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How to Increase Twitter Engagement Numbers For Business?

What type of content is best for Twitter engagement? How to get noticed? How to make the most of this marketing platform? Grab on these tips for better engagement.

How to Increase Twitter Engagement Numbers For Business?

Tuesday July 16, 2019,

4 min Read

Imagine you are standing in a room full of people giving a speech. And it is one of the best speeches you have ever given filled with information and creative ideas. But there is just one problem, nobody is listening.

Now imagine you are publishing content related to your business on Twitter. Your content is great but no one’s clicking. You are hardly getting any engagement. Chances are you are doing it wrong which is why your business is not selling like the Spectrum low income internet.

What Is Twitter Engagement?

When someone engages with the content we have posted on Twitter, it is referred to as engagement. Customers interact with content in a variety of ways. They could either respond to your Tweet, retweet it, favorite your Tweet, mention you in a Tweet separately, or click your link.

One of the main purposes of posting content on Twitter is engagement. So yes, engagement matters if you want a user to make a purchase or visit your website. That’s why you are here on Twitter.

Ways to Increase Twitter Engagement Numbers

Now let’s dig into some workable techniques to increase the Twitter engagement for your business Twitter account:

Use images

The best way of making your audience engage with your posts is to use images. Sharing images increases retweets by 150 percent. Instead of creating a text-only tweet, add a large image and a short summary. Users engage 5 times higher when an image is included. That doesn’t mean you are free to add any kind of time. The visuals must be relevant to the content.

Create Twitter Polls

People are always willing to provide their opinion. A nice trick to increase engagement and followers on your account is to create a Twitter poll. This works in two ways, you don’t just engage with the followers but you also get valuable information about them.

When a business creates polls, it shows that it cares about the opinion of its followers. This will turn out to be a great tactic for strengthening your brand identity.

Participate in Twitter Chats

Another way of building engagement is to communicate with people who are interested in the topics or products of your interest. Don’t send them direct messages or post tweets, use Twitter chats to communicate with them.

If you don’t know what Twitter chat is; it is a conversation around a hashtag. You can follow the discussion around a particular hashtag or even participate in it. It’s a great way of connecting with people of similar interests. Along with having a real-time conversation, you will also be promoting your expertise and building authority. To participate in the conversation, all you have to do is start a chart and include the hashtag.

Show your responsibility by using memes and GIFs

When publishing your content on Twitter, use memes and GIFs. It adds flair to plain and boring posts. Your content becomes irresistible. The audience can’t just scroll past it. Many brands are using GIFs to showcase their personality.

The words you say and the animation you use say a lot about you. Choose the appropriate ones and become a part of the trendy culture.

Use standalone graphics

Some of you must be new to standalone graphics. It is an image that gives useful information to the reader without adding a backlink to something. It can be quotes or other tidbits of information. When you are using these graphics, make sure you add a little bit of text to give brief information about the image. You can create these graphics using canvas. It can also be a small piece of information from one of your blog posts.

Use hashtags

Hashtags are not just popular on Instagram, they are popular on Twitter as well. And a great thing about using them is that they can double the engagement rate. They allow users to search for a trend or topic on Twitter. As mentioned above, they are used in starting a Twitter chat as well.

Hashtags make it easier for users to stumble upon your page when they are searching for a similar subject. They are an effective way of boosting your engagement among both followers and non-followers.

You must make sure the hashtag you use is relevant to your content. It must be memorable at the same time. Don’t go nuts with hashtags. Include just 2 of them in each post. You will notice a huge difference in engagement.

Final Words

There is no better way of building a relationship with your customers than through engagement. It shows whether they are interacting with your content or sharing it. With these tips, you will see a significant improvement in engagement. Who knows you become as demanding as Free Roku Channels list. Fingers crossed!