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How to Reduce Stress with Yoga and the benefits of Yoga

How to Reduce Stress with Yoga and the benefits of  Yoga

Friday September 06, 2019,

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yoga teacher training in rishikesh

yoga teacher training in RIshikesh

The term Yoga is originated from a Sanskrit word, which means union. Yoga has plethora of health benefits. When selected as exercise it would be benefited to all. Developing yoga practice requires commitment and discipline. It is always essential to hire an expert to know how yoga works and should enroll in the yoga class for a better result. This will reduce stress and anxiety and make you feel relaxed all day. Now days with busy work schedule people are facing stress and anxiety in daily life. Therefore, yoga is the best way to relief stress naturally. Lets discuss how yoga helps to eliminate stress in your life.

Learn various types of yoga techniques and live life happily. There are many kinds of yoga you can learn easily and improve your lifestyle. Regular practice of yoga will improve blood circulation and boost your energy. This way you could work for long hour without any stress and you will feel rejuvenate all day long.

How Yoga and Meditation can change your life?

Yoga involves the mind and body equivalently. This will bring well-being to you and make you feel happy all day. Yoga postures should be approached by concentration. Yoga or meditation practice is ideal for all ages. By practicing meditation, you can improve your lifestyle and protect from various diseases. Yoga focuses to build a flexible and balanced body. Even an unfit person can start doing yoga. This will improve the concentration and make you feel healthy.

Explore meditation and it will change your life positively. This will give you an energetic transformation and you will find a new you. Daily mediation is essential, which will give you more energy to work and keep you healthy. This will give you strength, you will get beautiful mind, and body will not feel tired.

You can practice positive affirmation with various techniques in yoga. You can increase your focus by include yoga in your daily life. It is easy to learn and you will become healthy permanently in a natural way. Learning how to eliminate stress from your life is essential. It is always vital that you should learn yoga from a professional expert. This way you will surely get excellent tips and techniques of how to practice yoga.

Yoga poses

  • Eagle pose- ( Garudasana)- this requires your focus and concentration. This will free your emotional stress easily.

Steps- From Tadasana, take feet hip-width apart, arms wide. Bring the right arm over the left.

  • Bend the elbows and bring the palms together. If that’s too strong, back of the hands touch.
  • Shift the weight to the four corners of the right foot and bend the knees a little.
  • Lift the left thigh up and over the right thigh. If your knees are okay and you can hook the toes behind the right calf, do so; otherwise, leave the foot where it is (anatomically, not everyone can do this, so please don’t force it).
  • Engage the core and start to sink the hips down while maintaining length in the spine. Keep your gaze firmly on your focal point and make sure the breath flows effortlessly.
  • To come out, slowly begin to unwind and return to Tadasana. Repeat on the other side.

Standing forward (Uttanasana)- it will help to manage your chakras and make you calm and give peace in mind.

Steps- bend the knees, slightly engage the core, and hinge forward from the hips, placing the hands in front of or alongside your feet.

  • Shift the weight onto the balls of your feet and feel the sit bones lifting up toward the ceiling. For tight hamstrings, you can keep the knees bent to protect the lower back. Otherwise, lengthen through the backs of the legs while keeping the weight in the balls of the feet.
  • Take hold of each elbow with the opposite hand and soften around the eyes, jaw, neck, head, and mind.
  • You can hold for a few breaths, or longer if you feel comfortable. If you have low blood pressure, take your time coming out of the pose.

Child kind pose((Balasana) - From hands and knees, take the sit-bones back over the heels and your hands out in front of you. Slowly fold your torso forward until your eyebrow centre rests on the mat.

·      Your big toes touching, either have the knees together or separate the knees wider than your hips.

·      Arms are traditionally resting back alongside the body, palms up, but you can stack your hands and forearms and rest your head there if that’s preferable.

·      If your hips should not be touching the heels, you can place a cushion in between so you can let go and relax. Stay for at least 10 breaths and let go as much as you can with every exhale.

Benefits of Yoga

Negative thoughts or busy work schedule could cause stress. For reducing this stress, one should practice yoga regularly. This will help you to give a relaxed life and rejuvenate your thought. You can improve your thoughts by practicing yoga and this will give you a stress free life permanently. Try the dynamic techniques of yoga and make your life happy and healthy. Yoga involves stretching through various postures and you can become the master of these skills, which will help you reducing stress effectively. The best thing about yoga is, you can easily learn yoga and apply this in your and others life as well. Treat both your body and mind positively by practicing yoga every day!