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How to Use YouTube Live to Grow Your Business

Youtube Live is the best platform for your business goals and make your business grow. Live streaming on youtube helps you reach a larger audience base.

How to Use YouTube Live to Grow Your Business

Tuesday July 23, 2019,

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In today’s dynamic digital era, where social media has dominated the internet industry, digital marketing has helped brands to generate more leads while giving them more exposure. Many companies and brands are inclining more towards social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter, to reach a larger audience base without any geographical boundaries.

You tube is one of the known and oldest platforms for watching Live videos and people are well aware of its presence. YouTube live streaming services has been finally introduced to mobile live streaming. YouTube live broadcast video evokes the element of fun in its interactions with its audiences, which helps in building a customer-brand relationship. YouTube Live streaming services help businesses to reach their goals with more efficiency as it is the second most used search engine today.

In the current era, YouTube is an effective platform that can leverage any brand or business in a digital marketing sphere. Live streaming services on YouTube allows you to reach millions of active users around the globe. The videos can directly be shared on other social media platforms to expand the reach. Live streaming events on YouTube, have been buzzing ever since its existence. It holds billions of active users that are beneficial for any business to grow. YouTube live streaming services make any brand or business expand its reach by reaching billions across the globe.

YouTube live broadcast videos help in building a solid brand identity while engaging more audiences with interactive sessions during Live videos. YouTube Live is the best platform for any business or brand to grow its expansion and achieve business goals.

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Before you plan a digital marketing strategy for your brand or business, you need to first learn, how to use YouTube live streaming services. Let's get started with basics.

Basics To Use YouTube Live Streaming

1. Make your account on YouTube and verify it -

If you have not yet used Live streaming services on YouTube, firstly you need to make your account to stream Live. Verifying your account is the next step in the process, which requires your phone number to verify your account.

2. Download your YouTube encoding software -

Before you start using YouTube live streaming services, you need to setup YouTube encoding software. Its encoding software is different for various devices. Selecting encoding software entirely depends on the type of device used for live streaming.

3. Add title and description of YouTube live broadcast video -

Once you are done with basics, add basic information about the live stream, to make your viewers aware of the subject of YouTube live broadcast video. Adding a title to your Live stream along with the description, allows your viewers to understand your business and its motive to stream live a little better. Selecting your business category out of given options will help you reach your target audience with much ease.

4.Opt for DVR settings of your YouTube live stream events -

Enabling DVR settings of your YouTube live stream allows the viewers, to view the live stream from start. When you stream live, some viewers join in late and miss some important content during the stream. Enabling chat option during live stream will allow your viewers to interact with you and other members in real-time, thereby building a customer-brand relationship.

Now your YouTube account has been set, with all the necessary functions enabled, it will help you reach a larger audience base. We will discuss a few ways in which YouTube Live streaming services can help you achieve your business goals and make your business grow.

Ways To Grow Your Business With YouTube Live Streaming

1.Host interviews with a prominent personality -

Hosting Live interviews on YouTube, helps your business to connect with your consumers in a better way. Use YouTube live streaming services to host an interview with a prominent personality. It helps in building a brand image thereby attracting more audiences. People tend to tune in live when a one on one interview goes on as the audience will get the review and insights of a product or brand. YouTube live videos work as an important aspect of marketing strategy.

2. Keep your audience engaged -

As you start streaming live on YouTube, the most important aspect of growing your business is to keep your audience engaged. Keep your tone conversational during YouTube live broadcast videos as it will allow audiences to engage with the brand. Answering questions asked by customers make them believe in a brand, thereby resulting in brand loyalty.

3. Broadcast  events on YouTube live stream -

Broadcasting live events allow brands or businesses to reach millions of people around the globe without any geographical boundaries. Live events evoke the interest among viewers to know more about the brand or business. YouTube live stream events allow viewers to connect with the brand thereby building a relationship and giving your brand the much-desired exposure. Events like press meet-ups, product or service launches, can be broadcast on YouTube live stream to attract more audiences.

4. Promote your products and services through demonstrations -

Demonstrating the use of a product, through YouTube live streaming services is one of the coolest ways to make the audience aware of its usage. It helps in attracting the potential customers thereby resulting in Brand expansion. It helps in creating a buzz around social media about the usage of products or services if it is cleverly executed. Demonstrating product use over YouTube live broadcast video helps in attracting a newer client base, making your business grow.

5. Set up contests or question and answers sessions -

Hosting a contest or question and answer sessions engage more audiences during YouTube live streaming. It builds trust in audiences as their questions are being answered by the brand. It builds a sense of authenticity among viewers. Contests and polls during YouTube live streams allow viewers to connect with other fellow members in real-time.


As live videos and digital marketing strategies are rising with each passing day, an active presence on YouTube helps in growing your business, while engaging a larger audience base without any geographical boundaries. 

A large percentage of audiences are engaged by watching live videos rather than any other form of digital marketing. If you have not yet started to stream your business live, now is the time to get started with YouTube live streaming services, one of the largest search engines, engaging billions of active users around the world.

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