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How to Launch Affiliate Marketing Business with WordPress

How to Launch Affiliate Marketing Business with WordPress

Wednesday October 24, 2018,

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Affiliate marketing has gained a huge popularity all over the world and continues to be one of the tremendously developing business on the Internet. Tens of thousands of people join this kind of business every year, gain great results in it and earn money. It is therefore not surprising why affiliate marketing is so popular nowadays.

The development of affiliate marketing began in the USA and now it is one of the most popular businesses, especially the niche of online loans that can become really profitable via Profitner affiliate network or other programs offered on the web.  Today, the USA and the UK are the leaders of it in the world and recently the third place was ranked to India.

But what is interesting is that India has become the most potential and fastest growing system for startup in the world during the recent few years. At present, the affiliate marketing contributes more than 15 percent of the total sales through online distributive trades sites in India.

Great contribution in the development of affiliate marketing in India and all over the world made WordPress sites. So, let’s try to consider all the steps we need to take to begin an affiliate marketing business with WordPress.

5 Steps to Begin Affiliate Marketing Business with WordPress

1. Choose the niche. First of all, try to find a particular niche in which your site can be built and the products you want to sell the most. For example, “loans” is a wide niche, but “online loans with monthly payments” is a narrow niche on which a profitable website can be built. Try to choose the niche in which you are interested in because you have to demonstrate interest and expertise in the product you choose.

2) Create your own WordPress site. You shouldn’t have some broad knowledge of web design or coding to create your own site using WordPress.org as a platform. You should also not forget to choose a domain name which has to be relevant to the products you intend to advertise. That’s why you should choose the title which will show your customers what you are promoting.

3) Creating the content of the site. First of all, you should make a keyword research which is based upon the number of search queries for the product you are going to advertise per month. Then, you should highlight the primary keywords and make a search for the secondary keywords. As soon as you find primary and secondary keywords you can begin writing content for your site which will be based on these keywords. Both primary and secondary keywords will bring much more traffic to your site than including only primary words in your articles.

4) Join an affiliate network. You should join an affiliate network in order to get in touch with the other entrepreneurs and have a clear understanding of marketing tools which can be used for the promotion of your product.

5) Add the text links with affiliate context. After creating the content on your site, you can begin to add affiliate links in it in the form of text links. But you should note that filling your content with a lot of affiliate links makes no good. It will be enough to add just 1 or 2 links in the context. The added affiliate links should not push at your visitors, they should focus that the advertised products will solve their problems.

6) Improve the traffic and promote your site. Do your best to get free and organic traffic from Google, social media, etc. You can also write the guest posts on the sites that deal with the advertised products, thus getting backlinks.

7) Analyze the results. Use analytic tools to measure the efficiency of your site and analyze what works and makes you the money and which of your strategies are not effective.

To sum it up, the process of launching the affiliate marketing is not so difficult as it seems at first but it can increase your income a lot if you take into account the above-depicted steps. The main thing that you shouldn't forget is that you need to create high-quality content without a lot of affiliate links.