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How to use social media presence to boost traffic for your start-up in 2019?

How to use social media presence to boost traffic for your start-up in 2019?

Monday February 11, 2019,

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Social media is the need of the hour and Its an important part of search engine optimization.

There are approximately 220 Crores of social media users. Recently, many businesses in India started moving to social media as they understood the importance of the power of social media. It will help start-up businesses to create brand awareness and drive more traffic to the website. Social media is a cost-effective method to promote business over online market.

Social media will enable you to communicate with your customers directly, to create a fan base for your product/service, improve customer service & most importantly attract more customers to your website. Social media marketing should be on the top of the marketing strategy list for start-ups.

Whenever we think of Social media one platform always came to our mind and i.e. Facebook. Indeed Facebook can generate more leads & traffic. However, it’s not suitable or applicable to every business.

Let’s first understand which business should target or work on which media to foster their business.

FacebookIt mostly works for businesses with tangible products like manufacturing businesses. People would love to see the product before buying and businesses can post product images on Facebook also can create videos. But for service or software business this platform would not work.

TwitterTwitter is also a good platform to Share business updates with Twitter users. Tweets are more engaging than Facebook posts. This platform can help to generate more leads as twitter handles mostly used by the user itself not any PR agency and it easy to contact users directly.

LinkedIn: As we all know LinkedIn is a platform for businesses or to have business related discussions. So, if you are running a B2B business then it would be easy for you to get more traffic as well as customers. Through LinkedIn, you can get connect with business owners, investors, incubators etc. Also, you would be able to find potential candidates to work for your company.

A social media plan will work only if you have a social media goal. Business with no proper plan & goal can’t achieve success.

So, as a business owner, you understand your business in the best way. Find out which platform would be best for your business and work on it in 2019.

Here I am sharing some tips on how to use social media to boost your website traffic:

  • Prepare a social media marketing strategy
  • Choose the right social media tool
  • Focus on video marketing
  • Engage with customers one-to-one
  • Be updated with new market trends
  • Build an influential community

1- Prepare a social media marketing strategy:

First of all, chalk out your business goal so that you would be able to find out how to use social media in order to achieve the business goal.

To turn your business into a brand, social media marketing is inevitable. A concrete social media plan will boost up digital marketing strategies.

Use your creativity and try out new plans to improve business presence & attract more visitors to your website and social media page. We often publish various king posts on Facebook like videos, infographics, offers, customer success stories etc. to get more page likes, followers, visitors & signups. Getting more customers with low investment is the best strategy, isn’t it? And this can be done only through social media marketing.

2- Choose the right social media tool

As I have already mentioned every business can’t generate traffic from all social media. Social media tool should be selected as per the business requirement & category. For an example a retail business can get customers & purchase orders by displaying product images & offers on Facebook, Instagram but not in Twitter or LinkedIn. However, if you are running a consultancy business then LinkedIn would be a great platform to attract visitors.

So, understand your business requirement, select the target market and then choose social media tools which can give your business more traffic & customer. Mostly, start-ups never invest less in social media but as the business grows they invest more in social media promotional advertisements on various platforms to create brand awareness.

Understand your customer’s needs & issues and try to solve those issues by connecting with them directly on social media.

3- Focus on video marketing

Video marketing is opted by most businesses to let people see why their product is good than their competitors. Also, through video, you can show the benefits of your product or service. In a recent survey, it has been found people get more engaged and they spend more time watching a video rather than image or any other post.

Create more engaging & funny videos which will help viewers to get connect with your business. Think out of the box & create videos on some different ideas to stand out in the crowd.

4- Engage with customers one-to-one

Get connect with customers one-to-one as it will create trustworthiness and loyalty towards your business. Now, how to engage with customers? Respond to any comments on your social media pages, send mail to existing customers about your new features or new service, call them to ask are they happy with your service or product, wish greetings on festivities etc. But first of all handling customer queries patiently and solving them is the best way to get connecting with customers. This will help to create a fan base for your brand.

5- Be updated with new market trends

Digital market or say the online market is changing very rapidly. And Google the top search engines always changes its algorithm. As a start-up business, you should keep yourself updated with recent market trends, strategies, competitor strategies etc. For example: currently, Podcasting is the new trend in visual marketing. Just create a podcast and use it in articles, videos or post it directly on social media channels. This tactic will help you to get more traffic.

To be updated with trends means you should find out which #hashtag is trending, which keyword, which kind of articles etc. are getting more engagement. You can also use Google Trends to find trending topics on the internet.

6- Build an influential community

An influencer is a person who has the capability to change the perception of customers and onboard them to your business. Influencers could help you to get connect with top customers and mentors in your business niche. Prepare a strategy to connect with more influencers on any social media channel and share about your business. Probably they will help you if they liked the product or service. Influencers will speak about your business only if they found it interesting and unique in the market not because you paid them.

First, find out influencers in your target market, then start sending mail to get connect with them also you can use Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn to directly connect with them.

Conclusion: Driving traffic to your website is the ultimate aim of every business and it can be only achieved with a proper digital marketing strategy and planning. Understand your business goal and formulate a workable social media strategy to onboard more customers and traffic to your website.