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How to Increase Your E-commerce Following

You have an E-commerce site and want to increase your customer base but don’t know how. According to surveys, around 8 out of 10 consumers shop online regularly. If you’ve recently jumped on the E-commerce bandwagon, your business could benefit from a few strategies.

How to Increase Your E-commerce Following

Tuesday December 04, 2018,

5 min Read

Keep it Simple

Staring an online business is very easy. All you needs is your company website or social media platform and you’re ready to do business. Put up some great product or service photos along with prices for a streamlined shopping experience that is easy to navigate. Your E-commerce store should be user-friendly to help your customers navigate easily and shop for items they want without too much difficulty. It’ll also be more beneficial to both you and the customer if you can provide more than one or two payment options. Also, come up with creative ways to retain your customers on the page so that they won’t go away from your E-commerce platform without making a purchase.

Not only that, if your business has multiple sites or uses social media excessively to increase sales being consistent with your branding guidelines is the key. Your customers are far likely to remember your brand if you stick to your guidelines as it will evoke brand loyalty. Aesthetically speaking, use your logo on all your sites and social media platforms and your customers will start taking you seriously because adhering to your branding guidelines will create trust among them. Aligning aesthetics with your brand will help your customers identify what your business is and what you’re selling if you’re a product or offering if you’re a service. Understand what will attract your consumers and how to create recall about your brand, what your business is and what it does and what you sell. That’ll go a long way to make an impact on your customers and persuade them to keep coming back for repeat business.

Posting Content Regularly

Posting regular content is key to online marketing. But posting only about yourself can go against you and your business. It can make your potential consumers turn away from you and go against your brand. What you need to do is post content that will make your audience stay and learn more about you, your product or service and eventually buy from you.

Be creative. Add a blog, inviting guest bloggers or repost content from big names in your industry, such as influencers. That will generate enthusiasm among your consumers and lend authenticity to your business. You can even put up a discussion board or set up a product review forum where you can curate content from people who are an authority in your niche. The point is to increase your online traffic. That in turn, means increased visibility and interest in an attempt to grow your following more organically than by any other paths you may take. Post regular content when you discover uverse Internet prices to help increase your customer base.

Acquiring Followers

Your online presence needs followers. Real followers. Businesses that want to increase sales must have real people behind those figures. The open secret is that you can actually get real followers instead of gaining them organically. The only problem is that numbers can give a false impression about what is real and what isn’t. Having 50,000 followers on Facebook doesn’t mean they are real.

Gaining real followers is the real deal in online marketing because if they aren’t you’re in trouble, you might as well close shop and go home. But what are real followers? Can you put a number to them? Yes, you can. And these numbers are important if you want to up your sales as social media is all about real people.

Just because it appears that someone can gain 10,000 followers on Facebook overnight doesn’t mean you have real followers. So be careful when putting a number on your following. Always go by what your analytics tell you.

People come to you because they think you’re an expert in your field or your industry and can provide a solution. They think and feel you’re an expert with new ideas and concepts that can help them. One way to gain Facebook fans and followers is through Facebook ads or buy real followers on Pinterest, for instance. Your followers are real people who engage with your brand and content online, which means they trust you and therefore, buy from you.

Investing in Mobile

As people are using their mobile devices more and more to buy online, you must have a mobile E-commerce in place before you even think of opening shop online, so to speak. And because of that reason you might want to consider mobile responsive sites that send notifications, use click-to-call tools, and more, which will go a long way in increasing your reach and getting your growing business more following. Small businesses will stay safe if they use automated systems such as monitoring and protecting your home or office to providing protection and sending out notifications. Investing in mobile is not cheap, but it will provide you with immediate access to your client base and expand your reach.

The aim of every business is to generate revenue and increase income, and for that you need a strong customer base. And to see a return on your investment you’ll need to invest time, effort, and money. Also, implementing social media strategy for mobile devices will be beneficial because if your E-commerce has no presence online and you aren’t engaging on social media, it’s as good as not being visible to your potential consumers.

Complementary Offers

Complementary offers is a great marketing strategy. Customers remember what you or your business is offering to them and your visitors. If you’re offering a product or service that your customers like and are buying, offer related items to increase your reach. Providing your customers with a range of selection will improve your chances of repeat sales and higher customer satisfaction. It’s a tried and tested strategy that complementary goods help boost your business tremendously.