in appearing more frequently on the explore page.

These pictures are proof that the more we post, the more likes and views we get.

Post Daily

Never Forget To Employ Tags, Hashtags, And Location:

Tags are important as they make our posts recognizable. The brands that we want to influence will notice us if we mention them.

Similarly, hashtags are also important as people tend to follow hashtags, and the more relevant our hashtags are, the more apparently we appear to people. The most common hashtags on Instagram are #instagood, #happy, #follow, #instalike. Remember to use relevant hashtags, do not make it unnecessary.

The location also plays a significant role, as people tend to search for the posts related to some specific locations. Hence, if we employ relatable locations, it is better for us to get noticed more often.

Link Your Account:

Linking your account with our other social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr; and sharing your Instagram posts on those platforms as well is another key to be visible to a wider audience.

Take Help From Your Peers:

Your peers, friends, and family are always there to have your back. Ask them to promote you by sharing your profile, your posts, and your stories. Remember that your content should be worth their time and effort if you have to attract people with your content.


Another key is to collaborate with the influencers so that they can promote you-it is always a two-way road, so you will also have to promote them. The more the collaborations with influencers, brands, etc., the better it is for the success of your account.

The renowned footballer Leonel Messi has received comparatively more views for posts that are in partnership with brands.


Connect With Your Audience:

Always keep your audience in mind while posting your content. Connect with them using the idea of giveaways, prizes, making interesting videos, asking for their feedback and adhering to those feedbacks. This will connect you with your audience.

The famous makeup brand Huda Beauty is regularly involved in giveaways for their promotion.

Connect with your audience

Use The Features:

Instagram provides us with numerous features such as stories, taking polls, question/answer rounds, quizzes, reaction replies, IGTV videos, etc., make sure you employ in the best use of technology to become more acquainted with your audience.

In addition to the aforementioned points, remember to use a catchy and unique username and bio. Use good quality pictures and videos with relevant captions and always listen to your feedback and work upon it.

Keeping these things in mind, you’re good to go.

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