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How to Start Your Own Tattoo Studio - The Definitive Guide

How to Start Your Own Tattoo Studio - The Definitive Guide

Saturday July 06, 2019,

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The craze for tattoos had been ever increasing all through these years. There are a lot of individuals who seek for one of the best tattoo designs engraved on their body. While there is no slowing down for the increasing trend of getting inked with meaningful symbols and designs, becoming a tattoo artist could be the best judgement to your love for body art Well, this is going to be a detailed guide about starting your own tattoo studio. Take a glance below.

What qualifications do you require to become a tattoo artist?

In order to start off your own tattoo workshop, you do not really require any specific qualifications. You would however need the best understanding of how this business works. Although there are no specific qualifications, it would be suggestible to get through some healthy and safe recommendations by experts. You will probably need to practice tattoo art as a learner in order to get perfect with the designs you try to implement. Being a fresher, you will have to make efforts that could actually make you reliable for people who may approach you for their favorite tattoo designs.

How to obtain tattoo apprenticeship to get valuable experience regarding your business?

While you may be eager to express your creativity and en-cash your tattoo arts, you will require grasping experience. The best way of doing so could be getting a tattoo apprenticeship at a suitable tattoo parlour. Since this is something greatly in demand, you will be required to spend considerable time and money upon it. You may easily look for available vacancies around you for tattoo apprenticeship.

  • While you carry on with the apprenticeship, prepare a portfolio that displays your talent of tattoo art. Include at least 50 tattoo designs that you could show to clients later.
  • Be careful with the selection of tattoo shop where you go on for the apprenticeship. Make sure it is a place s worthy of your investments in any form. Let their workings comply with your style. Research for better results.

How to obtain license, to start practising and earn?

In order to practice legally as a tattoo artist, it is important to attain the right licenses and run your business legally. Without proper documentation you may be subjected to prosecution under the safety and health laws. Therefore, it is preferable to proceed along the regulations to keep things moving smooth. You will probably need to consult your local council to know what would be the further appropriate actions regarding this.

You would be required to register yourself and your business premises too. Also, you would be permitted to work where your documents mention. You may be needed to get through the licensing regulation according to the place where you reside. Once you’ve obtained the license to practice, be careful about its renewal on time.

Are home tattoos legal?

Even if you have a personal license to tattoo, it is absolutely legal to tattoo someone within unlicensed premises. As long as you are following the health and safety guidelines, there would be no restrictions on you tattooing at home. Also, if your home is going to be the premises for tattoo art practices then they may be subjected to several insurance regulations.

Find the Right Premises

While you may be planning to set up your tattoo studio in Mumbai, it would be essential to look for the right place. Considering your requirements and the expected footfall, you should be really careful while selecting premises for your tattoo studio.

Equipment's you would need

You would surely possess the artistic flair. However, without excellent equipment's it may not be possible to execute those interesting tattoo designs. Below is the list of equipment's you may require:

  • Needles
  • Ink
  • Tattoo gun
  • Payment equipment
  • Stools
  • Paper towel
  • Mirror
  • Disposable razors
  • Latex gloves and other items for health and safety

Concrete plan for your tattoo art business

The key to a successful business is a strong business plan. This plan should carry what you exactly want to achieve via your practices. Before you get on to a fixed plan, there would be several questions that need to be answered so that you can proceed with perfect plans. Here are some of the questions that you may need to find answers to:

  • Who would be your customers?
  • What probable body art services will you offer?
  • Premises, opening and closing hours.
  • Analysing the current state of the market and your approach towards prevailing competition.
  • How to attract new potential customers?
  • Outgoing costs and earnings

What insurances would you need?

Although insurance might not be the most interesting tasks to deal with, it is quite important to consider this potentially to keep your business from any risks that may arrive its way. The prevailing laws allow clients to claim against you in case of dissatisfaction. Appropriate insurances may be helpful to let things be in your favor during unfavourable times. Depending on the local laws that may affect you, it would suitable to get all the necessary insurances.

Advertise your business

When you’re starting up something new, it is appreciable to carry on probable advertising for the same. This will let the people near you be aware of the excellent services they’re being offered by you. You may opt for the various advertising mediums that are available. It would be vital to consider the optimum use of social media. Use social media platforms to communicate your best offers and skills to people around and attract new potential customers. It is suggestible to find some more interesting ways to accomplish greater advertising campaigns. This is particularly best to improve your potential earnings as a tattoo artist.

While it isn’t really easy to start off with a new business, the above guidelines may be really helpful to carry on the procedures for your tattoo studio perfectly.