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How to Safely Carry And Travel With Your Laptop

How to Safely Carry And Travel With Your Laptop

Thursday July 11, 2019,

8 min Read

How to Safely Carry and Travel with your laptop

It is one of the important questions for people who carry laptops along with themselves while they travel. Or for the professionals or new travelers who have to rely on laptops for their work. People even like to carry laptops while they are holidaying as it keeps them updated with their work, emails and important messages.

It is thus indeed an important question to think over while you’re off for the holidays with a laptop in your bag. Since it carries all your smart work keys and process it is very important for you to take its proper care.

In this blog, we will tell you about the ways or the ideas through which you can keep your laptop and its data safe. 

The first and the foremost thing you need to think over do you really have any need for the laptop while you’re traveling. If not much, then we would suggest you not to carry any such expensive system that you’re hardly gonna use. 

If you're a travel or a journal, traveling for some stories to work upon or going for some business laptops are your first hand. Therefore you need to be very careful and protective of it. 

Keep your system password protected. You should be aware enough to protect it from getting stolen. And if possible if you have any machine which is old and you can afford its damage, try to carry that system along instead of using newly branded whose damage you can't bear. 

Get a Decent and Protective Laptop Bag

You should use a good quality protective bag specifically ones that are designed to carry a laptop in it. You can get various designs whether you want it in a backpack style or simply like a carry bag. Bags specially designed for laptops carry special compartments where they are provided with the separate spaces. This way you can manage your system and important papers all in all one bag. It is also designed with an extra padded base so that your laptop doesn't get hurt while you place it.

Laptop bags ensure your comfort too. Badly designed bags give painful experiences of body ache after a little lifting, use of laptop bags will remove that discomfort. A well padded and water resistant bag will act as a good friend for your electronics, letting you leave your laptop safe in the bag while you travel. 


While traveling never keep your laptop inside checked baggage. As the baggage handlers work very differently and have a habit of tossing it over the conveyor belt. Which is specifically not good for delicate and costly laptop systems. Pack your laptop inside a padded laptop bags which you can easily carry and hold with yourself.

According to transport security administration, you are allowed to carry laptops with yourself if the bag provides a clear image of the laptop while going under security checks. Thus you can safely carry your laptops without packing them inside your luggage.

Hold Your Laptops Securely

You should always keep the other external devices separately after unplugging it with your laptop while you put it in the bag. Avoid picking your laptop by the screen or corner as it puts undue pressure. Also, make sure you hold your laptop in a safe manner and don’t just slam it while you’re in a hurry. Otherwise, it may end up breaking up its screen.

Use Spike Guards

It may appear unnecessary to carry tools like spike guard in your traveling but it plays a very important role in protecting your systems. Surge protectors save your devices from the risk of permanent damage.

If you are traveling overseas or in other cities you must know their electric powers runs differently as compared to your city. There are many regions where electricity is hard to save and due to which it fluctuates. Spike guards work as a gatekeeper for your systems. There are various types of guards available in the market. 

Universal Adapters

It is another important tool you must carry if you are traveling overseas. A major concern that arrives while traveling overseas is changed socket pins. Universal adapters, in that case, helps you provide alternate socket to charge your electronics. 

Providing extra protection to your systems they are designed with better quality products. Many of the good quality surge protectors are made of non-flammable material which further keeps your devices safe during contingencies.


Laptop Skins and Stickers

Many people use laptop skins and stickers to keep their laptops unique from the crowd. But the major advantage which they provide is - safety. Along with style, they help you prevent your laptop from getting ugly and unwanted scratches.

Good quality laptop skins without leaving any residue behind are easy to use and remove. Thus preventing your device getting any scratch, it gives your laptop a whole new life and personality. 

You can even design it the way you want it. Giving any design, you can give an order for customization.

Hot and Humid

If you are traveling to any hot or humid place you must need to take extra caring steps. Major heat and humid weather may cause problems in your system. Therefore you should always avoid leaving your laptop in spaces which are extremely hot or cold like cars. 

Shut Down Completely

Before moving for a long distance you should shut down your laptop. Unless it may produce excessive heat and overheat your bag. 

Protect With Antivirus

Your laptop should always be protected with good security antivirus. It protects and saves your data from getting corrupt. 


Keep the backup of important and useful data or information stored in your system. It is not something that you usually like to do especially while you are traveling. However, is an important step you must take before you start traveling. Also, you can keep a copy of your important data into other drives, CD's, DVDs or USB pen drives. So that in case of any kind of disturbance you can save your data getting lost or destroyed. 

Be Careful of Free WiFi

Never easily trust the free wifi networks you receive in coffee shops or even in the streets. You may end up losing all your data. It can even try to harm you financially by logging into your opened accounts. Therefore, only use networks that you trust. Also, to be more secure connect only through your own personal hotspot. 


Carry USB Pen Drives 

USB pen drives are just like small disk drives that allow data to be transferred easily from one system to another. Easy to use, pen drives relatively functions in a faster manner. Therefore, instead of carrying your whole laptop you can just carry the laptop with all the information or data stored in it. This will save you carry your laptops along without harming your work. 

Since it carries good storage power, storage problem can never be an issue. You can store all kinds of data in it including pictures, excel files, word files, etc and many more. 

Compatible USB Cables

While traveling or going for a business trip or meetings at least carry one compatible USB cable with yourself. It will help you connect your system with other devices. Also during your meeting, if you feel you should keep or transfer your data with someone else, with the use of USB cables you do that. 

While you’re traveling in case you don’t get the time to charge your phone, for the time being, you can even connect and charge your phone with the laptop. 

Thus USB cables help you safely move your data without harming any of your devices.

Never Leave Your Laptop

You must always follow this instruction. Never leave your laptop opened even if you are thinking of moving for a couple of minutes. Hackers and thieves require nothing more than a few minutes to log into your system. If possible you should physically protect it using security cable locks. 

Install Security Software's

Before you step forward for meetings make sure you check all the security updates. In case of discrepancy, it should help you. Make sure you install good anti-virus and anti-spyware applications. You must set your laptop securities in a way that in case if someone tries to open your laptop without your concern it should notify you with their location and details.

Limited Personal Information

While you are traveling make sure you limit the amount of personal information on unfamiliar networks. You should escape transmitting credit or debit card details. Also, you should take care of the personal details and social security numbers.


We hope the above-listed methods appears useful to save your Laptops. Laptop skins do help you protect your laptop from scratches. Applying a customized design not only makes it new but also provides it enough security against all the dirt and dents. Make sure you purchase good quality protectors and adapters, cheap sellers may end up ruining your gadget as a whole.