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How to Make a Live Streaming App for Android & iOS?

Want to broadcast live events, performances, discussions, talks, and shows instantly? Start building your own live streaming app and stream videos instantly across devices.

How to Make a Live Streaming App for Android & iOS?

Friday June 14, 2019,

7 min Read

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“If you don’t act now, you will miss out the $70 billion worth live streaming applications”

It was a traditional and slow visualization of content on TV screens until the trend “Live Streaming” started to thrive every nook and corner of the digital world. This upgraded the way of streaming millions of video content simultaneously across the devices.

With its development in the streaming industry, enterprises and individuals are witnessed the need for the streaming trend which in result generates profitable revenue. This is how the major streaming websites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Twitch, YouTube comes into the play.

The live streaming trend doesn’t simply stop with entertaining the users but it also acts across various industries in reshaping the workflow. Thus, it inspires enterprises and online tutors, corporates and others to build a live streaming app for both web and mobile (Android & iOS) to elevate the business needs.

The live streaming business is a huge treasure for content owners and business professionals to generate revenue. So, what are the revenue generating possibilities you can expect from the live streaming technology.? Let us get into the monetization capabilities one can expect while developing a live streaming app or website.

Wider the Monetization Models, Broader the Revenue Generating Possibilities.   


Add a second or minutes of advertisements while you broadcast the live events or tutoring. Mid-roll ads give the best result with an average of 90% success rate when compared with pre-roll ads.


Another way of generating revenue from the live streaming app is through sponsorship which is similar to advertising. This works as a long-term venture where the sponsor or brand is the bankroller of the entire live streaming content.


One of the effective monetization model where you can enable the users to view a certain number of content and rest under subscription models such as yearly, monthly or daily basis.

So now you are clear with the standard monetization models available at the market to embed into your live streaming app. These monetization models are enough to convince your business strategies, but there is a certain reason behind why you should develop a live video streaming app?

The Reasons To Build a Live Streaming App

Providing Insightful Values to Users:

Development of an impeccable live streaming application helps in resolving the query of searcher’s in real-time. This will create values among the end-user in obtaining detailed information about any specific product or service based on their search.  

Richer Content:

Delivering content in a more detailed way helps the users to find what your product or brand actually withholds. Live streaming of the event or shows enhances the user’s accessibility of the streaming content anywhere.

Real-time Engagement:

One of the interesting factor which amplifies the user’s interest and tends users to engage with the content. The live streaming of videos will provide a pleasant user experience and creates real-time engagement between the users and brand.  

Brand Loyalty Increase:

By delivering live streaming of the brand helps users and audience to gain benefit from it. This, in turn, assists in providing a detailed exposure about the brand in real-time and increase trustworthy among the users which in result increases the brand loyalty.

Considering as a Solution:

Building a live streaming app on Android, iOS or Web apps involves huge conceptualization of the live streaming product. Customizing the live streaming app according to the compatibility of the business module is more important which plays as the end-result of the brand. Crafting the live streaming app with ideal features and functionalities increases user experience and reaches more users.

Apart from understanding the notable reason behind developing a live streaming app, features play a major role in increasing the worthiness of the live streaming app.

Some Ideal Must-Have Features

Video CMS:

Video CMS help in managing the entire live streaming platform on the go. This acts as a single gateway for your streaming platform which enables the content owners to upload, manage, and deliver the live video content to the wide range of audience effortlessly.


One of the important factors in encoding and decoding the video content to deliver the best video quality to the end user. As commonly used H.246 plays a vital role in changing the video/audio formats in real-time which is requested by the users.

Content Delivery Network:

CDN helps publishers to deliver live streaming content to the global audience with glitch free quality. The reliable CDN ensures to deliver high-quality live streaming content with low-latency to the geographical area.

Video Player:

Embedding an intuitive video player enables the user to watch the live streaming events in a more convenient way. This helps to increase the reach of the content and user experience. The player will deliver HD quality live streaming on multiple bandwidth and resolutions.


Considered as the major feature in ensuring the live streaming of video content is protected with the highest encryption standard. With multiple security, making sure the streaming video is accessible only to the right geographical user.

So now gearing up to the most important scene where partnering with the right live streaming solution provider is the major question repeated from content owners and creatures.  Choosing an ideal live streaming solution provider like Vplayed is a clever idea to heighten your live streaming business into the market.

Vplayed - Your Sublime Live Streaming Solution Provider

Vplayed, a live streaming solution provider for enterprises and content owners to create a live streaming app on Android, iOS and Web application to strengthen your streaming business. Vplayed ensures in offering a completely customizable solution where enterprises can add features, functionalities that creates value to your live streaming app. The solution offers extensive monetization models to generate profitable revenue like big live streaming giants in the market. Now let us get into the features that Vplayed offers to enrich the performance of your live streaming application.

Features That Adds Credibility to Your Live Streaming Application:

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming:

ABS helps in delivering the best quality of video content for every varying network bandwidths and devices. The features also trigger the buffer-free compatibility for any device and network range.   

Social Media Integration:

With social media integration, enhancement on content reach is high. Vplayed ensures seamless integration of social media potentiality with the live streaming platform to notify the audience on new release of content and generate engagement to the platform.

Multi-screen Compatibility:

Vplayed ensure the deployment of the live streaming platform on any device, website, Android, & iOS platforms. With Vplayed’s responsive HTML5 player, streaming of high-quality live content through player is made easy which supports today’s modern browser and devices.

Offline Download:

Watching the video content on-the-go is made uncomplex. The feature let the content owners to deliver video content on devices with multiple resolutions without the connection of the internet by opting offline download option.

Server-side ad insertion:

Dynamic insertion helps to combine the video content and ad at the CMS instead of stitching in the browser to support the loss ad revenue. This assist content owner and live streaming platforms to bypass the ad blockers.


Vplayed offers Progressive web application development of live streaming apps to deliver web-based app or native apps like experience to users. Deploy your live streaming platform into a PWA app for an effective welcome into the live streaming market.


It is found that live streaming in real-time has increased by 80% when compared to last year’s report. Live streaming apps are turning to be the biggest trend in the video market as of now and will be in the near future. So, it's much advisable to build your live streaming application now, the newcomers are urging into the market to flourish their streaming apps like YouTube, Netflix.

Partnering with the right live streaming solution provider is the key fact in engineering your live streaming apps on Android, iOS, and web. The live streaming market is filled with tons of live streaming solution providers, so ensure to make conscious decisions while partnering with the ideal solution provider that adapts to your live streaming business needs.